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No. Tenders ID & Tenders Brief State Tender Value Due Date
1 Tenders: 13212298 Supply Of Silicon Corbide Wp/ Paper Sheets Wt Code C/D In Sheets Fromof 500 Sheets Of Size 280X230 Mm To Specn.Is: 715/2002 Withamdt.No.1 Wt. Code Grit No. 320,Brand: Polastar .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 28/12/2017
2 Tenders: 13212096 Annual Contract For Supply Of Various Types Of Adhesives And Abbrasives For Various Sections Of Btps, Deepnagar.
MAHARASHTRA 4,78,600.00 06/12/2017
3 Tenders: 13199439 Supply of Coarse Garnet Abrasives Size 30/60 .
KERALA Refer Detail 06/12/2017
4 Tenders: 13191475 Supply of Abrasive Hand Pad Industrial Grade Only .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 12/12/2017
5 Tenders: 13175652 Supply Of Abrasive Rail Cutter Wheel [Disk] [Rdso Specification No.Tm/Sm/2 Rev 01 Of 2007] .
WEST BENGAL Refer Detail 05/12/2017
6 Tenders: 13102499 Supply Of Zirconium Abrasive.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 17/11/2017
7 Tenders: 13092049 Supply Of Coatedted Abrasive Silicon Carbide Water Proof, Glue Over Glue Bond, Confirming To Is:715/2002 With Amdt. No. 1, Reaffirmed 2013 In Sheet Form Of 500 Sheets Of Size 280X230 Mm,Backing Type Paper, Weight Code C/D, Grit No. 180 .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 07/12/2017
8 Tenders: 13073671 Supply Of Water Proof Abrasive Paper .
ASSAM Refer Detail 10/11/2017
9 Tenders: 13038465 Auction Sale Of Sn:1 3 Ctn Plastic Bottles , Sn:87 Wheel Chair , Sn:85 & 86 Bales And Loose Pcs Of Syn.Rubber Tubes , Sn:82 Iron Oxide , Sn:79 Used Old Medical/Hospital Equipment , Sn:78 Empty Wooden Pallets Of Various Sizes , Sn:77 Iron/Steel Pipe Rusty & Magnetic , Sn:75 Gaskets , Sn:76 Cement Block , Sn:71 42 Pcs Each Of Processed Moulded Slab , Sn:63 Trunk Aluminium Make , Sn:62 Components Of Audio System , Sn:61 Empty Wooden Spools , Sn:60 Handicraft , Sn:58 2 Nos. Rough Marble Stones , Sn:57 Ceramic Insulators ,, Sn:51 Monopump With Drive System , Sn:50 M.S.Plate , Sn:49 1 Plt=500 Pcs Of Floatglass , Sn:46 M S Coils In Round Shape , Sn:30 Leather Straps , Sn:28 Stc 10 Pcs Of Abrasive Cloth Belts , Etc.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 06/11/2017
10 Tenders: 13030811 Supply of Powder Cleaning, White Sprit And Abrasives Cloth Emery .
MADHYA PRADESH Refer Detail 13/11/2017
11 Tenders: 12949890 Supply Of Light Weight Power Partner With Two Stroke Air Cooled With Blade Guard 12 With Dia Each12 Abrasive Blade For Metal Andconcrete Cutting. Make Husqvarna/ Bosch .
UTTAR PRADESH Refer Detail 31/10/2017
12 Tenders: 12924016 Auction Sale Of Plastic Bottles Of Plant Bio Fertiliser, Bitzer Brand Air Conditioning Compressor, Bitzer Brand Air Conditioning Compressor., Glass Covers For Automobile Size: 30 X 20 Cms, Plastic Toys Of Various Sizes, Types And Colours, Railroad Cross Ties Size: Length 8' 8" Width 9' 5" Thickness 7", 'Oximax' Brand Water Disinfection System, 88 Pcs Of Electrical Switches And Circuit Breakers, Radiator Made Of Aluminium With Plastic Tanks, Drums Non Hazardous Glue, Iron And Steel Drums, Ldd Iron And Steel Drums. Partly Filled With "Mineral Hydrocarbon Oil", 11 Empty Wooden Pallets, Powder Alkali Agent Fe 3 White Crystal Granular, Gas Inflated Life Jackets Model Zhgq4t 0511, Containing 6 Pcs Control Voltage Csp 100,Covergate Paper Cartoons, Machine Frame Tabular, M.S.Angle Frame, Angle Frames With Acrylic Sheet Sections, Part Of A Manufacturing Process, Mixture For Filler In The Form Of White Powder 330/410/412 S.V. And Coloured Sand Colour Black / White / Grey M. I., Aluminium Silencer Height : 54 Cms Diameter 12 Cms, Twin Breather Assy. With 15 Nb Pipe Silicage Breather, Rejected Wooden Packing Materials, Uneven Planks, Empty Pallets + 2 Boxes Containing Wooden Pcs, Abrasive Cloth Belts (1350 Mm X 2620 Mm), Paper Bags Of 15 Kgs Each Glass Chopped Strands 24Mm, 6 