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1 Tenders: 19515266 Dismantling And Minor Repair Of External Facade Of Buildings At Bpcl Housing Complex, Sector 56, Noida .
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Due Date : 25/07/2019
2 Tenders: 19515217 Rate Contract For Carrying Out Maintenance Works Of Spheres Yt615,Yt617 . In The Next One Year Following Spheres Are Scheduled For Internalinspection, The Tentative Dates Of Decommissioning Are Mentioned Below 1. Sphere Yt615 20/7/2019 2. Sphere Yt617 1/9/2019 1. This Job Includes Necessary Facilitating Works And Other Maintenanceworks In Order To Carry Out The Statutory And Stage Wise Inspection Andsubsequent Repairs If Any (By Other Agency) Of Spheres Yt615 And Yt617of Internal Diameter 18M At Bpcl Kr. 2. The Contractor Has To Provide A Temporary Metallic Barricadingbetween The Adjacent Spheres To Prevent Unauthorized Entry Of Contractorpersonnel Into Other Operating Areas As Per Specifications, Prepareprocedure And Carry Out The Dismantling Of Suction Line, As Per Thedirective Of Engineer In Charge. After The Inspection Is Completed Bythe External Inspection Agency, In Case There Are No Repairs, Thecontractor Has To Clean The Spheres, Fix Back The Vortex Breaker,Suction Line As Per Procedure And Carry Out The Hydro Test And Assistfor Commissioning The Spheres. In Case Defects Are Observed, Anotheragency Will Carry Out The Repairs. On Completion Of The Repair As Perdirective Of The Inspection Agency, The Contractor Has To Clean Thespheres, Fix Back The Suction Line As Per Procedure, And Carry Out Thehydro Test. 3. The Contractor Shall Mobilize Required Qualified And Skilled Manpowerand Machinery For The Timely Completion Of The Job. The Contractor Shallwork Extended Hours For Completing The Job Within The Contractualcompletion Time. Sufficient Work Force Shall Be Available For The Same.Normally Hot Work Will Be Permitted Only In Daylight Hours. 4. Welder Qualification And Welding Procedure Qualification Have To Beapproved By Bpcl Kr Inspector And Third Party Inspector Arranged Bybpcl Kr. Electrode Shall Be Of Bpcl Kr’S Approved Make And Size And Thecontractor Shall Produce Test Report And Batch Certificate For Theelectrodes Used By Them. 5. The Contractor Shall Prepare Daily Progress Reports Of The Job. Theengineer In Charge Would Review The Same On Daily Basis. 6. The Contractor Shall Be Prepared To Carry Out The Repair Worksimultaneously In 2 Spheres. Sufficient Number Of Equipment Such Asrecording Instruments, Thermocouples, Heating Coils For Conducting Thepre Heating/Hydrogen Diffusion Treatment/Post Heating Shall Be Availablewith The Contractor. 7. The Contractor Shall Engage A Qualified Welding Engineer For This Joband The Welding Shall Be Performed Under Total Surveillance Of Thewelding Engineer. Work Will Have To Be Carried Out Under The Inspectionof Third Party Inspection Agency (Which Will Be Arranged By Bpcl Kr),Besides Bpcl Kr Inspection Engineers. Contractor May Depute More Thanone Qualified Welder For Completing The Job In Time. 8. As The Work Is To Be Carried In A Running Refinery With The Adjacentspheres In Operation, There Could Be Occasional Interruption In Issuingpermits For Hot Work. The Awarded Rates Shall Include Any Variation Inthe Actual Quantities Of The Work. Scope Of Work The Scope Of Work Of The Contractor Shall Include The Following Withoutbeing Limited To The Same: A) Marking The Orientation, Cold/Grinding Cutting The Bottom Outletnozzle At The Weld Between Neck And Elbow Including Providing Temporarysupports, Cutting And Dismantling The Vortex Breakers, Edge Preparationetc, For Providing Entry Into The Spheres Through The Bottom Nozzle,Cleaning The Inside Of The Spheres By Water Jet Through The Top Man Way(This Is To Be Done Before Entry Into The Spheres Is Permitted),Dropping