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1 Tenders: 18164819 1)Araldite/Epoxy Resin As Per Specification 0477.591 Annexure A Or Equivalent Preferbly In 25 Kg Packing Qty: 50 Kg 2)Hardner As Per Specification 0477.591 Annexure A. Or Equivalent Preferbly In 20 Kg Packing Qty: 40 Kg .
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Due Date : 23/02/2019
2 Tenders: 18155591 Supply Of Araldite Aw106 .
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Due Date : 19/02/2019
3 Tenders: 18123798 Supply Of 1.01 "Standard Adhesive Resin 5 Kg + Hardner 4 Kg Net 9 Kg, Make : Araldite/Lapox" 1.02 Crp Oil (Mak Rustrol 152) Make : Bharat Petrolium/Hp .
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Due Date : 25/02/2019
4 Tenders: 18056679 Supply Of Araidite Hardner In Two Tubes In 36 Grams .
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Due Date : 26/02/2019
5 Tenders: 18008059 Supply Of 1. Cement Epoxy 2. Pvc Pipe 50Mm, Make : Shudakar 3. Mobile Gear Oil 600 Xp 220 4. Transformer Oil Electra, Make: Indian Oil Servo, As Per Is 335 1993 5. Epoxy Hardener Araldite6. Tap Position Indicator, Make : Emco, Model : Ee 601 7. Schneider Make : Contactor Lcd18, 48V, Dc 8. Carbon Brush Ans 300 Make : Jacobi 9. Rotary Switch Salzer Make, 63A, 3 Phase. 10. Smps I/P 230V, O/P 24V Dc, 2 Amps 11. Thermal Overload Relay Make : Tc, 16 24A 12. Glass Fuse 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, And 10A 13. Abb Make Contactor, A30 30 10, 415V, 50/60Hz,110V Dc, 1Sbl 281001R 8610 14. Lv Hrc Fuse 32A Type 3Na 15. Telescopic Earth Rods For 66Kv With Set Of 3 Rods With Wire And Grounding Clamps 16. 66 Kv Hand Gloves With Isi Rating 17. Ups For Computer, Model : 650Ex,Numeric Make.
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Due Date : 09/02/2019
6 Tenders: 18000893 Supply Of M Seal And Araldite Adhesive. .
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Due Date : 26/02/2019
7 Tenders: 17915667 Supply Of Standard Epoxy Adhesive In 180 Grams Pack. Containing Of Resin 100 Grams And Hardner 80 Grams. Make : Araldite Or Equivalent Only With Shelf Life Of 24 Months At The Time Of Supply.(Uploading Of Product Specification By Bidders Is Mandatory) .
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Due Date : 11/02/2019
8 Tenders: 17868774 Supply Of Araldite Epaxy Resin 257 , Make: Huntsman Or Similar .
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Due Date : 29/01/2019
9 Tenders: 17826268 Supply Of 18 To 20 Mm Thick Jet Approved Color Granite Slab With Araldite Or Any Other Equivalent Adhesive For Fixing It. (Make: Kajaraia, Somany Or Asian) .
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Due Date : 31/01/2019
10 Tenders: 17797811 1 All Four Door Winder And Lock Assy. Removing All Four Door Latch Assy. All Four Door Winder Assy. 4Pc Glass Patti Araldite W.D.40 Channel Spray Grease Pouch 4 Door Glass Channel, Garness Patti Set All Fitting And Checkup All Four Door Setting Oiling Greasing. 2 A/C Leak Checkup. All Pipes Tightening A/C Press Switch New Fitting And Complete Gas Charging A/C Main Wiring Repairing And Taping 3 Main Wring Harness Removing Damage Wires Cutting New Wires Fitting Taping Fitting 10Pc Fuse Cam Sensor W/Socket And Wiring Loom New Fitting And Checkup Battery Cable Main And Earthing New Fitting 4 Frt. Both Side Mudguard Gola Removing Both Side Side Indicator Light W/Wiring Loom And Bulb New Fitting And Checkup And Wiring Taping 16Nos. Gola Press Button New Fitting. Mh04 An274 (Hydraulic) (Tata 407) 1 Main Brake Pipe Frt. Tee To Rear Rear Both Side Lh And Rh Brake Pipe Frt. Both Side Brake Hose 2Bnd Waste W.D.40 3 Way Brake Tee, Brake Oil, Container 4Pc 8 X 20 Nut Bolt. Brake Booster Hose From Booster To Vacuum Pump Booster Valve All Fitting And Checkup All Four Wheel Brake Setting Clutch Setting. 2 Starter Assy. Removing Opening O/H. 3Pc Brush Waste. Fork Solenoid Switch Field Coil Set Field Coil Bolt Kit Armature Drive Bendex, Lock Armature Lock Centre Plate All Fitting And O/H Mh04 An3631 (Hydraulic)(Tata 1109) 1 Complete Light Checkup And Wiring Repairing 2Pc Side Corner Light 2Pc Corner Light Holder, 2Pc Side Indicator 10Pc 1141 Bulb 10Pc 67 Bulb 6Pc 53 Bulb, 1Pc Solution Tape, 1Pc Insolution Tape 2Pc T.L. Assy. 2Pc Piyano Switch 24Pc Fuse Fuse Box Flasher, S.L. Switch, R.L. Switch, T.L. Wiring Loom Set Acc Relay, W/Socket And Wiring 2Pc H.L. Halogen Bulb, 2Pc H.L. Holder All Fitting Dash Board Assy. Removing Damage Wires Removing New Loom Fitting And Checkup.2 Rear View Mirror W/Bracket Both Side T.L.8Pc Fitting Nut Bolt Fitting And Checkup. Engine Oil Filter Waste Oil. Relief Valve Old Removing New Fitting Engine Oil Change Tappet Cover Assy. Removing Tappet Cover Pack Rtv Silicon 4Pc Bolt Gas Pipe 2Pc Steel Clip Fitting And Tappet Setting Frt. Both Side Engine Mtg. Old Removing Both Side Engine Mtg. 2Pc Bolt 2Pc Kan 2 Theshi All Fitting And Checkup. Mh04 An273 (Hydraulic) (Tata 407) 1 Alternator Assy. Old Removing New Alternator Assy. Alternator Fitting Bolt Bracket Setting Bolt Kit. Wiring Loom Set Fan Belt All Fitting And Checkup Fuse Box Assy. 24Pc Fuse Main Wiring Harness. Solution Tape Insolution Tape Multi Function Modular All Fitting Checkup Battery Cable Main And Earthing 2Pc Terminal Fitting And Checkup Main Wiring Harness New Fitting.
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Due Date : 22/01/2019
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