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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief
1 Tenders: 19140032 Procurement Of Fevicol Sa 7505 Synthetic Adhesive Grannules .
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Due Date : 16/07/2019
2 Tenders: 19120499 Supply Of Synthetic Rubber Adhesive, Fevicol, Sr 998 Or Its Equivallent Of Superfix. (To Be Supplied In 1 Litre Tin And Should Have A Minimum Shelf Life Of 06 Months From The Date Of Supply) .
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Due Date : 18/06/2019
3 Tenders: 19087792 Supply Of Adhesive Solution Dunlop Brand Rubber Based To Icf/Md/Spec No. 28 Rev 04 Or Latest In 5 Liters Container Or Fevicol Sr 998 In 5 Liters Container.
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Due Date : 01/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19077680 Supply Of Group F Articles To Central Jail, Guwahati Group ‘F Article Jati Bamboo (Matured & Full Length) (10Mtr.) Jati Split Cane (Matured &15 Mtrs Long) (1Kap= Raidang Cane (Matured & 5 Mtrs Long Dia 7 Cm) Whole Cane (Matured & 5 Mtrs Long Dia 4 Cm) Plastic Cane (Different Size, Different Colour) Pannel Pin (In Pkt) Gopal Varnish (Shalimar) Nails (Different Size) Blue Lamp Irod Rod (Different Size) Gp Sheet 24 G (40Ft Breadth 8 Feet Length) Gp Sheet 22 G (40Ft Breadth 8 Feet Length) G.I Wire (Different Sizes) M.S. Revit (Different Sizes) Methvlated Spirit Coal Haksho Blade (In Dozen) Puttin Fevicol Sk Oil Plank (1 Inch, Second Class Wood) Scantling (Different Size, Second Class Wood) Gunny Cloth (54 Inch Width) Sutli Rung.
Due Date : 24/06/2019
5 Tenders: 19040046 Supply Of 35 Mm Thick Hollock Wood Wire Gauge Shutters As Per Required Sizes Given Below. It Should Consist Of 3” (75Mm) Wide Vertical, Top Rails And 5” (125Mm) Wide Locking Rail And 7” (175Mm) Wide Bottom Rais Including 144 Mesh 12 Gauge(Make Swastik/ Chetak) Fixed With Wooden Beading ¾” X ½” (20Mm X 12 ½Mm) And 2 Nos. Vertical Battens Of Size 1” X 1” On Both Sides Of Wire And Mesh. All The Joints Should Be Nailed With Bamboo And Fevicol.
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Due Date : 20/06/2019
6 Tenders: 19034884 Supply Of Badai Lohari Udyog Miscellaneous Goods. Supply Of Badai Lohari Udyog Biranji (Sabhi Size Me), Fevicol, Fevicol (S.R. 998), Thinner , Chapdi, Touchwood, Dunlop (U Foam 3 Inchi), Dunlop (U Foam 4 Inchi), Regzine, Retmal Kagaj, Silli Patthar, Kanas 6", Sikanja 6 Ft. Lamba, Mochi Biranji 1", Oil Paint Sabhi Rang Me, Plastic Cane Bunai Hetu, Plywood 19 Mm 8" X 4", Plywood 12 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 10 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 8 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 6 Mm. 8" X 4", Plywood 4 Mm. 8" X 4", Kanas 8", Brush 1 Inch, Brush 2 Inch, Aara Machine Gol Cutter (24 Inch), Aara Machine Gol Cutter (12 Inch), Chandras, Grinders Patta (Wood Finishing Hetu), Steel Screw (Sabhi Size Me), Tikply (4 X 8), Foam Sheet 4 X 6 , Chauk Mitti, Safed Mitti, Rao Sena, Chorasi 1/2", 1" X 1½", Vijani 1/2", 1", 1½", Sun Mica 4 X 8 (Colour Maang Anusar), Badai Pencil, Steel Inchi Tape, Machhar Jaali Steel 03 Evam 4 Ft. Chodi Running, Kainchi, Hathodi, Plaayer 01 Set, Fibre Sheet 6 Mm, Fibre Sheet 4 Mm, G. I. Taar, Loha Patti, Ripit 05 Number, Peti Ke Sankal Nakuche, Welding Rod (8 No. Evam 12 No.), Inchi Tape 10 Ft. Wale, Welding Chasme, Guniya 1 Evam 2 Fut Me , Sariya 6 Sut Mota, Hathodi (25 Evam 500 Gm.) (Pakki Wali), Primer Insulation Asian, G.I., Sheet 22 Gage, G.I. Shet 24 Gage, Balti Ke Kaan 3 Inch, Gas Cutting Torch, Oxygen Gas Bharai, Carbite, Welding Rod Beed Hetu, Malmal Kapda ~ .
