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1 Tenders: 24297617 Asbestos Mill Board Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 11/02/2021
2 Tenders: 24248354 Asbestos Mill Board. Miscellaneous Goods.
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Due Date : 27/01/2021
3 Tenders: 24160827 Asbestos Mill Board Sheet.
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Due Date : 09/01/2021
4 Tenders: 23483655 Supply Of Consumables Consumables. 1.01 1.5 Ml Glass Vials With Cap Having Septum 1.02 Absorbent Cotton (Roll) 1.03 Aerator (Nos.) 1.04 Air Bellow (10Ml) 1.05 Air Bellow (10Ml 50Ml) 1.06 Aluminium Foil Autoclavable (9M) Nos. 1.07 Aluminium Foil (Rolls) 1.08 Autoclavable L Rod (Nos) 1.09 Apron 1.10 Asbestos Board 120Mm Dia With A Hole About 65Mm Dia 6Mm Thickness For Pv 1.11 Basin Evaporator Porcelain 150Ml 1.12 Bottle Brush (Nos.) 1.13 Bottle Opener 1.14 Brass Mesh With Lid And Collecting Pan Of Size 4.0Mm, 3.35Mm, 1.70Mm, 1.19Mm, 1.0Mm, 2Mm, 0.85Mm, 0.71Mm, 0.6Mm 0.210M 1.15 Burner With All Brass Spring Loaded Lock Type Heavy Stop Cock (Nos.) 1.16 Bolting Silk Cloth With An Aperture 0.16Mm (Meter) 1.17 C 18 Column For Hplc 4.6 X250mm With 5 Micrometer Pores 1.18 Capillary Tube (Box) 1.19 Cellulose Nitrate Membrane, Autoclavable, Pore Size 0.45 Micron (Nos.) 1.20 Centrifuge Or Filter Assemblies With Glass Filter Or Membrane Filter With Functional Pore Size Of Appr.0.45 Micrometer (Unit) 1.21 Centrifuge Tubles 50Ml (Polypropylene) (Nos.) 1.22 Centrifuge Tubes 15Ml (Polypropylene) (Nos.) 1.23 China Dish (10Ml) Nos. 1.24 China Dish (100Ml) Nos. 1.25 China Dish (50Ml) 1.26 China Dish (150Ml) Nos. 1.27 China Dish (Porceleine) (125Ml) Nos. 1.28 China Markeing Pencil (Crucible Marking) 1.29 Clay Pipe Triangle 1.30 Crucible (Silica) 150Ml 1.31 Cruicible Quartz (50Ml) 1.32 Crucible Silica With Lid 50Ml 1.33 Crucible Gooch With Disc 50Ml 1.34 Crucible Porcelain (Temperature With Standing Upto 800 Degree C)125Ml 1.35 Crucible Porcelain 50Ml (Low Form Porcelain Cruicible With Lid) Mouth Size 59Mm, Bottom Width 30Mm, Height 37Mm, With Stand Temperature Upto 1050C 1.36 Crucible Porcelain 150Ml (Low Form Porcelain Cruicible With Lid) Mouth Size 59Mm, Bottom Width 30Mm, Height 37Mm, With Stand Temperature Upto 1050C 1.37 Crucible Tongs Big (Length 50Cm) 1.38 Crucible Tongs Medium (Length 30Cm) 1.39 Beaker Tongs Small (Length 30Cm) 1.40 Beaker Tongs Large (Length 50Cm) 1.41 Crude Fiber Bag (Nylon) Fibretherm Bags Of Crude Fibre 1.42 Dettol (500Ml) 1.43 Disposable Syringe Nylon (0.45 Micrometer 25Mm Dia 1.44 Disposable Syringe Nylon (0.45 Micron, 47 Mm Dia (1 Packet) 1.45 Disposable Syringe Nylon 0.22U Non Sterile Nyon (Nos.) 1.46 Disposable Syringe Without Needle 5Ml (Nos) 1.47 Disposable Syringe Without Needle (10Ml) 1.48 Dropper (125Ml) 1.49 Droping Bottle (Plastic) 100Ml 1.50 Extension Box ( Having 4 No. Of 5 A Plug Point With 20 Meter Wire Length 1.51 Extention Box (Having 4 Nos. Of 16A Plug Point With 10 Meter Wire Length 1.52 Extension Box (Having 4 Nos Of 15 A Plug Point With 5 Meter Wire Length 1.53 Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Wax