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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13662880 Two Year Contract For Providing Expert Services For Belt Jointing By Hot & Cold Vulcanizing Process And Patching / Repairs By Cold Vulcanizing Process To The Nylon Conveyor Belt In Chp.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 24/01/2018
2 Tenders: 13622418 Making Of 20 Nos. Of Joints By Hot Vulcanizing Process For Cross Jointing In Steel Cord Belting In C 4 Conveyor Of Rls, Bocp For One Year. .
ORISSA 16,37,372.00 22/01/2018
3 Tenders: 13600098 Repairing Of Cold Vulcanizing Belt Joint 1200Mm .
MULTI STATE 1,44,000.00 13/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13531898 Annual Work Of Belt Jointing And Associated Work Of Chp, Btps, Obra .
UTTAR PRADESH 23,17,640.00 29/01/2018
5 Tenders: 13518408 Cold Rubber Lagging Of Conveyor Drums, Cold Vulcanizing Joints And Patch Works For Epfr Conveyor Belts At Chp, Srp For A Period Of Two Years.
TELANGANA Refer Detail 30/12/2017
6 Tenders: 13513927 Specification For Assisting For Cut & Removing The Existing Weak Joint Portion From The Belt & For Making New Cold Vulcanising Jointing Work In Conveyor 49&54 (Extended Tender) .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 03/01/2018
7 Tenders: 13485348 Old Damaged Belt Jointing Of 6 Inch Dia 300 Ps.Ocp Pipe Line For Pipe Jointing At Akwmc, Under Katras Area .
JHARKHAND 31,200.00 04/01/2018
8 Tenders: 13458772 Supply of Belt Jointing By Cold Vulcanizing Process Of Elecon Ir Feeder Breaker Main Belt Cleaning Belt Of Gondegaon Ocm Chp .
MAHARASHTRA 44,240.00 29/12/2017
9 Tenders: 13391176 Assisting For Cut & Removing The Ttps Ichp Existing Weak Joint Portion From The Belt & For Making New Cold Vulcanising Jointing Work In Conveyor 49&54 .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 20/12/2017
10 Tenders: 13368445 Cross Belt Jointing And Drum Lagging By Cold/Hot Joint In Chp And Rls Of Bharatpur Ocp For A Period Of One Year. .
ORISSA 16,48,207.00 23/12/2017
11 Tenders: 13336807 Cold Vulcanizing Joints Of Different Conveyor Belts Of Main Washing Plant Mcw Under Block Ii Area.
JHARKHAND 3,12,074.00 18/12/2017
12 Tenders: 13329955 Making Six No Of Cold Vulcanized Joint For Chp 068 Chp 112 At Ukni Opencast Mine Of Waninorth Area .
MAHARASHTRA 36,400.00 12/12/2017
13 Tenders: 13304900 Providing Cold Vulcanising Joints In Conveyore Belts .
TAMIL NADU 6,57,410.00 20/12/2017
14 Tenders: 13277964 Execution Of Conveyor Belt Jointing In Lpc 12 & Belt Replacement In Lpc 13 In Bagging Iii Plant .
ASSAM Refer Detail 13/12/2017
15 Tenders: 13217038 Annual Rate Contract For Cold And Hot Vulcanized Jointing Of Conveyor Belting, Pulley Lagging Of 900 Mm, 750Mm And 600 Mm Wide
ORISSA Refer Detail 29/11/2017
16 Tenders: 13056014 Work Of Belt Jointing, Laying, Removal And Its Associated Works In Chp Area Kstps, Kota .
RAJASTHAN 53,72,620.00 25/11/2017
17 Tenders: 12981592 Cold Vulcanizing Conveyor Belt Joints Of U 39 , 101 , 107 , 114 , And 118 At Mohuda Coal Washery (Main Building) .
JHARKHAND 94,590.00 03/11/2017
18 Tenders: 12922746 Cold Rubber Lagging Of Conveyor Drums With 12Mm Thick Non Fr Sheet And Rubber Belt Jointing By Cold Vulcanizing Process At Chp Of Rajnagar Ro Colliery Of Hasdeo Area. .
CHHATTISGARH 5,20,629.00 27/10/2017
19 Tenders: 12841704 Conveyor Belt Jointing, By Hot Vulcanisation Process For Conveyor Belt Of Process Plant, Ioc Rajhara. .
CHHATTISGARH Refer Detail 17/10/2017
20 Tenders: 12838545 Annual Maintenance Contract Of Steel Cord And Epfr Conveyor Belts Joints, Conveyor Drums Rubber Lagging, Cold Patch And Longitudinal Trough Cut Repair Works Of Conveyor Belts For A Period Of 2 Years. .
TELANGANA 1,00,00,000.00 24/10/2017
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Belt Jointing Tenders

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