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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19762210 Outfield And Grass Texture Of Birsa Munda Football Stadium, Morabadi, Ranchi.
Due Date : 19/08/2019
2 Tenders: 19664082 Grass Turfing To Earth Traverse At Ge(P) Afa Hyderabad .
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Due Date : 07/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19596752 Laying Of Mexican Grass At Village Square In Between A 5 To A 8 Buildings At North Campus , Iit Mandi(Hp)
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Due Date : 02/08/2019
4 Tenders: 19478410 supply of goods, paint items:, paint different colour per ltr (asian/nerolac), colour shade tubes of 200 gms pack (asian/nerolac), varnish per ltr (asian/nerolac), tarpin oil per ltr (asian/nerolac), stainer per ltr (asian/nerolac), chalk mitee per kg (sun brand), pop per kg (superior brand), rawsena/burnsena/turki amber per kg (superior brand), wall putty per kg (brilla), lime powder per kg (superior brand), painting brush d/s (superior brand), washable distemper per kg (asian/nerolac), wood/water primer per ltr (asian/nerolac), cement primer per ltr (asian/nerolac), white cement per kg (brila), redoxide per ltr (asian/nerolac), cement paint per ltr (asian/nerolac), sand paper different specification per dozen (superior brand), putine per 1 kg, (superior brand), putine knife d/s (superior brand), thinner per ltr (superior brand), sprit per ltr (superior brand), lekhdana red/white per kg (superior brand), malmal cloth per mtr (superior brand), snowsum per kg (superior brand), sealer per ltr(deeco), leaker per ltr (deeco), water primer per ltr(asian/nerolac), pu polish per ltr(asian/nerolac), touch wood per ltr(asian/nerolac), emulsion per ltr(asian/nerolac), excel (asian/nerolac), tericota(asian/nerolac), ragemal 60/80 no. per mtr.(superior brand), paint busgreen per ltr.(asian/nerolac), deco paint per ltr(asian/nerolac), grout d/c per kg(brila), spray paint d/c per 400 ml(superior brand), stationery items :, photostat paper a 4 per rim (spectra), photostat paper fs per rim(spectra), type paper per rim (superior quality), file covers per no. (superior quality), register 8 q per no. (superior quality), fax roll dismat per no. (superior quality), gel pen per no. (flair), ball pen per no. (flair), pen v 5 per no. (luxor), pen v 7 per no. (pilot), pen v 10 per no. (pilot), pen impact per no. (superior quality), highlighter per no. (flair), board marker per no. (flair), glue stick 15grm (faber castell), carbon paper per box. (korex), legal paper per rim (superior quality), gum bottle 200ml (superior quality), writing pad (a5) per no. (superior quality), dak pad per no. (superior quality), file folder per no. (superior quality), tags per 100no. big size (superior quality), tags per 100no. small size(superior quality), pencil per no. (apsara), plastic file cover per no. (superior quality), slip sticker per pack (small) (superior quality), file flaps per no. (superior quality), photo paper per rim (kodak), stapler big size per no. (kangaro), stapler small size per no. (kangaro), stapler pins big size per 10000 staples box (kangaro), stapler pins no. 10 per 10000 staples box (kangaro), stamp pads medium size per no. (korex), peon book per no. (superior quality), cloth binding register per 3kg, per no. (superior quality), leather binding register 12q per no. (superior quality), stock register 12q per no. (superior quality), pin cushion per no. (superior quality), envelops 11x5/a4/fs laminated per no. (superior quality), oval steel per no. (superior quality), paper punch per no. (superior quality), table top per no. (superior quality), attendance register per no. (superior quality), tape roll transparent 1” per no. (superior quality), permanent markers per no. (artline/superior quality), magnifying glass per no. (superior quality), index file per no. (sparer/superior quality), sketch pen per no. (superior quality), calculator per no. (casio dj 120d 12 digits), scissor medium size per no. (superior quality), computer paper 132 clom (single) per rim (power data), computer paper 132 clom (double) per rim (power data), computer paper 80 clom (single) per rim (power data), computer paper 80 clom (double) per rim (power data), slip pad per no.