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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 12767303 Supply of Day Vision Binocular 07 nos.
TAMIL NADU 10,50,000.00 24/10/2017
2 Tenders: 12751061 Supply of Binoculars And Monoculars Agra.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 06/10/2017
3 Tenders: 12750420 Supply & Installation Of Digital Slr Camera , Binocular: , Humidifier: , Dehumidifier: , Power Backup , Air Conditioners.
MEGHALAYA Refer Detail 04/10/2017
4 Tenders: 12726810 Supply Of Dfmd, Hhmd, Dsmd, Nljd, Metallic Prodder, Evd, Uvsm, Portable X Ray Machine, Night Vision Camera, Day Vision Binocular, Personnel Tracer Kit
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 05/10/2017
5 Tenders: 12704259 Supply Of : Dfmd ,Metallic Prodder ,Evd ,Portable X Ray Machine ,Night Vision Camera ,Day Vision Binocular,Personnel Tracer Kit.
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 05/10/2017
6 Tenders: 12688134 Procurement Of Binoculra .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 20/09/2017
7 Tenders: 12682053 Procurement Of Investigation Tool Kits Digital Camera – Gps – Binoculars – Voice Recorder , Measuring Tape , Reel Of Cord , Flash Lights Water Proof, Small Magnet , Multi Purpose Knife , Inspection Mirror , Magnifying Glasses , Assorted Antistatic Containers, Disposable Dust / Mist Masks, Walkie Talkie.
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 29/09/2017
8 Tenders: 12657345 Procurement Of Binocular.
MAHARASHTRA 6,91,200.00 25/09/2017
9 Tenders: 12653211 Supply Of Binoculars .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 09/10/2017
10 Tenders: 12648582 Purchase Of Different Equipment Like Tactical Ballistic Vest, Bullet Proof Helmet, Thermal Monocular, Day Vision Binocular, Commando Assault Pack With Operational Accessories, Led Search Light, Commando Lup Bag, Tactical Equipment Carrier, Thermal Imager(Weapon Mounted) For Spl. Anti Naxalite Force Of Odisha Police Under Mpf Schemes During The Current Financial Year, 2017 18..
ORISSA Refer Detail 07/10/2017
11 Tenders: 12629300 Procurement Of Binoculars (Day Vision) And Night Vision Monoculars For Bird Watchers/Scares .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 19/09/2017
12 Tenders: 12624424 Auction Sale Of Various Complete Vehicle, Bicycle, Air Crew Watch, Bag Air Travel, Binocular,Various Complete Vehicle, Barrel 200 Ltr.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 16/09/2017
13 Tenders: 12616900 Supply Of Oesophageal Dilator System, Micro Light Led, Binocular Loupe.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 08/09/2017
14 Tenders: 12612026 Purchase Of Binocular .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 26/09/2017
15 Tenders: 12608194 Quotations For Procurement Of Oesophageal Dilator System, Micro Light Led And Binocular Loupe To Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai Under Pmssy Scheme .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 08/09/2017
