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1 Tenders: 23910972 Tender For The Supply Of Five Items Of Navigational Channel Buoy Accessories Miscellaneous Goods.
Due Date : 22/12/2020
2 Tenders: 23909225 E Tender For The Supply Of Equipments And Related Items At Ernakulam Miscellaneous Works. 1.01 Aldis Lamp Battery 12V/Equivalent With Wooden Carrying Case Item 1 3.000 Nos 2.01 Emergency Escape Breathing Device 15 Minutes Item 2 2.000 Nos 3.01 Fire Axe With Insulated Rubber Handle Item 3 3.000 Nos 4.01 First Aid Kit For Lifeboat/Rafts Item 4 2.000 Nos 5.01 Hydrostatic Release Units For Liferaft Hammar Item 5 1.000 Nos 6.01 Hydrostatic Release Units For Epirb Hammar Item 6 2.000 Nos 7.01 Orange Smoke Float Singnal ( Comet/Pains Wessex/Ikaros) Item 7 3.000 Nos 8.01 Parachute Signal Rockets (Comet /Pains Wessex/Ikaros) Item 8 2.000 Nos 9.01 Red Hand Flares (Comet/Pains Wessex/Ikaros) Item 9 3.000 Nos 10.01 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Scba)Complete Item 10 1.000 Nos 11.01 Self Igniting Light For Lifebuoy Imported Item 11 2.000 Nos 12.01 Dinghi Model 2 Item 12 2.000 Nos 13.01 Rain Coat Item 13 95.000 Nos 14.01 Helmet With Light Item 14 95.000 Nos 15.01 Gum Boots Item 15 90.000 Nos 16.01 Chainsaw Powertex/Equivalent Item 16 2.000 Nos 17.01 Life Jacket Adult Type Irs Approved Item 17 500.000 Nos 18.01 Lifebuoys With Grabline Irs Approved Item 18 48.000 Nos 19.01 Rubber Gloves
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Due Date : 09/12/2020
3 Tenders: 23887232 Supply Of Superstructure Spares For 17Th Annual Maintenance Of Narmada Channel And 41Th Annual Maintenance Of Salaya Channel Buoys Mechanical Tools And Equipment. (Annual Maintenance Of Salaya Channel Buoys)
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Due Date : 08/12/2020
4 Tenders: 23869640 Supply Of Life Buoys Or Life Rings.
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Due Date : 02/12/2020
5 Tenders: 23818492 Tender Document On Supply Of Life Buoys To Asdma For Providing To Flood Prone Districts And Revenue Circles Of Assam Supply Of Materials.
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Due Date : 03/12/2020
6 Tenders: 23816257 Combined Self Igniting And Self Activating Smoke Signal (Man Over Board Marker) And Buoyant Lifeline For Lifebuoys For P15b Ships Project P15b Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 24/11/2020
7 Tenders: 23808298 Supply Of Life Buoys (Resolution Msc 48(66) And Solas 1974) (Png).
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Due Date : 23/11/2020
8 Tenders: 23801747 Casting Concrete Sinkers For Navigational Channel Buoys.
Due Date : 01/12/2020
9 Tenders: 23792097 Procurement Of Coconut Oil And Life Bouy Soaps To Regular Ph Employees And Out Source Sanitation Workers For The Year 2019 20.
Due Date : 25/11/2020
10 Tenders: 23788947 Yearly Maintainace And Repair Work For Survey Of M.V. Chitralekha M.V.Sarbojaya And M.V. Sumangal Whole Vessel To Paint ( Up To Water Level) Along With Small Boat, Life Buoy, Life Jackets, Ancha Anchor Chain, Chain Locker, Engine Room, Steering Room, Void Space, Etc. As Per Marine Practice L.S 2. All Fire Extinguishers Tobe Re Filled And Pr. Tested As Per Requirement L.S 3. All Batteries To Be Checked For Their Performance Report To Be Shown To Surveyor. L.S 4. All Electrical Motors To Be Megger Test And Report Shown To Surveyor. L.S 5. Navigation Light To Check, And Made Operational. L.S 6. All Fire Fighting Equipments, Life Buoy, Life Jackets, Fire Hose, Nozzle, Emergency Fire Pump, Bilge Pump To Make Operational L.S 7. Boat Two Nos. Small Ladder To Repair /Replace. L.S 8. Damage Fender, Raiing To Repair/Replace As Required. L.S 9. Fwd David Base To Renew/Repair. L.S 10. Both Sea Chest To Clean. L.S 11. 4 Nos. Foot Step To Renew At Entry Door. L.S 12. 4 Nos. Port Hole Glass And One Window Glass To Renew. L.S 13. 300 Ltr. Sea Water Tank Base To Renew. L.S 14. Damaged Fashion Plate To Be Repaired L.S 15. 1 No. Gallery Sink To Renew. L.S 16. Both Glow Sign Board To Renew L.S 17. Wind Lash Gear Seal, Oil Leakage To Be Rectified. L.S 18. Top Deck 2 Nos. Table Led To Repair/Renew. L.S 19. Mast Head (Navigation Light Base To Renew). L.S 20. 1 No Dom. Sea Water Pipe To Renew L.S 21. Two Nos. Toilet Door And 4 Nos. Frame To Renew/Repair. L.S 22. One Elec. Horn To Be Renewed. L.S 23. Gallyexh. Fan Not Working Satisfactorily, Same To Be Repaired As Per Satisfaction. L.S 24. Total 8 Set Of Lights To Be Renewed / Operational. L.S 25. Other Lights (Led Bulbs) To Be Renewed As Required. L.S 26. Stbd Side Eng. Port Pipe Line To Change (5 Mtr.). L.S 27 Port Engine Lub. Oil Chamber Oil Leakage To Be Rectified. L.S 28. Port Gear L.O Flexible Pipe To Be Changed L.S 29. 15 Kva D.G Set Voltage Fluctuation To Be Rectified. L.S 30. Port Side Gear Not Functioning Properly Same To Be Rectified L.S 31. Port Andstbd D.G Heat Exchanger Inandout Socket To Change. L.S 32. 15 Kva Alternator And Self Starter To Repair L.S 33. 5 Meter Battery Terminal Wire To Supply. L.S 34. One Set Spanner 6 To 32 Size To Supply. L.S 35. Fuel Pump And Fuel Injector Calibration To Be Done . L.S 36. Stern Arrangement To Be Shown To Surveyor. L.S 37. Vessel Name To Be Painted With Different Marks L.S
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Due Date : 27/11/2020
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