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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13666028 Supply Of Aluminium Sheet Size 2.5X 1220X2440mm To I.S: 737/2008 Designation52000 H X 6 .
ANDHRA PRADESH Refer Detail 08/02/2018
2 Tenders: 13656824 Partition Wall And Providing Aluminium Sheet In Ups Room.
HARYANA Refer Detail 18/01/2018
3 Tenders: 13650283 Auction Sale Of Cond.Aluminium Sheet,Beeding Cut Pieces, Cond.Iron Scrap, Broken Seat Frame, Pipe Cut Pieces, Cond.Rubber Scrap, Cond.Empty Paint Tin (4,20 Ltrs), Cond.Wooden Scrap, Cond.12V Battery 21 Plates, Cond.12V.Battery Ltv, Cond.Empty Grease Barrels With Lid, Cond.Used Old Records, Waste Papers, Cond.Turbo Charger, Cond.Ceiling Fan (With Out Leaf), Cond.3 Phase Motor, Cond.3/8" Drilling Machine, Cond.Air Conditioner (Both Split & Window), Cond.Xerox Machine & Roneo Each One, Cond.Cash Counting Machine, Cond.Auto Lubrication Distribution Unit, Cond.Welding Machine, Cond.Aluminium Piston, Cond.Aluminium Item Scrap "A" Grade, Cond.Air Compressor Assembly ( Volvo Vehicle Use), Cond.Air Compressor Assembly, Cond.Cylinder Liner, Cond.Crank Shaft, Cond.Connecting Rod, Cond.Electronic Scraps(Computer Ups=11Nosmall Size), Cond.Electronic Scraps, Cond.24V S.S.Armature, Cond.Clutch Disc, Cond.Gear Wheel (Teeth Wornout), Cond.Bearing & Cone Scraps, Cond.Fuel Pump Element, Cond.Brake Drum, Cond.Spring Plate Cut Pieces, Cond.King Pin, Cond.Hanger / Shackle, Cond.Air Tank, Cond.Tools Equipment ( Slf Door Closer), Cond.Waste Air Filter& D.Oil Filter, Cond.Power Steering Pump, Cond.Front Brake Chamber, Cond.Slack Adjuster, Cond.Tie Rod End Assy/ Pull & Push Assy, Cond.Cond Fan Clutch (Viscaus), Cond.Radiator Core (Copper), Cond.Radiator Core With Inter Coler (Aluminium), Cond.Auto Scrap, Cond.Auto Scrap, Cond.Tyre Buffing Dust, Cond.Curing Bag & Envelopes, Cond.Full Circle Flap, Cond.Polythene Paper/ Nylon Bag, Cond.Tyre Tread Rubber Cut Pieces, Cond.Nylon Tyre 9.00X20 (Burst), Cond.Full Circle Tube 9.00X20 (With Neck).
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 17/01/2018
4 Tenders: 13625672 Supply Of Board Made Of 3Mm Thick Aluminium Sheet Acp With Back Frame Of Aluminiumpipe Size 212 X 30 Inches 2 Pcs 88.33 Size 30 X 14 Inches 12 Pcs 34.99 Size 33X 22 Inches 4 Pcs 20.16 Total 143.48 Sqft .