(superior quality), correction fluid pen 7 ml per no. (cello), dumper per no.(superior quality), file flags per packet (small).(superior quality), slips pad per no.(rainbow/superior quality), paper pin 30 grm.(pony/superior quality), scale 30 cm(superior quality), electronic door bell with remote control (anchor), computer items/articles :, tft screen 19" (hp), toner 12 a(hp), toner 78 a (hp), toner 36 a(hp), toner 88 a (hp), black catridge 21 a (hp), colour cartridge 22 a (hp), lippi ribbon (tolly gencom), tuner 1230 d (ricoh), cds /dvds (sony), pen drive 16 gb (san disk), laser jet printer 1020 plus (hp), computer cleaner spray (superior brand), computer key board, (hp), optical mouse ,(hp), telephone plan1+1 (beetal), telephone apparatus (beetal), dry battery for ups (7.5ah or 18 ah ,12v) (exide/intex), toner 5019 (xerox), toner 2501 (ricoh), master roll (rizoo), ink cartridge (rizoo), cartridge 802 (hp), toner 9 fx (canon), toner 328 (canon), ups double battery, (luminous), toner 80a, (hp), antivirus total security (quickheal), anti virus with 01 yr. subscription (quick heal), master roll (ricoh), toner 1043 (samsung), toner 310 sp (ricoh), toner 326 (canon), toner 59 (npg), ink cartridge all colour (epson), cartridge 46 bc (hp), toner 337 me 246 dn (canon), toner tk 479 (kyocera), toner 707 l (samsung), toner 116 (konica), toner 237 (sharp), electric items/articles, transformer (dry) 5 kw (alba), transformer (oil based) 10kw (alba), automatic stabilizer 2kw, (alba), electric wire 0.5mm copper per 90mtr.(havells), electric wire 7/36 per 90mtr.(havells), telephone wire 2 pair (superior isi mark), cable wire (superior isi mark), wall fan 400 mm (havells), ceiling fan 1200 mm (havells), lamp 100w (philips), pendent holder (philips), batten holder (philips), angle holder (philips), channel 1” (anchor), ceiling rose (anchor), round /square block (anchor), steel screw (superior isi mark), extension card 15 amp. (anchor), ss combine(b.t) (anchor), ss combine(flash type) (anchor), saddle (anchor), energy saver lamps, 14 wts. (havells), led lamps 9 wts. (havells), tube light electronic, 4’ complete (philips), tube 4’ (philips), switch on off 5 amp.(anchor), gang box different size (superior isi mark), channel nail per kg (superior quality), halogen lights 500 wts. with tubes (philips), halogen tubes 500 wts. (philips), 3 pin top 15 amp. (anchor), mcb 15 amp. with box (indo kopp), mcb d/p 63 amp (indo kopp), pvc pipe 1”/3/4 inches per 10 feet (superior quality/ isi mark), 3 pin top/socket 5 amp. (anchor), 5 pin socket 15 amp. (anchor), room heater with rod (usha), heat converter (usha), fan dimmer (anchor), water purifier 20 ltrs. (kent), exhaust fans 12”x12” (crompton greaves), gas mobile heater (aygaz), tape roll (superior quality/isi mark), bed switch 5 amp.(anchor), battery 12 v 25pl (amaron), battery 12 v 21pl (amaron), battery 12 v 17pl (amaron), battery 12 v 13pl (amaron), battery 12 v 11pl (amaron), battery 12 v 09pl (amaron), battery 12 v 07pl (amaron), ausbust per no. (superior/ isi mark), element for iron per no.(superior/ isi mark), flexible pipe 100mm per rft (superior isi mark), mcb box d/s per no.(indo kopp), changeover automatic 63 amp. (havells), changeover automatic 100 amp. (havells), led ceiling lights round/square 9 wt. (havells), switch plate d/s per no.(poly cab), chines screw d/s per kg. (superior quality), gyser 50 ltr. per no.