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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5791488 Manufacture and Supply of Proof Machined Forgings For Bleed Condensor For 700Mwe Phwr. MAHARASHTRARefer Document20/05/2014
2 TR 5818017 Annual maintenance contract for maintenance of field work for communication system at plant site, GSO complex and BARC staff colony and PPS fence lighting maintenance. MAHARASHTRA61,00,000.0019/05/2014
3 TR 5821018 Supply of 70 W Pulsed fiber laser operation (1-1000 Khz) Hardware and software control (RS-232) with isolator (1-1000 KHZ) hardware and Software Control (RS-232) with Isolator Along with accessories to be delivered at stores unit, Tarapur. MAHARASHTRARefer Document12/05/2014
4 TR 5833558 Hiring of Portable Diesel Generator Set for Fukushima related modifications. MAHARASHTRA2,34,910.0008/05/2014
5 TR 5766628 Fabrication, Assembly, Testing & Supply Of Glove Box Complete With Carriageand Its Accessories. Qty: 1 Set. Place Of Delivery : Aso, Afff, Barc, Tarapur. MAHARASHTRARefer Document05/05/2014
6 TR 5822256 Re-routing of 33KV grade TMS Township Feeder Cable at Banganga river bridge Pasthal. MAHARASHTRA7,07,830.0001/05/2014
7 TR 5812633 Out Sourcing of Auto Cad Operator and Unskilled Worker for Library of TAPS 1and2. MAHARASHTRA9,72,257.0030/04/2014
8 TR 5812642 Unit 1 Ventilation System Refueling Outage works. MAHARASHTRA10,11,923.0030/04/2014
9 TR 5814768 Rubber Lining Replacement of Condensate. Demineraliser Tank 2 nos. and regeneration facility tank T 18 1 no. during Unit 1. 23rd Refueling Outage. MAHARASHTRA8,96,916.0030/04/2014
10 TR 5822259 Providing NDT Services UT,LPT,MPT for HP and LP Turbine Disassemble parts during 1 23rd Refueling Outage by deploying qualified NDT personnel along with necessary consumables and NDT equipments and accessories. MAHARASHTRA8,68,366.0030/04/2014
11 TR 5822245 Annual Repairs and Maintenance of Waterproofing works for Residential Quarters, Public Buildings and other facilities at Anusri Township, TMS. MAHARASHTRA27,17,786.0030/04/2014
12 TR 5792499 Supply of Proof Machined forgings for bleed Condensor for 700 MWE PHWR for TMS. MAHARASHTRARefer Document30/04/2014
13 TR 5795289 Annual Rate Contract for Refilling and reconditioning of Printer Cartridge of various type Printer working at BARC Plant Site and Colony offices Premises. MAHARASHTRA6,25,000.0030/04/2014
14 TR 5817091 Fabrication And Installation Of Insulated Pathway Shed. MAHARASHTRA9,89,354.0029/04/2014
15 TR 5766640 Supply, installation and guarantee of PC- based Controlled potential coulometer System (Potentiostat/Galvanostat) & necessary accessories required at A3f, BARC, Tarapur. MAHARASHTRARefer Document29/04/2014
16 TR 5817088 Hiring of 02 nos. Brand New Light vehicles Maruti Swift Dzire for the period of three years. MAHARASHTRA37,49,402.0029/04/2014
17 TR 5817093 Supply, Fabrication And Installation Of Additional Sheeting And Flashing With Their Support At North Face, West Face And Partial South Face Of ITFT Structure Building. MAHARASHTRA22,03,496.0029/04/2014
18 TR 5810768 Supply, Installation And Commissioning of 42 Inch CCTV Monitors At Main Gate, Barc, Tarapur. . MAHARASHTRARefer Document29/04/2014
19 TR 5822250 Contract for Hot Oil Circulation of Transformers at TAPS-3 and 4. MAHARASHTRA3,97,754.0029/04/2014
20 TR 5814782 Operation and Maintenance of DM Water Plant and Chlorination and Chlorine Dioxide Plant at TAPS_3 and 4. MAHARASHTRA1,42,98,664.0028/04/2014
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