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1 Tenders: 18930466 Ajmer Division: Provision Of Digital Auto Announcement System In Connection With "Provision Of Fob At Aho, Jws, Gbp, Rpi, Ssr, Rlr, Sgw, Mdl, Hmg, Snyn, Ggr And Det Stations In Aho Det Section" In The Jurisdiction Of Adste/Aii Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 19/06/2019
2 Tenders: 18930431 Vadodara Division: Construction Of New Foot Over Bridge At Nandesari , Nenpur , Gothaj And Kanij Railway Station.(Re Invited) Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 21/06/2019
3 Tenders: 18930411 Execution Of The Work Of (I) Construction Of New Bridge (Br. No. 135) In Replacement Of Existing Damage Bridge Over Kharagpur Midnapur Section And (Ii) Providing And Fixing Of Retaining Wall And Repairs To Drain In Between Km. 116/16 117/10 (Kgp Tata) Dn Tata Line (Cutting Portion)Under The Jurisdiction Of Den/West/Kharagpur. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 27/06/2019
4 Tenders: 18929897 Construction Of One No Road Under Bridge (Rub) On Single Line Railway Track (Connecting Chord Line Between Ahmedabad Vadodara Line And Godhra Vadodara Line At High Speed Rail Alignment Between Mumbai Ahmedabad (Hsrma) Chainage Km 402.935M In Karodi .
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Due Date : 31/05/2019
5 Tenders: 18929386 Bhusawal Badnera Section Replacement Of Existing Channel Sleepers Of Bridge By H Beam Channel Sleepers At Br. No. 610/1 And 634/2. Procurement Of Channel Sleepers Fittings And Pads Of Various Steel Girder Bridges Under Senior Divisional Engineer (South) And (East) Bhusawal's Jurisdiction. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 24/06/2019
6 Tenders: 18929372 Ohe Modification Work In Adi Division In Connection With Provision Of New Fob At Bhandu Station (Sch A) And Raising Of Rail Level Platform At Bhandu Motidau, Dharewada, Julasan, Kamli And Umerdashi Stations (Sch B). Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 25/06/2019
7 Tenders: 18927821 Water Supply Projects, Sewerage Projects, Hydraulics, Storm Water Drain/Roads And Bridges And Building Construction Etc. Mcgm Has Proposed To Execute The Work Of “Hiring Services For Operation Of Screens At Chheda Nagar Drop Shaft.” Of Sewerage Operations Department.
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Due Date : 04/06/2019
8 Tenders: 18927150 Auction Of Unserviceable Damaged And Scrap/Survey Reported Materials Related To Chunar Sand Ghat Pontoon Bridge.
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Due Date : 11/06/2019
9 Tenders: 18926449 Construction Of Foot Bridge On Basavanagudi To Neekanahalli Road Near Athibeedu Halla At Devaldakere Gp In Sakleshpur Taluk. .
Due Date : 01/06/2019
10 Tenders: 18926447 Construction Of Foot Bridge On Achanahalli To Agasarahall At Devaladakere Gp In Sakleshpur Taluk. .
Due Date : 01/06/2019
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