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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5431277 Supply of Current Transducer Type Lf505 –S /Sp13 Suitable To Acs 800 Drive Of Abb Make . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document31/12/2014
2 TR 6661750 Supply Of Silico Manganese Grade Si 19 Mn 63 As Per Is 1470 -1990 . ANDHRA PRADESH67,60,00,000.0031/12/2014
3 TR 6098920 Supply of approx. 10,000T of Silico Manganese Grade Si 19 Mn 63 as per IS 1470-1990. Corrigendum . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document31/12/2014
4 TR 6680303 Supply of modified screw coupling, dlw part no. 11032765 and emd part no. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document30/12/2014
5 TR 6680498 Supply of Camdog assembly [A-9 auto brk valve] Wabco Cat No.561390. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document30/12/2014
6 TR 6680288 Supply of clevis assembly fuel filter bowl [spin on] dlw part no. 16050186, emd part no. 8104467. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document29/12/2014
7 TR 6680295 Supply of bolt and spacer assembly exhaust manifold leg. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document29/12/2014
8 TR 6680312 Supply of gasket mounting scavenging and pressure pump [housing]. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document29/12/2014
9 TR 6595842 Provision of Berthing Pontoons for Project Varhsa at Rambilli, Visakhaptnam District. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document26/12/2014
10 TR 6680319 Supply of gasket y flange mounting discharge after cooloer piping. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document26/12/2014
11 TR 6680326 Supply of gasket over speed trip housing to crank case. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document26/12/2014
12 TR 6680332 Supply of Gasket Oil Seal Retainer Crank Shaft Gear Train. DLW Part No.16170222, EMD Part. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document26/12/2014
13 TR 6680273 Supply of washer kit for huck bolt dlw part no. 19840202 consisting of 1-washer hardened to emd part no. 40020837- 48 nos, 2-washer special emd part no. 8427242- 24 nos, 3-washer special to emd part no. 40020566- 08 nos, 4- washer special to emd part no. 40122504- 08 nos. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document24/12/2014
14 TR 6680282 Supply of nut 3/4-16 self locking to emd part no. 8060089 dlw part no. 19355105. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document24/12/2014
15 TR 6673546 Supply Of Bearing Roller Drg. No. Emd Part No. 9566462 Dlw Part No. 16150570 ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document24/12/2014
16 TR 6673550 Supply Of Ring Oil Introducing Brass- Crank Shaft Bearing Cover [Air Comp] Emd Part No. 9311033/40054841 Dlw Part No. 17458390 ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document23/12/2014
17 TR 6660235 Supply Of Hose Flexible Armoured,I/D-7/8 Inch [22.22] X O/D-1-15/64 Inch [31.4] In Length,Drg. No. Kgp/Dl/Pc-90, Fig-3,Alt-10. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document17/12/2014
18 TR 6660254 Supply Of Cab Window Glass [M2 And S6] [Laminated Safety Clear Glass] Dlw Pt No.11440144, Dlw Drg No.232 V 708030 Alt-H. Thickness [Nom]: 6Mm, Quality Of Glass: Aa Clear, Type Of Glass : Polyvinyle Chloride. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document17/12/2014
19 TR 6624084 Supply Of One In Number Heavy Duty Centre Lathe Machine For Machine Shop ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document16/12/2014
20 TR 6660217 Supply Of Bush [Wrist Pin] Drg. No. Kgp/Dl/Cx-4 Alt-2. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document16/12/2014
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