(havells), gyser 35 ltr. per no.(havells), indicator (havells), pro tech siren (superior quality), building material, kiln bricks per thousand (a class), bajri all size per 200 cft. (crusher), sand per 200 cft. (ganderbali), bolder all size per 200 cft. (nallah), stone dust per 200 cft. (crusher), marble white per sft. (superior quality), kota stone per sft different colour (superior quality), cement 43 grade (khyber), iron round/square d/s per kg (tmt), angel iron d/s per kg (tmt), binding wire per kg (tmt), nails all sizes per kg (superior quality), nails all size (china’s) per kg (superior quality), tin washels per kg (superior quality), wire mesh crade 1”x1” per sft. (superior quality), t bolt 6" size per dozen (rajat), handles 6" per dozen (rajat), l drop d/s (rajat), shafty per dozen (rajat), hinges d/s per dozen (rajat), hinge rod, d/s per rft (rajat), ply wood 4mm, per sft (arco), ply wood 6mm, per sft (arco), ply wood 8mm, per sft (arco), ply wood 10mm, per sft (arco), ply wood 12mm, per sft (arco), ply wood 19mm, per sft (arco), sun mica size (4x8)ft per sheet (arco), kitply ketlum sheet 4*8 (superior quality), teak wood (4x8) per sheet (arco), glass 3.5mm per sft. (saint gobain), glass beading (wooden) per rft deodar (superior quality), wooden kans plain,lining & carved per rft. (superior quality), nails (head less)per kg (superior quality), nails (bring black) per kg. (superior quality, sawn timber fir /cft (superior quality), sawn timber kail cft (superior quality), sawn timber deodar cft (superior quality), sawn timber silvergold cft (superior quality), sawn timber poplar cft (superior quality), panelling wooden per rft (ratwood), panelling plastic per rft (superior quality), wooden kans for panelling per rft (superior quality), wooden flooring per sft (superior quality), wall tiles per sft. (kajaria), floor tiles per sft (kajaria), curtain rods per rft (superior quality), curtain brakets wooden per pair (superior quality), curtain brakets iron per pair (superior quality), cgi sheets 40 mm (6ft/8ft/10ft) per 100 kg.(tata), cgi sheets 45 mm (6ft/8ft/10ft) per 100 kg. (tata), thermo cool 12mm per sft (superior quality), excel (matting) per sft (superior quality), doormat plastic (superior quality), screw different size per dzn (superior quality), sr fevicol per kg, fevicol per kg, flat iron different size (tmt), welding rods per no. (superior quality), cutting blade 4”x5” (superior quality), fiber glass per sft (superior quality), iron pipe 1”x3” per kg (superior isi mark), iron pipe round d/s per kg (superior isi mark), handle brass d/s per no. (superior isi mark), catcher d/s per no. (superior isi mark), drawer channel d/s per rft. (superior isi mark), drawer lock per no. (link), d beeding d/s per rft (superior quality), vertified tiles d/s per sft (kajaria), wooden flooring per sft. (green ply), polyether white per kg (superior quality), polyether blue per kg (superior quality), table glass 12mm per sft (superior quality), cutting blade 14” (superior quality), plywood laminated (kitply), ply wood pine 19mm (arco), plywood semi pine 19mm (arco), door handle big (rajat), lock with long key (link), power inverter 850v (exide), submersible water motor 1hp (crompton), bp jacket cover (superior quality), bp patkha cover (superior quality), thermal jar (superior quality), wall clock (ajanta), cloth for curtain d/s per mtr. (superior quality), flower pots (superior quality), glass film (superior quality), miscelleaneous items, cup saucer (queen), jug set (cello), tea set full (queen), mug plastic (sumrudi), bucket plastic 20 ltr. (sumrudi), tray d/s (cello), water glass per set (borosil), flask d/s (milton), spoons frocks stainless steel (superior quality), thermos kettle d/s (milton), dinner set (bone china), full plate gold line (bone china), quarter plate gold line (bone china), gas choola/bhatti 