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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 12488820 Supply Of Laddi Bread (Pav) And Slice Bread For Mdl Canteen.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 07/09/2017
2 Tenders: 12398684 Supply Of Bakery Items,Barber,Bedding Items”: Coir Mattress (6’×3’X3” Coir +1” Fiber Foam ,Gadda Cover Cloth Per Meter,Pillow 1 Kg Cotton. ,Mosquito Net Size (6”×3”×3”) Size ,A) Cotton ,B) Nylon ,Blanket Single Lal Imli Full Size Good Quality ,Blanket Raymond Full Size Good Quality ,Bed Sheet 145 × 224 Cm ,Pillow Cover 46× 69 Cm ,Blanket Cover ,Towel 69 × 135 Cm ,Gadda Repairing ( Per Pc.) ,Cotton Best Quality Per Kg. ,Quilt (Rajai) With 03 Kg. Cotton ,.Computer Peripherials & Amc ,Electrical Items,Furniture Items: Chair,Steel Almirah,File Cabinet,Dueldesk,Laboratory Items: Transformer Kti ,Field Lines And Equipotential Lines ,Laser Ray Kit ,Wave Demonstration Kit ,Forced Oscillation And Resonance ,Optical Bench Wooden And Accessories ,Mechanics Kit,White Metal Object Screen ,Demonstration Motor ,Power Supply (15 Volt) ,Magnetic Kit ,Led Array Kit ,Solar Cell Characterstics,Spirit Level ,Optical Prism ,Travelling Microscope ,Digital Vernier Callipers ,Fortins Barometer,Beam Balance ,Small Steel Balls Set ,Boyels Law Apparatus ,Photo Electric Effect Apparatus,Water Distillation Unit, Borosil 2.5 Ltr,Maintenance & Repair Items”: Oil Paint Different Colour (Berger),Tarpin Oil (Per Ltr),Aluminium Paint (Berger)Exterier Emulsion Weather Coat Different Colour (Berger), ,Kuchi ,D.D.L,Cement (Birla/ Jk) ,Distemper (Berger) Different Colour (Interior) ,Fevicol ,Neel,Asbestus Sheet (6×4) In Cement ,G.I. Sheet Iron (8×4) Tata Brand ,Sand (Balu/Reti) ,Brick (Best Quality) ,Wall Care Putty (Birla),Putty (For Glass Fixing) ,Glass For Window,Window Pin ,Odisha Pan (Toilet Sheet) ,Cement Jali ,Khurpi (Putting Patti) ,Ambri Paper (Retmal Paper) ,Welding Rods 18” ,Tiles For Floring Different Colour Kajaria Brand,Tiles For Wall Different Colour Kajaria Brand ,Dr. Fixit Repairing Material Of Roof ,Aldrop Steel ,Football For Water Overflow And Sports Items: ,Football (Synthetic) Victor X,A) Super ,B) Duranto ,Volley Ball (Synthetic) Cosco (Acclain) ,Hand Ball (Synthetic),Nivia ,T.T. Ball (40Mm) Staga Cup ,Basket Ball (Synthetic) ,Cosco Tournament,Hockey Stick Malik Fibre Glass ,,Hockey Ball (Turf), Stationey,Utencil Items, Uniform, Blazer, Pillow Cover, Curtain.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 16/08/2017
3 Tenders: 12372458 Supply Of Fresh Food Items, Vegetables, Fruits, Other Various Items Silver Foil, Cling Film, Tooth Pick, Disposable Plate, Done, Glass, Paper Napkin, Ajinomoto, Backing Soda, Backing Powder, Magaj, Egg, Soya Chucks, Kaju, Kismish, Badam, Pista, Ilaichi, Dalchini, Tejpatta, Long, Sauf, Ajwain, Rai, Methi Dana, Sabut Red Chilly, Dhaniya Sabut, Burger Bun, Bread, Suji Tost, Milk, Curd, Paneer, Butter, Amul Creame, Milkmade Nestle, Souce, White Vinegar, Hing, Pickle, Jam, Juice, Cold Drink, Catch Sprinklers( Chaat Masala) Catch Sprinklers( Black Pepper) Catch Sprinklers( Black Salt) Catch Sprinklers( Sendha Namak) Catch Sprinklers( Dahi Masala) Catch Sprinklers( Table Salt) , Lijjat Papad, Savour/Ruchi/ Bombino, Brown Paulson/ Weikfield , Courn Flour, Ghee, Nescafe Coffee, Kasuri Maithi, Soup, Maggi, Biscuit, Markin Cloth, Kitchen Duster, Kitchen Cloth, Kevda Accense, Namkeen Etc).
HIMACHAL PRADESH Refer Detail 01/08/2017
4 Tenders: 12357345 Supply Of Grocery,Daily Use, Cosmetics, Bakery, Milk, Etc.
ORISSA Refer Detail 08/08/2017
5 Tenders: 12357325 Supply Of Items Like Grocery,Daily Consumable Items,Vegetables And Fruits,Non Veg,Books, Sweet, Bakery, Dress Materials Furniture And Kichen Equipment.