Column (100 Meters Or Better Which Can Resolve All The 37 Components In Fame Mix 1.54 Enameled Tray Flat Type 30Cm Diameter With Raised Ring 1.55 Filter Paper (Glass Micro Fiber) (110Mm Dia, 100 Micron) 1.56 Filter Paper Whatman No.1 (150Mm) (Box) 1.57 Filter Paper Whatman No.1 (110Mm) Box 1.58 Filter Paper Whatman No.4 (90Mm) Box 1.59 Filter Paper Whatman No.40 (Box) 1.60 Filter Paper Whatman No.42 (Box) 1.61 Filter Paper Fluted (240Mm Dia) (Nos) 1.62 Fine Linen (About 18 Threads Per Cm) (Meter) 1.63 First Aid Kit 1.64 Gas Tube (Meter) 1.65 Gerber Test Tube Brush (Nos) 1.66 Germitol (1Ltr) 1.67 Germitol(500Ml) 1.68 Glass Beads (500G) 1.69 Glass Rod 4 5 Mm Diameter (Nos.) 1.70 Gc Vials (2Ml Screw Cap Vials (Septa) (Nos). 1.71 Gloves Purple Nitrile Large (9.5 Inch Size, 5.9Mm Thickness, Exceeds The Astm 2.5 Standard Boxes 1.72 Gloves Surgical (Pkt) 1.73 Gloves Surgical (Box) 1.74 Gloves Neoprene (Pairs) 1.75 Guard Column For Hplc (4.6 X 12.5Mm X 5 Micron) Nos. 1.76 Goggle (Nos.) 1.77 Heating Coil Water Bath (2000W) 1.78 Hispark (Ltr) 1.79 Hi Dispobags, Transparent Autoclavable (Nos). 1.80 Hand Wash (200Ml) 1.81 Hicare Triclosan Gel 100Ml 1.82 Hplc Auto Sampler Vials (2Ml Screw Cap Vials) Nos. 1.83 Gc Ms Ms Auto Sampler Vials (2Ml Screw Cap Vials ) Nos. 1.84 Hplc Solvant Bottle With Cap (1000Ml) 1.85 Hplc Amino Column (4.6 X 250 Mm) Bonded Phase Amino Propyl Group (Particle Size 5?m, Pore Size 10Nm, Ph Range 2 7.5) Nos. 1.86 Nh2 Amino Column With Guard Column (Inner Diameter X Length = 4.6X150mm, Particle Size= 5 Micrometer (Nos.) 1.87 Immune Affinity Column For Aflatoxin For Extraction Of B1, B2, G2, G1 ( Must Have A Expiry Of 1.5 Years Or Better From Time Or Receipt And Is Procured From A Reputed Manufacture) Nos. 1.88 Immune Affinity Column For Aflatoxin (For Extraction Of M1 In Milk) Must Have A Expiry Of 1.5 Years Or Better From Time Of Receipt And Is Procured From A Reputed Manufacture (Nos) 1.89 Lab Towel Big Nos. 1.90 Lc Vials 2Ml Screw Cap Vials (Septa) (Nos.) 1.91 Laboratory Trolley Number Of Shelf 3, Stainless Steel Body, Four Wheel, Load Up To 200Kg 1.92 Linen Synthetic Cloth (Meter) 1.93 Litmus Paper Blue (Boxes) 1.94 Lock Stopper (Nos.) 1.95 Mask Surgical (Nos.) 1.96 Magnet 1.97 Magnifying Glass With Handle Of About 7.5Cm And Magnification Of 10 1.98 Mask N95 (06072001) (Nos.) 1.99 Mask N 5400 Respiratory Chemical Mask (Light Weight) Nos. 2.00 Micropipette Tips Art 1000 Reach No Filtered Tip ) Nos. 2.01 Membrane Filter Solvent (0.22Micron) (Box) 2.02 Membrane Filter Slovent 0.45 Micron 2.03 Membrane Filter Sterile White Gridded (47Mm Dia, 0.45?m Pore Size (100 Nos/ Packet) 2.04 Micro Pipette Tips (10Ml) 2.05 Micro Pipette Tips (10Ml (Compatible With Thermofisher Pipette) 2.06 Microcentrifuge Tubes (1.5Ml) 2.07 Micricentrifuge Tubes (2.5Ml) 2.08 Micro Pipette Tip (10 100?l) 2.09 Micro Pipetter Tip (1 10?l) 2.10 Micro Pipette Tip(10 200?l) 2.11 Micropipette Tip Box (1 10Ml) 2.12 Micropipetter Tip Box (10 200?l) 2.13 Micropipette Tip 2?l 2.14 Micropipette Tip 10?l 2.15 Micropipette Tips 100?l 1000?l Long Type (Compatible With