22''*22'' (superior qulaity), gas regulator with pipe (superior isi mark), dust bin 20/10 ltr (sumrudi), electric kettle1.5 ltr. (havells), cell big size 1.5v (eveready), cell medium size 1.5v (everrady), cell pencil 1.5v (everready), towel medium size (superior qulaity), towel big size (superior qulaity), towel small size (superior qulaity), phenyl (hatric), acid (hatric), toilet cleaner (harpic), broom (superior qulaity), room freshener (ambi pure), rope nylon per kg (superior qulaity), hand gloves nylon (superior qulaity), water bottle per ltr (kinley), face masks (superior qulaity), white cloth (khader) (superior qulaity), iron stoves(bukharies) with tray,bend & two pipes 26 gages (superior qulaity), liquid hand wash 500ml. (dettol), wiper for toilet d/s (superior qulaity), tissue paper (superior qulaity), grass mate per sft (superior qulaity), toilet brush (superior qulaity), tiolet freshner (odonil), glass cleaner (colin), view cutter (green) per sft. (superior quality), empty sand bags (fresh) (superior quality), sanitary items, gi pipes 1/2" per rft (prakash suriya), tee d/s per no.(new/nike), elbow d/s per no. (new/nike), ball valve d/s per no.(new/nike), check valve d/s per no. (new/nike), socket d/s per no.(new/nike), nipple d/s per no.(new/nike), union different size per no.(new/nike), beeb cock brass per no.(parco isi mark), beeb cock plastic per no.(parco isi mark), cp beeb cock per no.(parco isi mark), wash basin mixer/sink mixer/ wall mixer per no.(parco), water motor 1 hp (crompton greaves), pvc waste pipe d/s per rft. (prince), waste cup cp per no. (superior quality isi mark), p trap d/s per no.(prince), plastic pipe b type d/s per rft.(prince), collar d/s per no.(prince), door tea d/s per no.(prince), door bend d/s per no.(prince), reducer d/s per no.(prince), cliff d/s per no. (prince), commode full size indian per no.(cera), commode full size english per no. (cera), seat cover for commode per no.(cera), wash basin with pedestal per no.(cera), towel rod per no.(cera), water tank 4 layer per ltr.(sintex), sooth per tube (superior quality), hexa blade per no. (superior quality), hexa frame per no. (superior quality), flash tank per no. (cera), flash long bend per no.(cera), pvc pipes ¾” per rft (prince), pvc socket/elbow etc d/s per no. (prince), flow trap d/s per no.(prince), bend d/s per no.(prince), ball cock d/s per no.(parco), tankey nipple d/s per no.(nike), reducer d/s pvc per no.(prince), iron hooks per no. (superior quality), flow trap per no.(prince), geyser bolt per no. (superior quality), soap case per no.(cera), cp cup per no. (prince), towel ring per no. (cera), tissue paper holder per no. (cera), bolt with nut d/s per no. (superior quality), english commode one piece (cera), beeb cock 2 in 1 per no.(cera), sink d/s per no. (cera), cp tube per no. (superior quality), angle value d/s per no. (superior quality), gi reducer elbow d/s per no. (superior quality), gi reducer socket d/s per no. (superior quality), mirror shelf per no. (superior quality), plane bend d/s per no. (prince), plane tee d/s per no.(prince), main hole cover d/s per no.(prince), nc puttene 200 grm per no. (superior quality), corner shelf d/s per no. (superior quality), bath set complete per no. (cera), cp jali per no. (superior quality), ppr pipes d/s per rft. (prince), ppr elbow, socket d/s per no.(prince), boush d/s per no. (prince), pipe roll 3/4" (per 100 feet) (superior qulaity), disposable commode, pvc connection d/s per no. (prince)
Due Date : 22/07/2019
5 Tenders: 19406282 Surface Dressing And Mexican Grass Carpeting Work At Part Of Median Of Southern M.A.R. (Street No. 2222) In New Town, Kolkata CIVIL WORKS.
Due Date : 19/07/2019
6 Tenders: 19197573 Supplying And Fixing Of Carpet Grass Including Ground Dressing,Roofing,Seating Arrangements And Boundary Wall Etc. At Nirmal Bhawan Guest House.