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 15/01/2018
5 Tenders: 13625159 Supply Of Aluminium Perforated Sheets For Ac Cab To Set List No.El29175367.
PUNJAB Refer Detail 15/01/2018
6 Tenders: 13603818 Providing,Supplying And Fixing Panels Of Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding In Required Design And Design In Metallic Colour Of Approved Shade Made Out Of 3Mm Thick Aluminium Composite Panel Material Consisting Of 2Mm Thick Fr Grade Mineralcore Sandwitched Between Two Aluminium Sheet (Each 0.5 Thick). The Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding Sheet Shall Be Coil Coated With Kynan 500 Based Pvdf / Lumiflon Based Fluoropolymer Resin Coating Of Approved Colour And Shade On Face No:1 And Polymer (Service) Coating On Face No:2 As Specified And The Panels Shall Be Fixed On The Structural Frame Ofanodized Aluminium Extruded Sections Of Size 38Mm X28mm (Weighing Approximately @0.490Kg/M) Placed Suitably At Not Less Than 60 Cm Centre To Centre And Fitted With The Wall Using G.I Angles Of Size 38Mm X38mm X100mm , Through Aluminium Cleat Angles And Fastened Using Stainless Steel Screws , Bolts And Nuts Etc And The 6Mm Thick Joint Gaps / Grooves Shall Be Filled With Aluminium / Transluent / Grey / Black / Clear Or White Weather Silican Sealent. The Rate Is Inclusive Of All Materials , Labour Charges, Erection, Scaffolding Charges And Other Standard Accessories Etc. – For External Walls Surfaces For All Floors.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 19/01/2018
7 Tenders: 13602369 Supply And Fixing Of Profile/Eladding Sheetat Dspm Tps,Cspgl,Korba East.
CHHATTISGARH 23,36,000.00 25/01/2018
8 Tenders: 13588966 Supply Of Alu. Plain Sheet 1.6 X 1220 X 2440 MM TO IS 737 2008 31000H2 TAB 1 AND 2. THESE SHEETS SHOULD BE OF SMOOTH SURFZCE AND REQUIRED FOR ANODISING.
TAMIL NADU Refer Detail 05/02/2018
9 Tenders: 13588826 Purchase Of 1 Copper Rivet (1"X3/16") 2 Copper Rivet (1/8X3/4" 3 Copper Rivet(1/8"X5/32" 4 Brown Leather (Soft)(Sl Calf) 5 Black Leather (Soft) 6 D Ring (Stainless Steel)3/4" 7 D Ring(Stainless Steel)1" 8 Split Rivet(Stainless Steel) 9 Split Rivet (Stainless)1/2" 10 Emery Cloth (Super Cut Brown) 6" Inch 11 Rubber Solution(Fevicol) 12 Padding Rubber 4Mm 13 Tube 1/4 (Plastic) 6Mm 14 Tube 1/2(Plastic) 5Mm 15 Rubber Sole 10"Mm(Shalimar) 16 Aluminium Sheet 1.5 17 Alkathene Granules 18 Ethaflux Black 3 Mm 19 Sheep Skin 20 Hack Saw Blade 1/2" 21 Washer (Steel)1/2" 10X4mm 22 Towel (Cotton)Big 150X75 23 Cooton Gloves 24 Induction Cooker 25 Steel Utensil 2 Litre 26 Steel Utensil 3 Litre 27 Shoe Lace (Brown) Large 100 Cm 28 Shoe Lace(Black) Medium 60 Cm 29 Elastic 2" (White) 30 Eyelet (Brown) Aluminium 31 Eyelet (Black) Aluminium 32 Sewing Thread (Cotton Brown)No.30 33 Sewing Thread (Cotton Black)No.30 34 Lining Leather Double Side 35 Taylors Tape ( Cotton) 36 Size Tape 37 Press Button (Rivet Button) 38 Carbon Pencil 39 Lass Powder 40 Elastic 3 Inch 41 Elastic 1 Inch 42 Mcr 10 Mm 10Mm 1.2 43 Buff Hide Leather 44 L.S.C Medium 45 L.S.C. Large 46 L.S.C Small 47 Hinged Knee Brace Large 48 Hinged Knee Brace Medium 49 Hinged Knee Brace Small 50 Foot Drop Splint Medium 51 Foot Drop Splint Large 52 Pan Cake Splint Medium 53 Pan Cake Splint Large 54 Pan Cake Splint Small 55 Dynamic Cock Up Splint Medium 56 Elasto Crepe Ankle Support Medium 57 Elasto Crepe Ankle Support Small 58 Taylor Brace Medium 59 Walker Folding Adjustable (Child) Aluminium 60 Walker Folding Adjustable (Adult)Aluminium 61 Water Purifier 62 Pouch Arm Sling(Baggy) 63 Sewing Thread (White No.30) To Dlfc Dist Hospital .
