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1 Tenders: 23575129 Supply & Installation Of Managed Expandable Rack Type Stm 4 Add/Drop Multiplexer Upgradable To Stm 16 As Per Tec Specification No. Gr/Tx/Sdh 10/03 Jan'11 Equipped With 4Xstm 4, 2Xstm 1, 63E1 With 1:2 Protection At E1 Level. Minimum 8 Numbers Of 10/100T Ethernet Port With .
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Due Date : 12/11/2020
2 Tenders: 23509779 Supply And Services For Fote For Tangedco Ennore Project. Telecommunication Equipments/Items, Survey, Planning, Co Ordination With Other Supplier’S Equipment, Design, Manufacture, Testing At Works, Packing, Dispatch, Supervision Of Erection And Site Testing And Commissioning Of Hybrid Fote(Sdh And Mpls Tp) Equipment And Integrated Pdh Multiplexers With Cross Connect And With Standalone Digital Protection Couplers (8 Command) And With Integrating With Nms , Termination Equipment And Telecommunication Management Network (Tmn) Complete With Accessories As Listed Under This Specification.
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Due Date : 27/10/2020
3 Tenders: 23495720 Supply Of Programmable Drop Insert Multiplexer Complete With Accessories With Power Supply As Per Rdso Spec. No. Irs Tc 68/2012 Rev.0 With Amendment 1 Or Latest Including Connectorized Cable Required For Connection To Existing / Proposed Sdh Equipment . The Mux Shall Be Wired And Equipped With 30 Channel With 12 Nos. Vf 2 W/4W E&M Circuits, 12 Nos. 2W Subscriber Loop Interface Circuit With Ringer 02 Nos, 2W Exchange Loop Interface Circuits & 4 Nos. 2 W Hotline Circuits With 100 Pair Mdf & Ipm With Three E1 Interface And Expandable Up To Five E1 Interface Facility On Multiplexer Etc. Make, Webfil , Puncom, Coral.
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Due Date : 12/10/2020
4 Tenders: 23414415 Trenching, Laying, Back Filling, Jointing, Termination And Testing Of 6 Quad And Pijf Cables Etc. Including Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Sdh Add/Drop Muxs ( Stm4), Digital Primary Drop Insert Muxs And Other Associated Equipments, Way Station Equipments, Head Quarter Control Room Equipment With Power Supplies, Emergency Sockets Etc. In Sp/Ssp/Tss And Stations In Jhund Patadi Kharaghoda Section Of Western Railway, Ahmedabad Division Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 16/10/2020
5 Tenders: 23411287 1261/Ms/Dglp/Re 09/2020 21. 1. Water Distiller 2. Autoclave Front Loading Table Top, B Class (22 Ltr) 3. Refillable Butane Gas Micro Blow Soldering Torch (Plastic Body) For Dental Use 4. Ligature Cutter With Tungsten Working Tips 5. Needle Destroyer 6. Extra Oral High Volume Suction Apparatus 7. Glass Bead Sterilizer 8. Separator Placing Plier 9. Mathieu Needle Holder 10. Crash Cart Trolley (Ss) 11. Multipara Monitor
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Due Date : 05/10/2020
6 Tenders: 23409133 Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Primary Drop/Insert Mux's Mux And Associated Works In New Delhi Noli Shamli Tapri Jn Section Under Delhi Division Of Northern Railway. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 20/10/2020
7 Tenders: 23386068 Annual Repairing Contract Of Ufsbi System Of Deltron Make On Ratlam Division For The Period Of 3 Years. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 09/10/2020
8 Tenders: 23305431 Procurement Of Ofc Terminal Eqpt And Accessories To Provide Comn To Various Stns In Aor Of Ub Area, 50 (I) Para Bde And 416 Engr Bde 1.01 Optimux With Ethernet Port 1.02 Stm 1 1.03 E1 Extender 1.04 Fxo Fxs (8 Port With Data Facility) 1.05 Fxo Fxs (16 Port With Data Facility) 1.06 Fxo Fxs 32 Port 1.07 Fxo Fxs 64 Port 1.08 Optical To Ethernet Converter 1.09 Multiplexer With Cards
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Due Date : 29/09/2020
9 Tenders: 23298150 Repair Of Faulty Equipments. Exchange And Its Cards 1 Aastra Exch And Cards Asu E Mgu Mfu Dc/Dc Tlu 80 (4 X Eandm/Cept) Tlu 83 (12 X Analog Tk) Tlu 76 (E1 Isdn Pri Cas) Tmu Elu 34 (32 X Analog) Elu 33 (32 X Digital) Optical Multiplexers 2 Small Scale Low Budget Optimux 3 Optical Multiplexing Eqpt (Optimux) Stm 0 4 Fxs Card Faulty For Primary Loopmux 5 E1 Multiplexer (Fxo/Fxs) 6 2/34 Mbps Optimux Stm 0 7 E1 Card Faulty For Stm 1 8 Sfp Card Faulty For Stm 1 9 Fxo/Fxs 10 Optimux 11 Fxo/Fxs 12 Low Budget Optimux (Lbo) 13 Low Budget Optimux (Lbo) Ctl 30 14 Primary Multiplexer (Lbo) 15 Stm 0 16 8 Port Fxo/Fxs 17 30 Ch Fxo/Fxs Over Ofc 18 Multiplexer 19 Csu/Dsu Splicing Machine 20 Splicing Machine S/No 27639 21 Splicing Machine 22 Splicing Machine 23 Splicing Machine 24 Splicing Machine Otdr 25 Otdr 26 Otdr 27 Otdr Power Supply Faulty Reading Variable Repair Of Power Meter Module. Faulty Display
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Due Date : 28/09/2020
10 Tenders: 23262411 Yokogawa Dcs Spares. 10 Communication Card(Rs 485) Acm12 As Per Tender Specifications 20 Communication Card (Rs 232) Acm11 As Per Tender Specifications 30 Nest F/Communication Modules,Model:Amn33 As Per Tender Specifications 40 Voltage Input Multiplexer Module (Amm12) As Per Tender Specifications 50 Controller I/O Card Aab841soo/M4a00 As Per Tender Specifications 60 Vol.Inpt.Multiplxr.Modul Aav141soo/K4a00 As Per Tender Specifications 70 Digital I/Put.Module Adv151p10d5a00 As Per Tender Specifications 80 Digital Output Module,32 Channel,Adv551 As Per Tender Specifications 90 Analogoutputmodule 16 Channel M.N.Aai543 As Per Tender Specifications 100 Vnet/Ip Interface Card,Vi702
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Due Date : 05/09/2020
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