Of The Flanged Valves And Flanged Spool Pieces From The Nozzlesand Piping From The Top Of The Spheres, Providing Temporary Supportingfor The Piping Including Relocation Of The Blinds Wherever Necessary Forenabling Inspection Of The Flanges Of The Spheres. B) The Job Also Involves Taking All Precautions Necessary For Vesselentry And Doing Hot Work Inside And Outside The Spheres. Contractor Hasto Make His Own Arrangements For The Following: Such As Providingair Eductor, Air Hose, Water Hoses, Personnel Protective Equipment Etc.The Same Has To Be Retained In Vessel Throughout The Period Ofinspection. No Separate Rate Shall Be Provided For The Same. C) All Piping/Structural Modification/Replacement Jobs As Perinstruction Of Engineer In Charge. D) Dismantling And Application Of Fire Proofing At The Specified Areasand Also Weld Filling The Area On The Leg Where Defects Are Found. E) If No Defects Are Found In Inspection, The Contractor Has To Carryout Hydro Test At The Test Pressure After Final Cleaning Of The Spheresand Erection Of The Suction Line. In Case Of Repairs, The Repair, Asadvised By Inspection Agency, Would Be Carried Out By A Separatecontract. F) Correcting The Vertical Misalignment Of The Gauge Pipe If Any Byadjusting The Bolting Arrangement / Relocation Of Supports Etc Andgetting The Verticality Certified By Bpcl Kr Instrumentation /Owner'srepresentative Etc. Complete As Per The Instructions Of Theengineer In Charge. G) Erection, Alignment, Fit Up, Edge Preparation And Butt Welding Of 20"Pipe With Existing Nozzle Of The Sphere Including Hydrogen Diffusiontreatment (At 315 Degree Centigrade For 2 Hours Per Inch Of Thickness),Pre Heating And Post Heating, Performing Radiography, Stress Relievingthe Joint To Achieve The Required Hardness Etc. Complete. The Bidderhas To Carryout Dp Test, Hardness Test, Mp Test And Ut Test On Bottomsuction Line New Weld Joint. All Arrangements For Erection Includingtemporary Supports Are In Contractor’S Scope. The Scope Includeserection And Welding The Vortex Breaker Also. H) Existing Piping Spool Pieces Have To Be Dismantled, Damaged Portionof The Pipes Are To Be Cut And Removed, Transportation Of All Pipingitems From Owner’S Storage Points To Worksite / Workshop, Cutting, Edgepreparation, Welding, Laying On Top Of Sphere, Pipes Of All Typesand Thickness At All Elevations Including Scaffolding For Connectionwith Equipment Nozzles, Welded And Threaded Pipelines Of Differenttemperature And Pressure Ratings, Flanges And All Types Of Fittings Liketees, Reducers, Elbows, Reinforcing Pads On Pipes, Drain, Funnel, Vents,Etc. Fixing Pipe Shoes, Saddles, Earthing Lugs, Cleats Etc, Directlywelded With Pipes, All Types Of Supports, Hangers, Clamps Etc. Andcleaning By Water, Compressed Air, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Vacuum Etc.As Applicable And Other Types Of Testing, Drying And Painting Completingall Such Works In All Respect And Ready For Commissioning As Perspecification, Drawing And Instructions Of The Engineer In Charge. Thejob Also Includes Radiography Of 10% Of Joints (Minimum One Joint),Submitting The Radiographs To The Engineer In Charge (Repeat Radiographydue To Defective Radiograph On Repaired Joints Due To Contractor’S Faultand For Additional Weld, Radiography Necessitated Due To Poorperformance Of Contractor’S Welders Shall Be Done At Contractor’S Cost). I) Loading/Unloading, Transporting Of All Scraps, Dismantled Items,Dust, Wastes, Debris And Disposal Of Some Materials To Scrap Yard Insidethe Bpcl Kr. All The Works Mentioned Here Is Including Loading /Unloading And Transportation From Storage Yard, If Material Issued Bybpcl Kr, Or From Any Point Of Purchase To Work Site Or Fabrication Yardor From Fabrication Yard To Work Site, Segregation Of Plates Size Wiseetc. Owner’S Scope Of Supply 1. Power Supply (For Inspection Equipment And Lighting) Will Be Given Atone Point Within Maximum Of 250 Mtr. From The Work Place. 