Ctns Of 19Kgs Each Arg Roving, Leather Straps (For Horse), Packets Of Plastic Buttons, 4 Wheels, 2 Fuse And 1 Panel, Iron Pipe Magnetic, Length Of Pipe Is 670 Cms, Thickness Of Pipe Is 4Mm (Aprox), Rectangular Steel Plates Of Varying Shape Size And Thickness (Magnetic), Hydraulic Cylinders Of Various Sizes With Wooden Stand And Product Catalogues, Brochures Etc., Exhibition Stands With Box In Ckd Condition, Wooden Block For Medium Size Pallets, Methocarbamol Usp Manufacturing, Woven Highspeed Corrugator Belt Of Size Length 21 M X Width 1.68 M X Thickness 9 Mm, Honda City Body Kit, Medonic M Series Diluent, Cosmetic Pencils / Kajal, Hangtag, Polyester Cotton Fabric, Defective Transmitter Receiver, Street Light Lamps, 4 Nos. Battery Backup, 4 Nos. Solar P.V., Floatglass, Monopump With Drive System, Iron Barricades, Fire Proof Shutter Of Universal Film Projector Or Fire Back Assessories, Fire Proof Shutter Of Universal Film Projector Or Bobbins Of Yarn, Cans & 3 Plastic Drums Silica Gel Desiccant Activated, Iron Scrap.(Iron Crush & Turning Scrap), Ceramic Insulators, Plastic Strips In Empty Condition, Handicraft (Woodcraft) Of Teak Wood Table Base, Empty Wooden Spools/Reels Used For Rolling Of Electrical Cables Or Rolling Of Fabric, Components Of Audio System (Springs, Sw Plates, Gear Plates Etc.), Processed Slab (Moulded Articles) With Grooves Composed Of Concrete . Size 15"X7.5"X2, Cement Concrete Blocks Used As Packaging Material For Engine, Processed Slab (Moulded Article) With Grooves Composed Of Concrete . Size 15"X7.5"X2", Each Of Processed Moulded Slab With Grooves Composed Of Concrete, Concrete Blocks, Tagas Of 100% Polyester Lining Material, Gaskets, Empty Wooden Pallets Of Various Sizes Such As 4' X 4.5', 4' X 5' Etc. Height 5.5'' Each, Used Old Medical/Hospital Equipment And House Hold Articles, Brandon` Brand Second Hand Medical Theatre Lighting Fittings, Enzyme Charts (Medical Chart) In The Form Of Brochures Size 28` X 21.5`, Iron Oxide, Camel Bones In Form Of Finished White Strips, Ladies Sleeveless Printed Gowns With Sizes, Synthetic Rubber Tyre Tubes, Synthetic Rubber Tyre Tubes.
MAHARASHTRA Refer Detail 23/10/2017
13 Tenders: 12921842 Supply Of Speedfam Lapping Abrasive Sfa Lap 20 Or Similar .
BIHAR Refer Detail 20/10/2017
14 Tenders: 12898847 Supply Of Set Of Automative Items. Details As Under: 1. Polyster Putty Qty. 02 Kgs. 2 . N.C. Putty Qty.04 Kgs. 3 . P.S. Grey Qty. 03 Ltrs. 4. Thinner Qty. 06 Ltrs. 5 . Under Coat Qty. 02 Ltrs. 6.Abrassive Paper No.80 Qty. 02 Nos. 7. Abrassive Paper No.220 Qty. 02 Nos. 8 . Abrassive Paperno.320 Qty. 04 Nos. 9. Abrassive Paper No.400 Qty. 04 Nos. 10. Abrassive Paper No.600 Qty. 04Nos. 11. Paint Mint White Qty. 05 Ltrs. 12. Hardner Qty. 02 Ltrs. 13. Thinner Qty. 05 Ltrs. 14.Masking Tape Qty. 15 Nos. 15 . Wax Polish Qty. 02 Nos. [One Set Consists Of 15 Items .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 25/10/2017
15 Tenders: 12853466 Supply Of Abrasive Glass Bead.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 17/10/2017
16 Tenders: 12852964 Supply Of Non Woven Abresive Wheel 100Mm 4 , Thickness 12Mm Color Red. Make: Maf India/Alco Plus/Norton.
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 11/10/2017
17 Tenders: 12808292 Supply Of Abrasive Garnet 120 Micron Mesh.
TAMIL NADU 2,00,000.00 23/10/2017
18 Tenders: 12805610 Supply Of Dynabrade Silicon Carbide Abrasive Disc, Locking Type, Size: 2 Inch Grit No.60 For Paintremoving Purpose From Exterior Paint Body Side Of Main Line And Emu Coaches. Make Dynabrade Or Fien Or Sata .
MULTI STATE Refer Detail 11/10/2017
19 Tenders: 12793663 Supply Of Abarasive Papers.
KERALA Refer Detail 03/10/2017
20 Tenders: 12791819 Supply Of Speedfam Lapping Abrasive Sfa Lap 20 Or Similar .
BIHAR 31,824.00 03/10/2017
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Abrasive Product Tenders

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