Due Date : 18/06/2019
7 Tenders: 18966811 Supply Of Sh Synthetic Resin Adhesive In 05 Kg Tin. Note: Shelf Life Should Be One Year From Date Of Supply. Make: Fevicol Pidilite/Band Aid .
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Due Date : 21/06/2019
8 Tenders: 18950574 Supply Of Fevicol S.H. Synthetic Resin Adhesive In 5 Kg Container(White Colour) .
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Due Date : 13/06/2019
9 Tenders: 18946076 Annual Requirement Of Press Material For The Year 2019 20 Lamination Glue For Wet Lamination (Vikram, Mafatlal, Astral, Adhesive,,Shreenath, Riddhi, Padelite),Offset Black (Sheetfed) ( Dic/Huber/Sicpa/Seigwerk) In 2 Kg. Packing,Dampening Roller Hoses (Superior 140 Mm) (With Sample),Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 31.5”(L) X 25” (B),Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 23” X 27”,Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 25” X 33”,Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 23” X 30”,Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 20” X 21”,Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 25” X 27”,Rubber Blanket (Day International/Phoenix/Saphira/Cowbrand),Size 35” X 40”,Micro Switch (Mcl 12 R, 5A, 250V Ac),Micro Switch (With Sample),Ball Bearing (Skf Brand) No – 6002,6003,6202 Each,Needle Bearing For Colourgraph Machine (Skf Brand),Ball Bearing No. 6001 (Skf Brand),Ball Bearing 629 Skf (Skf Brand),Roller Wash (Varn/Novawash Premium/Hmk Wash/Technova),Dampening Hose (160 Mm) (With Sample),Dampening Hose (130 Mm) (With Sample),Blanket Wash (Varn/Novawash Premium/Hmk Wash/Technova),Fountain Solution (Nova Fount Nector/Pressone/ Technova) 1 Litre Pack Each,Dom Fount (Technova/Pressone),Plate Cleaner (Technova) Of 5 Ltr. Pack Each.,Offset Process Ink Sheetfed Cyan, Magenta Yellow And Black Of 1 Kg Pack Each,(Geos G),Offset Royal Blue Ink ( Dic/Sicpa/Huber/Seigwerk) Sheetfed Of 1 Kg. Pack,Each,Offset Reflex Blue Ink (Dic/Sicpa/Huber/Seigwerk) Sheetfed Of 1 Kg. Pack,Each,Metallic Gold Sheetfed Ink 1Kg Pack (Dic/Sicpa/Huber/Seigwerk),Metallic Silver Sheetfed Ink 1Kg Pack (Dic/Sicpa/Huber/Seigwerk),Offset Process Gloria Red Ink (Dic/Sicpa Huber/Seigwerk ) (Sheetfed) Of ,Kg. Pack Eac,Benzene 1 Liter Pac,Ink Kinfe (Plastic) (With Sample,Tack Reducer Of 1 Kg. Pack Each (Dic/Huber/Seigwerk),V Belt Ek 518 (Ecodrive),V Belt Fe 382 (Ecodrive,Turpentine Oil 1 Liter Pack,Liquid Gum Of 1 Ltr. Pack Each (Technova/Pressone),Screen Printing Red Ink Of ½ Kg/G Pack Each (Amarjyoti),Screen Printing Blue Ink Of ½Kg/ Pack Each (Amarjyoti),Screen Printing Golden And Medium Ink ½Kg Pack Each (Amarjyoti),Nitro (1 Ltr. Pack Each),Hydrogen Peroxide 400 Ml Pack Each,Five Star Film,Cotton Thread Roll (60 Grms. Each) (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 6Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 8Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 10Mm,(With,Sample),Wire,O,Wire,Size,12Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 14Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 16Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 18Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 20Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 22Mm (With Sample),Wire O Wire Size 24Mm (With Sample),Hanger (Metallic) Size 15" (With Sample),Wire Cutter (Tapari),Paper Cloth (With Sample),Staples 23/10 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Staples 23/13 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Staples 23/15 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Staples 23/17 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Staples 24/6 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Scissors 10" With Brass Handle (With Sample),Hammer 750 Gms. (With Sample),Ribbon Silken (1.7 Cms, Width 10 Mtr. Length Per Roll),Copper Sulphate,Maida (Amar) Of 20Kg Per Pack,Hole Pin 8 Inch Size (With Sample),Needle 4And6 Inch Size Each (With Sample),Eye Lets (Brass) Of 500 Eyelets Each Pkts (With Sample),Binding Cloth (With Sample),Fevicol S.H. (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) Pidilite Of 1,Fevicol S.H. (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) Pidilite Of 2,Stitching Wire No. 20 (Sunrise) (With Sample) 1Kg/Coil,Stitching Wire No. 22, 24, 26 (Sunrise) (With Sample),Hand Numbering Machine 7 Digits (Max Japan Make),Perfect Binding Adhesive (Glue Chips) Henkel Technomelt,Mafatlal, Astral, Adhesive, Shreenath, Riddhi, Padelite),Perfect Binding Adhesive (Glue Chips) Henkel Technomelt,Mafatlal, Astral, Adhesive, Shreenath, Riddhi, Padelite),Screw Driver 10" (Tapari),Numbering Machine Ink (Black) Of 100Ml/Pack (With,Numbering Machine Ink (Red) Of 100Ml/Pack (With Sample),Nylon Brush 4 Inch Size (With Sample),Hand Staples Machine (Kangaroo Hp 45) (24/6 26/6),Staples 23/20 (Kangaroo) Of 1000 Staple Per Pkt,Stiching Wire No. 18(Sunrise) 1Kg. Coil,Plastic Tub (Small With Sample),Medical Tap For Wall Calendar Machine,Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 576Mmx700mm (Technova),Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 554X800mm (Technova),Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 530X664mm (Technova),Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 525X640mm (Technova),Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 770X927mm (Technova),Spartan Uv Ctp + Ve Plate 610X920mm (Technova),P.S Developer For Uv Ctp Plates (Technova) Of 5 Ltr.,Unifin Protection Gum For Uv Ctp Plates (Technova),Presensitised Plates Developer For Positive Plates (Technova),(Ready To Use),Nova Delete For Presensitised Plates 100 Ml. (Technova),Drawing Brush Sable Hair 6 No., 8 No., 9 No., And 10 No.,Gloves Rubber (Size 10 No.) (With Sample),Panfix (Self,Adhesive,Cellulose,Tape),12,Mm,And,6,Mm.,Sponges (Viscovita) Germany,Surgical Cotton 500 Gms. Each (Free Of Dust) (With Sample),Tape Stand (With Sample),Plate Gum,(Unifin) 5 Ltr. Per Pack (Technova),Cutter With Blades (With Sample),Colin,Scale Steel 1 Ft.,Scale Steel 2 Ft.,Presensitised Plates554x800m,(Technova),Presensitised Plates530x664mm(Technova),Presensitised Plates527x641mm(Technova),Presensitised Plates770x927m,(Technova),Presensitised Plates425x535mm(Technova),File