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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13167605 Works Contract For Modification/Renovation, Fabrication Of Base Plate Of Ion Exchanger At Softening Plant At W.T. Plant 500 Mw, Btps, Deepnagar.
MAHARASHTRA 5,40,800.00 25/11/2017
2 Tenders: 13159614 Supply Of Set Of Base Plate For 3 Phase Locomotive Hand Rail Assembly As Per Ref. No.2 And3 Of S.C.Rly.Drg. No.C/Els/Lgd/B.F/3/37. Set Consists Of 02 Items. 1. Base Plateas Per Ref. No.2 Of S.C.Rly.Drg. No.C/Els/Lgd/B.F/3/37. 01 No. 2. Top Plate Asper Ref. No.3 Of S.C.Rly.Drg. No.C/Els/Lgd/B.F/3/37. 01 No .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 20/11/2017
3 Tenders: 13144909 For Repairing Of Ladder And Crowd Motor Base Plate Of Ekg Shovel Hmb 492 And 579 At Akwmocp, Katras Area, Bccl. .
JHARKHAND 33,827.00 28/11/2017
4 Tenders: 13140893 Supply of Base Plate To Drg.No.Isx 384 .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 28/12/2017
5 Tenders: 13139579 Medc Casting And Supplying Of 5746Nos Rcc Base Plate .
TAMIL NADU 10,60,000.00 28/11/2017
6 Tenders: 13128619 Supply Of Set Of Limiting Valves With Base Plates Consisting Of Two Items. A Limiting Valvewith Base Plate Ftil Part No.Ft0050100 103 B Limiting Valve With Base Plateftil Part No.Ft0050100 104 .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 21/11/2017
7 Tenders: 13122952 Supply Of Baseplate For Ipds Scheme.
TAMIL NADU 9,00,000.00 28/11/2017
8 Tenders: 13121860 Supply Of Base Plate For Seat Frame As Per Drg. No. Ac/ Emu 33 .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 16/11/2017
9 Tenders: 13114517 Supply Of Blower Motor Housing Assembly With Base Plate S.S Stainless Steel With Blower Motor Of Any Rdso Approved Make Andrunners A And B Left And Right Conf. To Rdso Spec. No. Pe/Spec/Ac/0061 2005 Rev 1 Suitable For Sidwal/Intec Makelhb Type Rmpu Of Ac Coaches. Make: Sidwal/Intec/Kbn. Note: Tenderers Are Required To Indicate Make And Modeloffered Failing Which Offers Are Liable To Be Ignored .
TELANGANA Refer Detail 16/11/2017
10 Tenders: 13110614 Supply And Fixing Of Steel Tubular Swaged Poles, Type 410 Sp 31 9.00 Meters Long Complete With Cast Iron Base Plate, Finial Taper Plug, Nuts, Bolts And Screws.
UTTAR PRADESH 2,34,069.00 21/11/2017
11 Tenders: 13108950 Supply Of 11.0 Mtr Long Steel Tubular Poles, 540 Sp 56 Along With Pole Cap And Base Plate
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Refer Detail 25/11/2017
12 Tenders: 13104452 Supply Of Base Plate For Lower Bearing Arrangement As Per Drg No. Mw M 5 35 .
ORISSA Refer Detail 21/11/2017
13 Tenders: 13101976 Supply Of Base Plate For Long Forging Machine.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 29/11/2017
14 Tenders: 13093603 Supply Of Base Plate For Side Bearer On Bogie Bolster .As Per Drawing : Is 2062 99 Fe410 W .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 13/11/2017
15 Tenders: 13089264 Manufacture & Supply Of Hsc Centrifugal Pump 05 Cusec Capacity, 27M Head With Suitable 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, Suitable Capacitor And Suitable Fully Automatic Oil Immersed Auto Transformer Starter, With Accessories Which Include M.S. Base Plate, Coupling, Coupling Guard, Foundation Bolts & Nuts, Foot Valves, Etc.
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 15/11/2017
16 Tenders: 13082474 Supply Of Base Plate Under Ddugjy Scheme .
TAMIL NADU 3,00,000.00 14/11/2017
17 Tenders: 13081319 Supply Of Q Series Neutral Track Relay Qt2 Type , 9 Ohm, 2F/2B, 24 V Dc Complete With Plug Board Base Plate , Connectors Andretaining Clips Etc And Conforming To Brs 938A And Rdso Specilno.Irs 34 And S 23 Or Lates .
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 10/11/2017
18 Tenders: 13079233 Supply Of Multistage Pump With Motor , Coupling And M.S. Fabricated Base Plate For Cylinder Head Hydraulic Testing, Rated Speed :1450Rpm, Discharge : Lm3/Hr Suction Discharge : 32Mm/32Mm, Total Head : 80 Mwc. Output / No. Of Pole : 3Hp / 4Pole. Supply : Ac /3 Ph/50 Hz/415 V. Material Of Construction Casing : Cast Iron To Is 210 Fg 200, Impeller : Htbbrass, Shaft : Stainless Steel To Aisi 410, Gland Sealing : Gland Packing. Make : Be / Compton / Kirloskar .
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 13/11/2017
19 Tenders: 13079224 Supply Of Base Plate For Iv Coupler To Item 1 Of Drg No: Icf/Sk3 7 5 021 Alt. Nil .
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 08/11/2017
20 Tenders: 13071557 Design, Mfg. And Supply Of Centrifugal Pumps Incl. Companion Flanges, Base Plates, Foundation Bolts, Name Plate, Motors, Coupling, Coupling Guard, Commissioning Spares And All Other Necessary Auxiliaries Including Shim Plate Cob No. 8, Bsl, Bokaro .
JHARKHAND Refer Detail 24/11/2017
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