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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5828016 Hiring Of One 1 No. Tata Sumo Or Equivalent Any Four Wheeler Diesel Operated Light Vehicle For 24 Hours Per Day And 3900 Kms Per Month For Manager Nmoc Sa Of Majri Area. MAHARASHTRA7,71,610.0016/05/2014
2 TR 5825252 Procurement of HDPE Pipe. MAHARASHTRA7,00,000.0009/05/2014
3 TR 5817380 Supply Of Cement Capsules. MAHARASHTRA10,10,000.0005/05/2014
4 TR 5817393 Supply Of Pipe Fitting Items. MAHARASHTRA20,94,894.0005/05/2014
5 TR 5817423 Supply Of DGMS Approved Reflective Harness. MAHARASHTRA4,28,400.0005/05/2014
6 TR 5817427 Supply Of Resin Capsules (Slow Setting And Fast Setting). MAHARASHTRA21,68,000.0005/05/2014
7 TR 5817429 Supply Of Flexible Rubber Hose. MAHARASHTRA3,69,740.0002/05/2014
8 TR 5807222 Maintenance of Optical Fiber Cable and allied works like Trenching, Pulling, Concrete and protection etc. in Yavatmal SSA for the year 2014-15. MAHARASHTRA16,00,000.0030/04/2014
9 TR 5827999 Supply Of Bearings (N318 And 6314) For 3Ph, 90Kw, 550V, 1440Rpm Induction Motor At Kkug Mine. MAHARASHTRA33,068.0025/04/2014
10 TR 5828000 Supplying Of Electrical Items At Ghonsa Ocm, , Wani North Area. MAHARASHTRA16,562.0025/04/2014
11 TR 5828011 Complete Painting Of Recp 650 Drill Sl.No. 6029901,6029009,6029304 And 6020023 Of Pimpalgaon Project. MAHARASHTRA1,31,268.0025/04/2014
12 TR 5828021 Repairng Of 04 Nos Lift Cylinder Pt.No. 125Hc01018,125Hc01026 Of D-155 Dozer Of Pimpalgaon Project. MAHARASHTRA1,17,140.0025/04/2014
13 TR 5828024 Repairing Of Complete Housing And Counter Weight Cage Of Ekg Shovel Sl.No. 364 Of Ukni Project. MAHARASHTRA1,11,887.0025/04/2014
14 TR 5828028 Repairing Of 04 Nos Final Dive Shaft Splines Of Ekg Shovel Sl.No.364 And 529 Of Ukni Project. MAHARASHTRA1,17,956.0025/04/2014
15 TR 5828032 Repairing And Replacement Of Tooth Points 06 Nos Of Float Bucket Applicable To Ck-300 Hydraulic Excavator Of Ukni Project. MAHARASHTRA80,512.0025/04/2014
16 TR 5825136 Repairng of 04 Nos Lift Cylinder Pt.No. 125Hc01018,125Hc01026 Of D-155 Dozer Of Pimpalgaon Project. MAHARASHTRA1,17,140.0025/04/2014
17 TR 5825235 Complete painting of RECP 650 Drill Sl.No. 6029901,6029009,6029304 and 6020023 of Pimpalgaon Project. MAHARASHTRA1,31,268.0025/04/2014
18 TR 5825307 Repairing of Complete Housing and Counter Weight Cage of EKG Shovel Sl.No. 364 of Ukni Project. MAHARASHTRA1,11,887.0025/04/2014
19 TR 5793040 Flood Damage Road to road Ambak Derashtre SH-111 join MDR-28 Sect- Ambak to Devrastre in Tal-Kadegaon. MAHARASHTRA50,00,000.0025/04/2014
20 TR 5817336 Fabrication Of Top And Bottom Rollers For 800Mm And 1000Mm Belt Conveyors At Kumbharkhani Ug Mine, Wani North Area, Wcl MAHARASHTRA4,45,469.0024/04/2014
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