Flate 6", 8”, 12” (Jk Files),File Half Round 6" , 8”, 10” ,12” (Jk Files),File Round 6", 8” (Jk Files),File Trinagle 8", 10” (Jk Files),Trakla 6", 8”(Jk Files),Spanner Set (Taparia),Drill (H.S.S) 1" To ½" (Totem),Drill Socket ½” And ¾”,Tap (H.S.S) In Mm 1" To ½" (Totem),Tap (H.S.S) In Inches 1" To ½" (Totem),Square File 6",8",10" (Jk Files) (Each),Tool Bit 1" To ½" X 6" Each (Jk Files),H.S.S Tool 2"X6" (Totem),Welding Rod 8 No. (Sparc),Welding Rod 10 No.(Sparc),Welding Plant (Copper Wire) (Pelican/Havel/Anchor/,Glass Welding,Goggles Welding,Cost Iron Welding Rod 8 No. (Machinable) ( With,Cost Iron Welding Rod 10 No. (Machinable) ( With,Gloves Welding 8 And 10 No. Each,Knife Grinding Machine (Stones) White (With Sample),Single Blade (With Sample),Double Blade (With Sample),Veriner Caliper 18" (Mitutoyo Japan/Charles Germany),Table Wise 4" And 6" (Each) With Sample,Kit Kat Complete Set 125 Amp (Anchor/Havel),M.C.B 63 Amp Four Pole (Anchor/ Havel),M.C.B 32 Amp Three Pole (Anchor/ Havel),Holder Brass (Anchor/ Havel)),Angle Holder (Anchor/ Havel),T.C. Telemechanique Control Ac3 16 Amp Nc.,Wire 6 M.M (Havels/Anchor),S.P.N 16 Amp (On Off) ((Havels/Anchor),S.P.N 10 Amp (On Off) ((Havels/Anchor),M.C.C.B 100 Amp ((Havels/Anchor),M.C.C.B 400 Amp ((Havels/Anchor),Digital Multi Meter (Usha),Wire 1.5 Mm , 2.5Mm, 4 Mm,Wire Cutter 10”,Cf6 Bearing,Ball Bearing 6001,Ball Bearing 6003,V Belt A85,V Belt A75,Cutting (Gaj) 5”’X42”X1”,Cutting (Gaj) 2”’X46x1”’,V Belt Ee382,Cutting Blade ½”X5”X56”,Cutting Blade ½”X53”X4 ¾ ”,V Belt Fe 572,Vv Belt Ek 518,V Belt A 56,V Belt A 57A,Ball Bearing 608,Dominant Sucker Assembly Set,Feta Paper Feed (Machine Belt) ¾” And 1”,Gun Metal Sucker Body Set Machine Size 1928,V Belt Fk778,Flexiable Pipe For Dominant 3”’ Feeder,Hmt Bolt Plate,Hmt Cheese Bolt Round,Hmt Impression Spring,Cap Screw Water Rotter Ball Bearing 6001 Hammer Drill Machine ¾” Size. Led 2’ + 2’ 36 Watt Led Tube ‘4 20 Watt,Hammer Drill Machine ¾,Khaddar Cloth (With Samp0le),Seba 3 Ply (With Sample),Led Tube 20 Wt. (Philips, Bajaj, Surya, Orient, Syska),Phenyl 500 Ml Gainda/Bangal Brand,Full Broom,Jug Plastic (Cello),Glass Tumbler,Broom,Acid,Tonner Cartridge (Hp Laserjet P1007) 88 A,Tonner Cartridge (Hp Laserjet 1010/1020) 12 A,Tonner Cartridge (Rico Affico Sp 300 Dn),Tonner Cartridge (Rico Mp 20001 L) A3,,Nova Trace Dtp Paper No. 210X297 Mm A4,Nova Trace Dtp Paper No. 216X356 Mm (Legal),Trace Dtp Paper 297X420 Mm A3,Pen Drives No. 16 Gb,Copy Stand Computers,Tonner Cartridge (Hp Laserjet 9040Dn) (C8543x),
Due Date : 26/06/2019
10 Tenders: 18923904 Supply Of 1 Wood Polish[Spirit Base] 2 Carborandum Universal Make Resin Metal Cloth Roll 6"X50mtrx 60Grit 3 Fevicol Sh(Pidilite) 50 Kg. Pack 4 Synthetic Adhisive 'Bull Bond' Pidilite 50 Kg. Pack 5 Wood Primer White Total Pigmentation Not Less Than 46% By Weight Resin Content Not Less Than 6.5% By Weight 6 Synthetic Thinner For Wood Primer 7 Asian Golden Brown (Colour May Be Change As Per Req) Paint.
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Due Date : 18/06/2019
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