KERALA 7,00,000.00 25/01/2018
10 Tenders: 13583259 Supply Of Aluminium Sheets And Plates .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 10/01/2018
11 Tenders: 13578784 Procurement Of Aluminium Sheet .
KERALA Refer Detail 20/01/2018
12 Tenders: 13572784 Guard Room 1 Superstructure of shelter including columns, trusses, purlins, roof, wind tie, false ceiling, doors, windows, ventilators, wall panels and facia complete all as shown on drg and as specified with heat reflective aluminium foil sheet of Make Thermalwrap ® / Cocoon Shield ® / Aircell Insulations (MK Petro ProductsPvt Ltd / Divine Thermal Wrap Pvt Ltd/Flamestop) of 10mm FR bubbles, double sided heat reflective aluminum sheet with 12 micron low emissivity (3%) high resistance (97%) aluminum surfaceincluding RCC foundations of columns, fdn bolts anderection tools. 2 Cement OPC 53/43 Grade (Make : Ambuja / Birla / ACC / Ultratech/JK Laxmi/Shree) 3 Sand Coarse (to be approved by consignee authority) 4 Stone aggregate 20mm graded. 5 Stone aggregate 40mm graded.6 Stone aggregate 63mm to 75mm graded 7 PCC (1: 2 :4) solid block of size 400 x 200 x 200mm 8 Water proofing compound (Make : Pidilite / Ambuja / ACC / Birla) 9 White cement (Make : Ambuja / JK / Ultratech / Birla / ACC) 10 Oil Bound Distemper (White) 11 Red Oxide Primer12 Oil putty best quality 13 Synthetic enamel paint (white) (Ist quality) (Make: Superlac / Nerolac / Apcolite / Shalimar / Berger) 14 MS hook for fan (12mm dia) 15 Ceiling fan 1200mm sweep with (Make : Bajaj / Usha / CG / Khaitan / orient) 16 Electronic type regulator for ceiling fan (Make : Bajaj / Usha / CG / Khaitan / orient) 17 Desert Cooler with iron stand 3000 CFM as specified. (Make : Bajaj/Usha / Khaitan). Cooler body 18 gauge, (ISI marked, copper coil) 18 Looking mirror of size 20" x 16" with PVC frame /beading and shelf below. Make of looking mirror Atul / Modiguard / Saint Gobain 19 6 Amps socket modular type with PVC plate. (Make : Anchor / Crabtree / Siemens / L&T) 20 Switch socket combination 15 Amps 6 Pin modular type with PVC plate. (Make : Anchor / Crabtree / Siemens / L& T / C&G) 21 External type 12 watt LED light complete (Make Bajaj / Philips /Oreva / Crompton & Greaves) 22 Ceiling rose(Make Bajaj / Philips / Siemens / Anchor ) 23 MCB DB enclosure 8 way complete (Sheet metal enclosures). (Make Crompton Greaves / Anchor / L&T / Siemens / ABB) 24 MCB SPN 40 Amps (Make : Crompton Greaves / Philips / Anchor / L &T Siemens /ABB) 25 Tube light fitting box type 36 watt with electric ballast and Tuberod complete. (Make Bajaj / Philips / C&G) 26 LED bulb 8 watt with angle holder(Make Philips/Bajaj/C&G/Oreva). 27 LED bulb 14 watt withangle holder(Make Philips/Bajaj/C&G/Oreva). 28 PVC Gang box of suitable size as per ground reqmt approved by consignee 29 Socket for cable TV with PVC Square Box ie. junction terminal (Anchor/CG /Havells) and 40 mm PVC conduit ISI marked including accessories and clamps etc. (Pipe 20 RM with coaxial cable for TV). 30 Socket for telephone with PVC Square Box ie. junction terminal (Anchor/CG /Havells) and 40 mm PVC conduit ISI marked including accessories and clamps etc. (Pipe 20 RM of tele cable for each connection) and 10 pair terminal box. 31 MCB SP 05 to 30 Amp, 10 KA, C series. (Make : Crompton greaves / Anchor / L&T / Siemen / ABB) 32 PVC capping/casing 25mm with accessories, ISI Mark (Make : Presto plast / Havels /Modi / Anchor/eqvt ) 33 PVC copper cable insulated, multi strands 1.5 sqmm (Make : Anchor / Finolex / Havells ), Colour Black, Red & Green. 