Thermofisher Pipette) 2.16 Micropipette ( 2 20?l) 2.17 Micropipette(10 100?l) 2.18 Micropipette(100 1000?l) 2.19 Micropipette(500 5000?l) 2.20 Micropipette(1000 10000?l) 2.21 Micropipette (20 200?l) 2.22 Micropipette (1 10Ml) 2.23 Micropipette(10Ml) 2.24 Micropipette (1Ml) 2.25 Micropipette(1 5Ml) 2.26 Micropipette Tip Box (10 200?l) 2.27 Micropipette Tip Box (1Ml) 2.28 Micropipette Tip Box (1 10Ml) 2.29 Micropipette Tip Box (10Ml) 2.30 Mortar And Pestle (Porcelain)Big 2.31 Mortar And Pestle (Porcelain)Small 2.32 Th.Siltek Baffle Liner 2.33 Triple Helium Filter 2.34 Natural Wool For Colour Estimation (Rolls) 2.35 Ohp Marker (Fine Tip) (Blue Or Black) Nos. 2.36 Permanent Marker (Blue, Red, Black Each) 2.37 Pipette Stand Vertical Tpe (Plastic) 2.38 Pipette Stand Horizondal 2.39 Pipette Aid 2.40 Pipette Bulb (Bellow) 100Ml 2.41 Pipette Controller (Should Suitable For Attaches To 1 50Ml Pipettes, Single Pump Of The Pipette Controller Can Handle 50Ml) 2.42 Plastic Containers For Keeping Samples (1Kg Capacity 2.43 Ria Vials With Cap (5Ml) (100Nos/Pack) 2.44 Scissors 12" 2.45 Scissors Stainless Steel 8" 2.46 Sealing Machine Small 2.47 Small Scoop 2.48 Self Adhesive Tape 11/2" (Cello Tape) Rolls 2.49 Sieve 4.0Mm 2.50 Sieve 3.35Mm 2.51 Sieve 1.1Mm 2.52 Sieve 1.0Mm 2.53 Silicone Tubing For Distillation Unit Outer Dia 10Mm, Inner Dia 9Mm (Meter) 2.54 Soap Solution For Cleaning Glass Wires 2.55 Spatula 6 Inch 2.56 Spatula Big 12 Inch 2.57 Stainless Steel Tea Spoon 2.58 Stainless Steel Forceps With Polypropylene Finger Grip, Flat And Smooth Surface Medium 2.59 Stainless Steel Draining Basket, Mesh Type For Drying Test Tubes (18X50) 2.60 Stand Nessler Tube Plastic 100Ml 2.61 Stand Nessler Tube Plastic 50Ml 2.62 Stand For Drying Conical Flask (Board With Spokes) 2.63 Stock Solution Storage Vials 15Ml (Amber Coloured) 2.64 Stock Solution Storage Vials 25Ml (Amber Coloured ) 2.65 Test Tube Stand Metal 12 Holes 2.66 Tubes Holder 2.67 Test Tube Stand Polythene 6 Holes 2.68 Tissue Paper 2 Ply Super Delux (In Rolls) 2.69 Thimble (Packets) 2.70 Tlc Aluminium Sheet (In Boxes) 2.71 Triclogel (Hand Disinfectent Gel)500Ml 2.72 12 Position Pump Stand Positive Pressure 6 Pumps With 10Ml Glass Syringe (Nos.) 2.73 Vial Insert 300?l 2.74 Wash Bottle (Plastic) 1000Ml 2.75 Wire Gauze 2.76 Zip Lock Cover 10" X 8" 2.77 Zip Lock Cover 6" X 8" 2.78 Aluminium Dish With Lid (50 75Mm Diameter, 20 25Mm Depth With Tight Fitting Slip Cover) 2.79 Aluminium Dish With Lid (7 8Cm Diameter, 2.5Cm Depth With Tight Fitting Slip Cover) 2.80 Aluminium Dish With Lid (5 7 Cm Diameter 2.5Cm Depth With Tight Fitting Slip Cover 2.81 Clamp For Burette Plastic 2.82 Gooch Cruicible With Disc 2.83 Porceline Dish (10Cm Depth And 20Cm Width) 2.84 Polypropelene Standard Flask With Stoper (50Ml) 2.85 Volumetric Flask Class A (Poly Propylene 100Ml) 2.86 Volumetric Flask Class A (Poly Propylene 250Ml)
Due Date : 28/10/2020
5 Tenders: 23427372 Asbestos Mill Board.
Refer Detail
Due Date : 15/10/2020
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Asbestos Board Tenders

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