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1 Tenders: 27868679 Provision Of Washing Platform For Vehicles At Banwat, Provision Of Aluminium Doors At Officers Mess, Jcos Mess And Office Complex At Seklu And Special Repair To Bldg No T 05, T 06 And T 07 At Seklu Under Ge 881 Ews Civil Works.
Due Date : 20/09/2022
2 Tenders: 27797976 Servicing, Maintenance And Replacement Of Rolling Shutters, Aluminium Doors, Windows, Partitions, Replacement Of Glass Panes Etc In All Type Of Windows In Public Buildings, Laboratory Buildings And Residential Buildings At Rrcat Indore For A Year. Civil Works.
Due Date : 27/07/2022
3 Tenders: 27784853 Replacing The Existing Deteriorated Teakwood Doors Of Wc And Bath By Aluminium Doors With Marble Frame Of Building D, E, H And I At Oshiwara Staff Quarters, Goregaon (West) Civil Works.
Due Date : 28/07/2022
4 Tenders: 27763757 Repair/Replacement Of Joinery, Roof, Ceiling And Miscellaneous B/R Works At Certain Otm Bldg Zone 1, Zone 1A And Repairs To Aluminium Door/Windows Joinery Etc At Zone 1 And 1A Under Ge (S) Tezpur Civil Works.
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Due Date : 28/07/2022
5 Tenders: 27759513 Providing And Fixing Of Aluminium Doors And Windows (Rolling And Side Hung Shutters) Including Fixation Of Wire Mesh Nets In Jb,Jc,Jd, J2a,J2b, Rsc, Rsb, J1c,Mq Type Quarters At Jagannath Colony Under Jagannath Colliery, Jagannath Area.(2Nd Call) Civil Works Buildings.
Due Date : 28/07/2022
6 Tenders: 27753240 Repairs To Aluminium Doors Wooden Joinery Rolling Shutter At Aste Sdi Akash Vihar And Vishwa Vihar Under Ge Af Marathahalli Civil Works.
Due Date : 25/07/2022
7 Tenders: 27742393 8347 Repairs To Roof, Flooring, Tiling, Toilet Block, Staircase, Ceiling Plaster, Joinery Works, Aluminium Door, Windows, Sanitary Fittings, Drainage And Certain Miscellaneous Connected Work At Pcdao Under Age Br I South Pune Civil Works.
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Due Date : 12/07/2022
8 Tenders: 27735461 Repairs To Wooden Joinery, Cupboards, Aluminium Doors And Windows And Other Connected Works In Domestic Area At Air Force Station Kalaikunda Under Ge (Af) Kalaikunda Civil Works.
Due Date : 20/07/2022
9 Tenders: 27725501 Providing, Fitting And Fixing Of 2 Nos. Aluminium Doors, Repairing The Existing Plaster And Painting The Walls In Staircase Of Centenary Building, Iacs Civil Works.
Due Date : 14/07/2022
10 Tenders: 27674471 Repairs To Rolling Shutter, Static Water Tank, Gates, Path, Aluminium Doors / Windows And Certain Other Connected B/R Nature Of Works In Cod Depot And Aor Of Age B/R I Of Ge (West) Agra Civil Works.
Due Date : 16/06/2022
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