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Due Date : 08/07/2019
7 Tenders: 19197531 Supply Laying Carpet Grass .
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Due Date : 28/06/2019
8 Tenders: 19161595 Supply Of Turf Slabs For District Srinagar Budgam And Bandipora Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 06/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19144332 Supply Of Anti Skid, Anti Bacterial Nylon Tuffed/Wooven Grass Mats, Thickness 6Mm. As Per Is 3462 1986,Customized Size:2Ft X 5Ft For Gangway Area. Colouo: Red,Blue, Grey, Green Black. Make:Comfort World/Heritage/Vegas /Sribalaji.
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Due Date : 24/06/2019
10 Tenders: 19135732 Mukhymantri Samuhik Vivah Yojna Hamirpur Miscellaneous.1 Iron Dome Hanger/White Cloth Complete 2 Alluminium Dome Hanger/White Cloth Complete J Pri Fabricated Stalls For Exibition 4 Water Proof Stalls For Exibition 5 Aluminium Stage With 4Ft. Height 6 Sound Arrengement Jbl Vrx Original 7 Sound Arrengement Normal Sound 8 Hanging Led Par Lights 9 Strobe Lights 1000 W 10 Control Pannel Avo 11 Ceiling Fans 12 White Helloge 13 Sharpy 14 Par Light 15 For Machine 16 Haze Machine 17 Metal Light Tower With Minimum 6 Flood Lights Of 3000 Watts 18 Cfl Bulb Minimam 3 Range Of Watts 200/500/1000 19 16Mpr Plug Point 20 32 Mpr Plug Point 21 Led Wall P 4 22 Digital Backdrop 23 Led Podium 24 Photo Stand 25 Samai With All Arrangments 26 Rangoli Event Theme Based 27 Box Type Gate 28 Flower Arrangement Stage Border35 Leather Sofa For Vvip Rate For 1,2,3 And 5 Seater 36 Steel Sofa For Vip Rates For 1,2,3 And 5 Seater 37 Vip Chairs For Programme 38 Tea Table 39 Fiber Chairs Without Arms With Cover And Without Cover 40 Red Carpet 41 Green Mat 42 Walky Talky 43 Mandap/Pendal With Top Cloth Covcr 44 Cloth Siding 45 Iron Parle With Curtain 46 Ms Table With Curtain 47 Vip Room Eor Vv1p Guest 48 Green Room 49 Vanity Van 50 Iron Mozo Barr. 51 Wooden Ka1chi Barr1gading 52 Riser 53 Generator Without Desiel 125 K.V.A. 56 Designing And Printing Work(Creative Theme Based) Certificate/Banner/Backdrop 57 Designing And Printing Work (Creative Theme Based) Invitation 58 Designing And Printing Work (Creative Theme Based) Box Type Gate 59 Designing And Printing Work (Creative Theme Based) Hording/Standy 60 Designing Work Paper Advt. 61 Female And Male Anchor For Anchoring 62 Shaul Shriphal With Fibre Trey /Without Firbre Trey 63 Pen With Emboisments As Per Need Of Event 64 I Card With Design, Print 270 Gsm , Cover And Clip String 65 Leder Bag With Emboisments As Per Need Of Event 66 T Shirt With Emboisments As Per Need Of Event 67 Cap With Emboisments As Per Need Of Event 68 Momento In Achrlic , Wooden, Metal ( Silver, Aluminium, Brass), Glass 69 Colourful Ribbon Batches 70 Drinking Water Bottels With 250Ml, 500Ml And 1000Ml. 71 Drinking Water Can With 15 Liter 72 Mobile Van Without Branding For Publicity (Tata Ace Size) 73 Photography 74 Photo Ulbum With Minimum 100 Postcard Size Photos 75 Kar1shma Ulbum With Size With Minimum 76 Three Camera Live Setup 77 Volunteers 78 Security Guards 79 Housekeeping 80 Registration Stall 81 E Toilet 82 Dustbeen 83 Event Insurance 84 Figher Fighting System 85 Ambulance 86 First Aid Keet 87 Hand Bills 88 Catering For Breakfast With Tea/Coffe 89 Tea/Coffee/Butter Milk (Rate Must Be Quoted Seperately) 90 Catering For Lunch Veg Regular 91 Catering For Dinner Veg Regular 92 Transport Truck / Eichar 93 Transport Taxi )
Due Date : 24/06/2019
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