2. Drinking Water Will Be Supplied At One Point Within 250 Mtr. Of Thework Spot As Described In The Gtc. 3. Pipes And Fittings 4. Structural Items 5. Crane Subject To Availability Free Of Cost For Dismantling/Erectionof Valves (If Required) 6. Sprinkler Heads Contractor's Scope Of Supply Scope Of Supply Of Contractor Shall Include But Not Limited To Thefollowing: All Industrial Gases Such As Oxygen, Acetylene, Arc Welding Electrodes,Consumables Etc. Welding Rectifiers And Diesel Welding Generators,Cutting Equipment, Grinding Machines, Electrode Baking Ovens Etc. Alltools And Tackles, Slings, D Shackles, Chain Blocks, Derrick, Temporarysupports Etc. For The Erection Of 20" Pipe And Rov. All Lifting Tools,Tackles, Slings Etc Shall Be Tested Periodically In Line With Statutorynorms And Test Certificates Shall Be Furnished To Bpcl Kr. All Equipment For Conducting The Nondestructive Tests, Pre Heating, Postheating, Temperature Recording Etc. Electrically Operated Exhaust Fan Shall Be Provided By The Contractorfor Facilitating Internal Inspection/Repair Works. Temporary Bolts, Blinds, Spades, Plugs, Calibrated Pressure Gauge, Pumpand Compressor, Temporary Piping Etc For Conducting The Hydro Testing Ofsphere. All Other Materials For Civil Repairs Including Sand, Cement (Bpcl Krapproved Brand Only), Aggregates, Paint (Bpcl Kr Approved Brand Only),Labour, Personal Protective Equipment Etc Though Not Specified Here, Butrequired For Completion Of The Work As Per The Specifications Andinstructions Of The Engineer In Charge. All The Materials Required For Temporary Shielding To Carry Out Hot Workas Per Instructions Of Engineer In Charge Gratings Required For Steps/ Platforms Including Scaffolding Material,All Ppes Shall Be Arranged By The Contractor. Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 V, 50 Hz Power Supply For Construction Will Be Madeavailable Within Maximum Of 250 Meters From Work Site Depending On Freeavailable Outlets From The Existing Kiosk. Arrangements Fordistribution Of Power From Distribution Board Through Elcb Are To Bemade By The Contractor At His Cost. Electrical Connection Carried Outby The Contractor Shall Meet The Statutory Requirements. The Contractorshall Get The Electrical System Installed By A Competent Licensedelectrical Contractor. The Contractor Is Required To Furnish Acompletion Report. Before Commencing The Job, The Contractor Shallfurnish The Details Of Loads To The Board. The Contractor Shall Arrange To Retain Power Supply In Sphere, Thoughout The Period Of Inspection And Maintenance Works. Water Supply Water Will Be Made Available At The Nearest Point Within Maximum Of 250Meters From The Work Spot. However, Contractor Has To Make All Otherarrangements Like Supply, Fabrication And Erection Of Temporary Pipingfor Taking Water To The Work Site At His Own Cost For Hydrotesting,Flushing, Water Spraying During Hot Work. Safety And Security All The Contract Employees Must Wear Hard Hats (Safety Helmets) Whileworking Inside Bpcl Kr Premises. Contract Employees Working At Heightmore Than 3 M Shall Wear Safety Belts. Contractor Shall Supplysufficient Safety Belts/Helmets For This Purpose To Their Employees Athis Own Cost. All Contract Employees Must Attend The Stipulated Hsetraining Conducted By Bpcl Kr. First Aid Kits Must Be Available At Work Spot / Site Office Of Eachcontractor And The Same Shall Be Replenished From Time To Time. Officers From Bpcl Kr Will Be Inspecting The Availability Of First Aidboxes At Work Site. Completion Document The Following Documents Shall Be Submitted By The Contractor Intriplicate, As Part Of The Completion Documents: A) Welding Procedure Qualification Report. B) Welder Qualification Report Within Two Weeks