34 PVC unarmoured Aluminium cable 10 Sqmm 2 core (Make : Anchor / Finolex / Havells) 35 PVC copper cable insulated, multi strands 2.5 sqmm (Make : Anchor / Finolex / Havells ) 36 Flexible wire twin twisted copper 22 gauge 37 Earthing complete with copper electrode plate size 600x 600 x 4mm thick including galvanized iron strip 32x6mm , bolts, nuts check nuts and washers, 25x6mm flat iron clamps and earth pit with cover as specified. 38 Screws 65 / 25 / 20mm 39 PVC insulation tape 15 mm (Make : Steel grip / Faxell) 40 GI wire 4mm dia with MS hook 41 Curtain rods internal dia of pipe 25mm with rings for doors & windows decorative type as approved by consignee. Vista levolar sofio / Deco window / Zenith / Inter design/eqvt). 1 Hammer med size 500 grm (Taparia) 2 Set of screw drivers (Taparia) 3 Electric tester (Taparia) 4 Hacksaw Frame 5 Painting brush 50mm 6 Painting brush 100mm 7 Hacksaw blade double ended8 Measuring Tape 30 Mtrs 9 Durmut 10 Pan mortar (Tasla) 11 Trowel Mason 12 Plumb bob 13 Cutting pliers (TAPARIA)14 Measuring tape steel 3 mtrs 15 Plaster trowel wooden 450 mm 16 Plaster trowel steel 17 Tube level pipe 4mm of 15m length 18 Spanner set with all reqd sizes 19 Welding rod 20 Sprit level 21 Thread mason superior quality 22 Drill machine (Portable) with drill bits.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 24/01/2018
13 Tenders: 13568036 Auction Sale Of Used Scrap Cut Pieces Of Aluminium Sheet,.
ASSAM Refer Detail 08/01/2018
14 Tenders: 13563542 Supply Of Al. Perforated Sheets Cat No.T/11/0001 Clw/Ms/3/074 Alt.10 .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 30/01/2018
15 Tenders: 13555649 Supply Of Hand Lamp Cage With Guard And Hook Covered With Aluminium Sheet Suitable For75v 50W Screw Cap Lamp With Fibre Handle.
RAJASTHAN Refer Detail 12/01/2018
16 Tenders: 13545857 Auction Sale Of Ms/Cs Scrap, Ss Scrap , Scrap Brass;Scrap Copper;Scrap Aluminium Sheet;Air Filter Sccondary Cp 11;Air Filter Primary Cp 11;A, Water Tank;Scrap Plastic & Rubber Items;Scrap Tyre.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 09/01/2018
17 Tenders: 13519707 Auction Sale Of Printed Waste Imported, Plate Aluminum Used Sheet, Tear Off White Imported Paper, Tear Off Pink Paper Imported, Empty Core Imported, Press Sweeping Imported Bailing Machine Bundles, Side Wrappers Disc Imported, Plate Packing Gatta(Corrugated Hard Sheets), Plate Interleaf (Thin Paper Around 40 Gsm, Tearoff In Reems, Used Rubber Blankets, Core Plug Plastic, Empty Ink Brl Drums 200 Ltrs (Iron Fresh).
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 04/01/2018
18 Tenders: 13517208 Construction Of Two Nos. Hygienic Fish Market At Port Blair With Assistant To Nrdb. Sw : Construction Of 01 No. Fish Market At Junglighat, Port Blair. Sh : Providing Aluminum Sheet Cover On Internal Drain.
ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR 1,95,877.00 23/01/2018
19 Tenders: 13511310 Fixing Of Aluminium Sheet On Doors Of Toilet For 10 Numbers Of Flat At Subarnabhoomi Apartment, 36, Gorokshbashi Road, Nagerbazar, Kolkata.
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 03/01/2018
20 Tenders: 13503920 Supply of 1)Aluminium Alloy Sheet 2.5Mm Thick X 900Mm X 2400Mm. 2)Aluminium Alloy Sheet 3X900x2400mm. .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 17/01/2018
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