16 Tenders: 12568213 Procurement Of Hand Held Thermal Imager Binocular (Cooled Version.
NEW DELHI Refer Detail 26/09/2017
17 Tenders: 12559847 Supply of Night Vision Binocular .
KERALA Refer Detail 06/09/2017
18 Tenders: 12557015 Supply Of Night Vision Binocular .
KERALA 2,88,000.00 07/09/2017
19 Tenders: 12548060 Purchase Of Medicine, Chemical, Machine, Equipment, Furniture, Stationery (Required Stationary & Others Door Mate Bucket (Plastic) Mug L.E.D 15 W (Bulb) Led (Tubelight With Set) Towel Big Towel Small Chair Cushion Extension Cord Wall Clock With Pendulum Pen Stand With Pen Full Scape Paper A4 Paper Carbon (Kores) Fly Leaf Tag Pencil Battery Cup With Plate Glass Table Cloth Door Curtain Stapler (Big Size) Stapler Pin (Big & Small) Fevicol Pen Paper Knife Soap Surf Liquid Handwash Dustbin With Cover Emergency Tube Light Torch Paper Punching Machine A/C (Split/Window) Room Heater Hot Air Blower Table Set Revolving Visiting Chair White Board & Colored Writing Pen And Duster Electric Tea Kettel Marker Pen (Black) Sanitizer Colin Table Glass Ceiling Fan Inverter Tubular Battery Cloth Duster Scissor (Big) Laptop Desktop Computer Desktop Table Almirah Big Virtual Dissection Bookself, College Website For 3 Years Domain Registration Hosting Email Designingmaintenance, For New Computer Lab Net Supply And Power Supply 6U Rack 24 Port Switch Cat 6 Cable 2Mm Wire Modular Electric Boards 5 Pin Socket Rj 45 Socket Rj 45 Clip Quick Hill Antivirus Central Table Chair Curtain Water Coolerwater Filter Led Tvpaper Waight. Notice Board Fan Mess Table Mess Chair Table Sheet Gym Items Refrigerator Double Door Badminton Badmintan Corck Crecket Kit Lpg Gas Marker (Green, Yellow, Orange) Whitner Paper Knife Scale 12” Paper Punch Tekua Kent Ro Water Purifire Ricoh /Sp Printer Ink Refill Printer Cartirage Hp 1200, 1000 Tea Set Dfm 34, Degrees Of Burns : Set Of 5 Models Showing Degrees Dfm 36A, Suicidal Hanging: Model Of Head And Neck Depicting The Pattern Of Rope Wound Dfm 38, Strangulation : Showing Ligature Marks By Cane Wound Round The Neck Ch 824 A – Scopion Ch 806 Classification Of Wounds Ch 811 Difference Between Wounds Of Entrance & Exit Ch 814 Classification Of Poisons Sex Difference Features In Sacrum Extension Wire For Computer Colin Glass Cleaner Dettol Liquid Soap For Hand Wash Blue Marker Table Lamp Standered A4 Size Paper For Printer Ricoh Printer Ink Power Pouch C.F.L Bulb (20W) Tube Light Larg A4 Size Paper Carbon Pen Stand With Pen Door Mate Dustbin Mucus Sucker Naso Gastic Tube (Infand Feeding Tube) (6Mm) Ambu Bag (Silicon Pediatric) Clinical Digital Thermometer Rectal Thermometer Infant Manikins (Dummy ) Printer Cartridge Water Bottle Paper Weight Lifeboy Soap Female Reproduction System Chart Embryo Development Chart – Ii Chart – Iii Ceassarian Section Chart (Condition For Class Room Section Stethoscope B.P Instrument Chair Wall Clock Laptop Table Lamp Table Cloth Jug & Glass Desk Table Pen Stand With Penhand Wash Hand Towel Curtain Cloth Chart Uterine Changes During Pregnancy Chart Twins Pregnancy Dettol Soap Harpic Phenyl Patient Examination Table Binocular Microscope Auto Analyzer Make Bp Cotton Surgical Sprit Formalin Dispovan Hb Sq Kit Hiv Kit Blood Group Kit X Ray View Box (Double) Mosquito Forceps Scissor Straight (Tailor) Stitch Removal Scissor Probes Assorted Size Pointed Scissor Urethral Dilators Rubber Catheters No 18, 20, 22 Corrugated Rubber Drain Suturing Needle Straight Curved Signsoid Scope Regid /Flexible Barron Piles Gup Bone Drill Machine Bone Cutter Giggly Saw End Tracheal (Et ) Tube (Different Size ) B.P Instrument Stetno Scope Sanitizer Calculator 10 Digit, Medicine And Chemical Formalin Gloves Savlon French Chalk Powder Apron Scissors Big Scissors Small B.P.Handle Glycerine N/10 Hcl Benediet Solution Lessmen Stain Oil (Used To Wbc Cell Seen) Lucuas Iodine Normal Slinesprit Distilled Water Filter Paper Litmus Paper (Red And Blue) Urine Stick (All Test) E.S.R Fluide (Sodium Sitrate), Machine And Equipment Glass Jars Big 30” X 18” X 9” Glass Jars Small 24” X 12” X6” 18” X 9” X 6” Paraffin Embedding Bath Hot Plates For Flatering Sections 3D) Three Dimentional Charts Models Of Marma, Ashaya And Shrotas Preferably Electrically Operable Functional Models Of All The Major Joints And Shatchakra Slides Of Different Structure Of Body To Show Their, Micro Anamotical Aspect 2” X 2” Femoral Artery Canula Metal (For Preservation Of Cadavers) Slides Of Slokas Of Sharer Sthan (Charak & Shusruta) Sphygmomanometer (Diamond) Stethoscope (Life Line) Trolley Table Cover Slip Disposable Syringe Disposable Mask And Caps Thermometer (Digital) L.E.D Projector With Computer Facility And White Screen, Speaker System And Microphone (With Wooden Stand) Biometric Attendance System Model K20 Lale Taile Tabul Writing Stand Inverter With Baitery (1500 Watt) Video Camera Aquagard (R.O.System) Sharp Photo State Toner (Model No S 618) H.P. Laser Jet P 1108 H.P.Laser Jet P 1008 H.P.Lasrt Jet 3050 Podium With Sound System U.P.S Antivirus (Total Security) Pendrive 16G.B, 32 G.B Mouse (Wireless) Dvd + R.W (Blank ) White Board With 4” X 4 “ Feet Scanjet G2410 Latest Model Notice Board 4” X 3” Feet. Duval View Compound Microscope With Camera Khalva Yantra Motorised “Asco” Automatic Motorized To & Fro Action Kharal Machine Complete With 1H.P Electric Motor (Compton Make ) 15 Stroke Per Minute Suitable For Gitting 2 No Kharals Suitable Kharals For Above Made Of Hard Granite Stone Size 16.5” X 10” X4.5 “ (Double Kharals) End Runner (Cast Iron) (Laboratory Type 10” Size Mortar Of 6’ Depth Running On Ball Bearing And Powered By ¼ H.P. Single Phase Electric Motor With Scraper ) Pounding Machine Include 2 Hammers Specifications Model No Asco Pm 2 Hammers Hammers Diameter 50 Mm Hammers Lengths 1200 Mm Cam Drife –V Belt Type Power Supply – 1H.P X 1440 R.P.M Flywheel With Pulley 425 Mm Hammer Weight – 18.4 Kg Mammer Strokes – 90 Strokes/Minute For Single Hammer Double Chamber Pulveriser Specifications – Chamber Size – 8” X 3” Dia X Widih – 200 Mm X 75 Mm Motor (Hp) 2 To 3 Motor (Hp) 2 To 3 Frinding Speed – 5000 (Rpm) Pyrometer [Temperature Indicator With Thermo Couple For Measurement Of Puta Dn Laluka Yantra 6 Mm Dia X 1000 Mm Length K Type 1200C ] Capsule Filling Machine [Suitable For Filling 100 Capsules At One Time. The Machine Is Mechanically Made Out Of Stainless Steel 304 Quality Outside Body Of The Machine Made From M.S Duly Chrome Plated. The Machine Is Suitable For Filling Only On Size Of The Capsule.The Unite Is Supplied With 2 Nos . Stuinless Steel Loading Plates Powder Spreader, Powder Dispenser Brush Etc. Supplied With One Change Part Of Any One Size Capsule Of 0 No, Jno And 2 No. Capsule As Required.] Tablet Making Machine Single Punch The Machine Is Driven By 1 H.P Motor And Is Provide With S.S. Hopper “Asco” Bhasma Furnace Automatic Temperature Controlled Box Type Furnace, Max Temp. Range 1100 C, Suitable For Ayurvedic Medicine Bhasm. Etc. Inner Chamber Size Muffl – Type – 9” X9” X10” 220 Volt Single Phase Duval View Compound Microscope With Camera Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus Lale Spray Dryer Semi Automatic Capsul Filling Machine Steel Tray 16 Gage 4” X 3” Feet. Projector Whit Board Projector Screen Loudspeaker With Cordless And Calor Mic Rotatory Microtome Camera Lucida Digital Camera U.V Chamber Viscometer T.L.C Unit Mortar Pastle Vernier Caliper Wheel Type Glass Marking Pencil Micrometer Screw Gauge Test Tube Stands Test Tubes Glass Beaker Ph Meter Hot Air Oven S.L.R Camera With Zoom Medicinal Plants Colour Photo Enamel Tray Compound Microscope Dissecting Microscope Colour Printer Colour Print Paper (Photography Paper ) Photostate Machine Sketch Pen Tft Model Ups Aural Syringe Jobson’S Aural Probe Eustachian Catheter Mastoid Gouge Mallet Nasal Foreign Body Hook Nasal Packing Forceps Nasal Snare Bayonet Shaped Gouge Walshman’S Forceps Laryngeal Forceps Tonsil Holding Forceps Tonsillar Suction Adenoid Curette With Cage Peritonsillar Abcess Draining Forceps Fuller’S Tracheostomy Tube Cheatel’S Forceps Mobile Sumsung Glaxion On 07 Battary Ep 26 12W, 12V, 26Am Steam Bath Chamber (Sitting) Nadi Sweyantra Dharapathy (Wooden) With Stand Sige 270 Cm X 75 Cm X 8 Cm Table/Stand For Dharapath Wit Step (Sige 40 X45x30cm) Bahaya Basti Yantra For Kati, Janu And Greeva All Three Size Short Mod.Lay Over Head Porjector Pen Drive Tube Light Electronic Chock C.F.L. Bulbs 14W White Ceramic Sheet (Magnetic Writing Board) White Non Magnetic Writing Board Display Board/Notice Board With Aluminium Framing Display Board/Notice Board With Acrylic Cover Having Locking Facilities Notice Board Lcd Projector Interactive Board For Smart Class).
BIHAR Refer Detail 07/09/2017
20 Tenders: 12531816 Supply Of Day Vision Binocular..
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 29/08/2017
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Binocular Tenders

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