After Conducting Thetest. C) Heat Treatment Charts And Reports, If Any Heat Treatment Work Isdone. D) Radiographic Report Along With The Radiograph And Other Ndereports. Nde Reports Shall Be Certified By Asnt Level Iii/Equivalentinspector. E) Hydrostatic Test Results. F) Test Certificates From Manufacturer For Electrodes And Paintingmaterials And Any Other Materials Supplied By The Contractor. G) Materials Appropriation Statement. H) Hardness Test Records. I) Pyrometer/Temperature Indicating Sticks Records Of Heat Treatment.The Complete Temperature Cycle Of Heating, Soaking And Cooling Shall Beshown. J) As Built Drawings Of Entire Work Executed By The Contractor Afterapproval Of The Engineer In Charge, Shall Be Prepared In Auto Cad(Release As Instructed By Bpcl Kr) And Submitted After The Completion Ofthe Work At No Extra Cost In Bpcl Kr’S Prescribed Format In Compact Discwith One Copy Of The Drawing. Offloading: In The Event Of Unsatisfactory Performance Of /Progress Ofthe Job, Bpcl Kr Reserves The Right To Offload The Work In Part Or Infull For Execution By Other Agencies. In The Event Of Off Loading, Theadditional Cost For Execution Will Be Recovered From The Bills Of Theoriginal Contractor. The Contractor May Have To Work Round The Clock For Meeting Emergencyrequirements At No Extra Cost. Site Visit Is Compulsory To Get Familiarized With The Site Conditions.
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Due Date : 01/08/2019
3 Tenders: 19514998 Dismantling Of Old Existing Water Tank Opposite To Gokul Industry,Aie,Rate Contract Puram,Sangareddy District. .
Due Date : 23/07/2019
4 Tenders: 19514841 Dismantling, Lowering And Send To Scrap Ward Of 03 Nos. Eot Cranes Mw No. 1557, 1560 And 1802 Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 09/08/2019
5 Tenders: 19514691 Dismentling Of Existing Filter Plant And Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of New Filter Plant With Buyback Arrangement With 3 Years Comprehensive OAndM Of Mahrshi Dayanand Saraswati (Kalawad Road) Swimming Pool .
Due Date : 09/08/2019
6 Tenders: 19505145 Dismantlng Fabrication Erection Job E Tender Repair And Maintenance Services.
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Due Date : 29/07/2019
7 Tenders: 19504525 1 Cleaning Of The Valley Gutter Of All The Plants, Boiler Etc And Fixing Of Valley Gutter Drain Lines Properly. Pvc / Hdpe Drain Pipe Required If Any For The Work Will Be Provided By Irel. All The Other Items Required For The Work Has To Be Brought By The Contractor. Lump Sum 1 2 Dismantling And Shifting Of One Number Old Chimney Of Active Plant. Lump Sum 1 3 Repairing Of Side Cladding Sheets Of Boiler House Etc. Sheet Will Be Provided By Irel. All The Other Items Required For The Work Has To Be Brought By The Contractor. Approximately 30 Number Of Sheets Are To Be Changed. Rate Per Sheet 1 4 Providing Gi Flats Over The Corrugated Sheet In Reep. Flats Will Be Provided By Irel. All The Other Items Required For The Work Has To Be Brought By The Contractor. Approximately 400 Meters Of Gi Flats Are To Be Provided.
Due Date : 01/08/2019
8 Tenders: 19504259 Dismantling,cleaning,painting and re fabrication of support beams of road weigh bridge of CHP III
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Due Date : 27/07/2019
9 Tenders: 19503508 Dismantling Of 1 No. (P+0) Tower At Loc.No. 133 And Erection Of 1 No. (C+9) Tsp Design Tower At Loc.No. 133 For Improving Ground Clearance Across Road Crossing Between Loc.No. 133 To 134 Of 132 Kv. Raghunathapally Waddekothapally Dc Line In Omc Circle, Warangal. .
Due Date : 07/08/2019
10 Tenders: 19501967 Dismantling And Removing The Existing Commercial Complex At Jeyaraj Road In Thoothukudi .
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Due Date : 06/08/2019
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