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1 Tenders: 20163738 Supplying And Stacking Of 78000 Cum Of Machine Crushed Track Ballast 50 Mm Size From Recognized Quarry Conforming To Rdso's Specification For Track Ballast In Stack Measurement And Loading The Same Into Any Type Of Railway Wagon At Dheena Ballast Siding And Ancillary Work Of Development Of Dheena Ballast Siding Under Danapur Division. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 15/10/2019
2 Tenders: 20150831 Tbr From Km 1.90 To 10.80, 12.40 To 17.80 In Between Kir Kdpr Section With Deep Screening Of Ballast Under The Jurisdiction Of Den/Ii/Kir. (Total = 14.30 Km.) Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 11/10/2019
3 Tenders: 20150092 Supply Of 1X28 T5 Ballast With Isi Mark For Svnit.
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Due Date : 25/09/2019
4 Tenders: 20149626 Rajula Mahuva Through Ballast Renewal 31.299 Kilometre. Bidding Type Normal Tender .
Due Date : 15/10/2019
5 Tenders: 20117491 Procurement Of Ballast For Repair And Maintenance Of Bfl System In Aor Of 192 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Cbr
Due Date : 25/09/2019
6 Tenders: 20111576 Annual Repair And Maintenance Operation Of Civil Works For The Year 2019 20. Sh Supply Of Psc Sleepers And Stone Ballast For Up Gradation Of Railway Tract At Fsd, Avadi..
Due Date : 24/09/2019
7 Tenders: 20111253 Supply Of Rake Ballast .
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Due Date : 16/09/2019
8 Tenders: 20096643 Deep Screening Of Track Ballast Including Opening Of Ballast Digging Below And Between Sleepers To A Maximum Depth Of 30Cm From The Center Of Track To Cess Width For 4.80M Screening Of Same By 20Mm Square Wire Mesh Haunch Cleaning And Throwing Away All Muck Arising Out Of Screening And Haunch Cleaning Beyond Cess Of Bank Slop Of Cutting Catch Water Drain And Water Away Of Bridge And Putting Back The Screened Basket Bulk Into Track (Including All Lead And Lift) Including 100Mm Lifting Of Track, Wherever Required To Bring The Track To Designed Level. And Grade With One Katcha Packing And Two Round Of Through Packing For Permitting Speed Of 45Kmph. The Item Also Includes Dressing And Boxing Of Ballast To Proper Profile As Per Availability Of Ballast And Direction Of Pwi At Site " Cutting Rails 60Kg/52Kg./90R Rail In Running Lines/Cess By Hacksaw Blade (Hacksaw Blade Will Be Supplied By The Contractor At His Own Cost.) Drilling Holes In 90R/52Kg/60Kg Rail Section For Fish Bolt As Per Specification And Procedure Laid In Irpwm With Contractor's Own Labour, Tool And Plant. Supply Of Petrol At Site Of Work @ 1.6 Ltrs. For Welding Of 52 Kg/ 90R Rail Joints And 1.8 Ltrs. For Welding Of 60 Kg. Rail Joints Including Supply Of Necessary Skilled And Unskilled Labourers For Welding Of 52Kg/60Kg/90R Rail Joints In Situ By Skv Process Including All Operations In Line Providing Gap At Joints Levelling , Digging Of Rail By Jim Crowing Where Necessary, Fixing Of Wooden Block To Support The Rail Ends By Shifting 2/3 Sleeper On Either End Of Joints To Facilitate Providing Of Wooden Block Below Rail, Cutting Chipping Of Excess Welded Materials For Welded Joints And Filling The Joints To Standard Profile And Bituminous Painting As Per Direction Of Engineer At Site. (A)10 Rail/20 Rail To Lwr/Cwr Trollying Rails/ Switches/ X Ing By Dip Lorry / Rail Dolly Or Any Other Means Up To A Distance Of 1Km. Including X Ing Of Track With All Lead, Lift, Crossing Of Multiple Lines And Stacking Them As Per Direction Of Site In Charge With Contractor's Dip Lorry /Rail Dolly Etc.
Due Date : 03/10/2019
9 Tenders: 20085433 Mastwani Talab 2 Dagbelling 15 Cm Deep. 3 Dewatering Work Before Digging By 10 Hp Diesel Pump Set With Operator And P.O.I. 4 Site Clearance(Cutting Of Behya/Sarpat Bondi/Elephant Grass And Other Weeds. 5 Supply And Fixing Of Marbal Stone Gignboard (3'X3') In Complete. 6 E/Work Excavation By Heavy Machine Like Porclain/Jcb Etc. Including Shifting By Tractor Trolley Of Earth At Embankment Of Pond. 7 E/Work Excavation By Heavy Manual Labour 8 Dressing Of Earth Work In Bund . 9 Earth Work In Excavation Foundation Of Ramp. Inlet And Outlet In Ordinary Soil/Sandy Loam. Clay Or Sand Lift Upto 1.50 M And Lead Upto 30.00 And Including Filling Watering Ramming Of Excavated Soil Into The Trenches Of Upto The Space And Side On The Foundation Trenches Or Into The Plinth And Remobal And Disposal Of Surplus Soil As Directed By 10 C.C In 1:3:6 Cement Coarse Sand Stone Ballast (20 40Mm) Including Cost Of Material At Site Labour Tandp And Mixing With Mixture Machine Etc Required For Proper Completion Of Work Making Ramp, Inlet And Outlet. 11 First Clase Brick Masonary Work 1:4 Cement And Coarse Sand Mortar Making Ramp Inlet And Outlet. 12 Plastering 1:3 Cement Coarse Sand Mortar Over Brick Masonary Making Inlet. Outlet And Ramp. 13 C.C In 1:2:4 14 Dry Brick On Edge Pitching 15 Supply And Fixing Of Hume Pipe(900Mm)
Due Date : 20/09/2019
10 Tenders: 20084715 Supply Of Ballast Assly Kit For Under Frame Over Spring Pocket Cat No. Q/9/0003 Drg. No. 29170163 Alt A .
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Due Date : 09/10/2019
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