ORISSA Refer Detail 19/08/2017
6 Tenders: 12315627 Supply Of Bakery Items.
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 20/07/2017
7 Tenders: 12289056 Supply Of Grocery, Vesitables, Daily Use Cosmetic, Sanitary, Bakery, Milks And Sports Materials, Vocational Raw Materials.
ORISSA Refer Detail 28/07/2017
8 Tenders: 12280378 Supply Of Bakery Items To Vidyalaya,Chirlakoppa, Badami Tq, Dist. .
KARNATAKA Refer Detail 24/07/2017
9 Tenders: 12268008 Supply Of Bakery Items, Computer Annual Maintenance Contract And Toner Refilling, Dhobikam (Laundry Work), Uniform Stitching, Science Lab Equipment, Computer Hardware And Software Items, Color Materials, P.C.O, Photocopy Work, Eggs, Bookcase Steel Furniture.
GUJARAT Refer Detail 22/07/2017
10 Tenders: 12266861 Supply Of Grocery Items, Bakery Items, Utensils, Office & Students Stationery Including Computer Stationery , Daily Use Materials, Medicine, Electrical Items, Plumbing Items, Building Maintenance & Repair Items, Laboratory Equipments, Sports Equipments, Cctv Camera, Hiring Of Vehicle On Contract, Stitching Of Students Uniform, Contract Service For Washing Of Bedding Materials Of Students To Jnv, Goshala, Dist: Sambalpur.
ORISSA Refer Detail 17/07/2017
11 Tenders: 12263692 Supply Of Grocery , Night Dress, Sports Dress, Bedding Item, Cosmetic & Toilet Item, Stationery , Non Veg & Bakery Items , Electrical Items.
ORISSA Refer Detail 22/07/2017
12 Tenders: 12258861 Supply Of Bakery Items At Hotel Patliputra Ashok Patna .
BIHAR 6,26,950.00 01/08/2017
13 Tenders: 12256784 Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Bakery Items At Hotel Patliputra Ashok Patna .
BIHAR 6,26,950.00 01/08/2017
14 Tenders: 12256135 Supply of Bakery Items.
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 18/07/2017
15 Tenders: 12251811 Supply of Bakery Items .
UTTARANCHAL Refer Detail 18/07/2017
16 Tenders: 12211391 Supply Of Bakery & Sweets Items, A 4 Size Books, Royal Zize Books Binding , Channel Gate, Electrical Items, Furniture Items, Hair Cutting , Jcb Working , Science & Maths Laboratory Kit: Maths Senior Kit, Drawing Instrument Box, Geometrical Instrument Box, Pentominoes , Trick Stick Set, Sand ,Building Material , Sports Items: Badminton Racket, Cricket Pad, High Jump Cross Bar, Volley Ball, Stationery Items, Computer Stationery , Uniform Items: Shoes, Coat, Chappal, Water Tanker, Welding Works And Maintenance & Repair Item: Alum, Aluminium Handle , Black Sand, Brick, Fevicol , Brush, M Seal, Nail, Lime Powder.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 11/07/2017
17 Tenders: 12174172 Supply Of Burger Buns Weighing Between 25 Gms To 40 Gms Each .
MAHARASHTRA 4,93,735.00 25/07/2017
18 Tenders: 12162864 Supply Of 1 Kirana /Grocery 2 Vegetables 3 Fruits 4 Toilet Items 5 Students & Office Stationery 6 Uniform Stitching 7 Sports Items 8 Milk & Milk Products ( Pkt) 09 Lab Equipments 10 Paints And M & R Materials 11 Furniture 12 Bakery Items 13 Electrical Items 14 Shoe Chapels & Socks 15 M&R Works Labor Charges (Coloring Works).
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 27/06/2017
19 Tenders: 12162846 Supply Of Bakri Items(Samosa, Kachori, Dalwada, Ice Cream, ) Bedding Items (Gadda Complete Size, Quilt Cover, Blanket Full Size, Blanket Cover Complete Size, Pillow 1 Kg White Cotton, Pillow Cover, Bedsheet, Durry, Mosquitonet) Grocery Items, Hair Cutting Compression Menu, Lab Equipment, All Type Of Medicines, Toilet Items, Uniform Stitching, Vegetable, Water Through Tanker.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 23/06/2017
20 Tenders: 12143473 Supply Of Bakery Items, Uniform Materials, Sports Items, Furniture Items, Electrical And Plumbing Materials/Fan And Motor Rewinding, Annual Maintenance Contract Of Air Conditioner, Water Cooler And Aqua Guard, Math And Junior Science Lab Materials, Student/Office/Computer Stationery Items, Jcb Work, Refilling Of Fire Extinguisher, Building Repair Materials, Office Furniture Making Materials Plywood, Sunmica, Fevicoal, Kil Etc Materials Wages, Annual Maintenance Of Computer, Iron Chanel Gate, Four Wheeler Vehicle On Contract Basis, Hair Cutting, Repair Of Mattresses, Water Tanker, Grass Cutting, Furniture Repairing, Welding Work, Book Binding, Whitewashing Work (Lime And Oil), Sale Of Bardana, Empty Tin Scrap, Black Soil/Murram/Sand Trolley.
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 11/07/2017
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