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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6571622 Construction of bridge across Seethanadi near Panchamikana in Kooradi - Neelavara road in Udupi Taluk, Udupi District. KARNATAKA9,00,00,000.0029/11/2014
2 TR 6571624 Construction of bridge across Varahi river at Machattu Grama in Tombattu - Bagimane in Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District. KARNATAKA3,50,00,000.0029/11/2014
3 TR 6557358 Improvements To Hampankatte- Badanidiycor - Pounjigudde- Bailakere-Malpe Beach Road In Udupi Taluk. KARNATAKA2,07,38,000.0017/11/2014
4 TR 6572944 Est. 1X10mva, 110/11Kv S/S At Belapu And Construction Of 110Kv Sc Line On Dc Towers From Nandikur S/S To The Proposed 110/11Kv S/S At Belapu For A Distance Of 10 Kms Along With Constr. Of 110Kv T.Bay At 110 Kv Nandikur S/S In Udupi Tq, Udupi Dt. On Partial Turnkey Basis Incl. Supply Of All Matching Materials/Equipments (Excluding.11Kv Switchgear) And Erection (Incl. Civil Works) Of All Materials/Equipments,Testing And Commissioning . KARNATAKA7,95,89,926.2831/10/2014
5 TR 6555232 Rural Water Supply Scheme For Nitte And Its Hamlets In Karkala Taluk Udupi Dist.(Balance Work) . KARNATAKA1,96,55,837.9929/10/2014
6 TR 6568701 Electrical Extension Line Work For Providing Street Light And Pole, T.C Centre Shifting Work For Road Widening At Udupi C.M.C Limit-2014-15 . KARNATAKARefer Document28/10/2014
7 TR 6537112 Augmentation Of Existing 1X5 Mva, 33/11 Kv Sub-Station At Hebri In Udupi Division On Partial Turnkey Basis. KARNATAKARefer Document25/10/2014
8 TR 6555270 Construction Of Bridge Across The Souparnika River Near Maravanthe Village Maharajswamy Temple In Kundapura Taluk Of Udupi Dist. . KARNATAKARefer Document22/10/2014
9 TR 6435840 Construction of bridge across sowparmika hole. KARNATAKA4,75,00,000.0022/10/2014
10 TR 6555145 Reconstruction Of Bridge At Km.3.825 In Palimaru - Inna - Mundkoor Road In Udupi Taluk & District. . KARNATAKARefer Document20/10/2014
11 TR 6540874 Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Of 100Ah, 110Volts Valve Regulated Lead Acid Type Battery Bank Under Buyback Scheme For Top Adit Of Varahi Hydro Electric Project, Hosangadi, Kundapur Tq, Udupi Dist. KARNATAKARefer Document17/10/2014
12 TR 6540877 Rewiring And Electrification Of Power House Canteen Building Of Varahi Under Ground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapur Tq, Udupi Dist. KARNATAKARefer Document16/10/2014
13 TR 6522373 Printing & Supply of Calendars And Diaries-2015. KARNATAKARefer Document16/10/2014
14 TR 6515785 Auction Sale of Immovable Property. KARNATAKA33,70,000.0015/10/2014
15 TR 6494823 Construction of Vented Dam Near Kuntadi Kamudi Of Kallya Village, Angarabettu In Mundkur Grama Panchayath Area, Mutlupadi Bobbatya In Andaru Village In Karkala Taluk Udupi District . KARNATAKARefer Document15/10/2014
16 TR 6470938 Renovation And Modernization Of 110/33/11Kv Sub-Station At Hiriyadka In Udupi Taluk And District And Construction Of Towers For Rearranging Of 110 Kv Lines At Hiriyadka Sub-Station Premises For The Work Of Renovation And Modernization Of 110/33/11Kv Sub-Station At Hiriyadka In Udupi Taluk And District On Partial Turnkey Basis. . KARNATAKARefer Document10/10/2014
17 TR 6524269 Improvements To Heradi S.T. Colony Area Passing Through Barkur Railway Station Connecting Road, Yedthady Grama Panchayath, Udupi Taluk. KARNATAKARefer Document10/10/2014
18 TR 6524286 Concreting To Kota Giliyaru Gulladi S.C Colony Road In Kota Panchayath Area, Udupi Taluk. KARNATAKARefer Document10/10/2014
19 TR 6524531 Improvement To Vanajaru Kudlu St Colony Road In Nadpalu Village, Karkala Taluk, Udupi District. . KARNATAKARefer Document10/10/2014
20 TR 6524535 Improvement To Kairabettu Kalya St Olony Link Rocad I . KARNATAKARefer Document10/10/2014
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