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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5831906 Supply of Industrial Dual Energy (9Mev and 15Mev) Linac System Along With Handling System . ANDHRA PRADESH35,00,00,000.0015/05/2014
2 TR 5833909 Planning and execution of Mosquito control works In colonies and peripheral areas of colonies at Sriharikota and Sullurpeta of SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota fora period of TWO years w.e.f 01.09.2014 to 31.08.2016. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/05/2014
3 TR 5833908 Fixing of Rate Contract for engaging Light Vehicle Drivers on Hire basis for a period of TWO years w.e.f 01.07.2014 as and when need basis to SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/05/2014
4 TR 5833912 Services of Pharmacist, Dietician, Optometrist on contract basis for SDSC SHAR Hospital, Sriharikota fora period of two years. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/05/2014
5 TR 5836905 Resurfacing of SHAR-Sullurpeta road from SHAR to KUDIRI Village, SDSC SHAR. ANDHRA PRADESH1,31,63,000.0012/05/2014
6 TR 5836004 Supply of Phase Noise Meter along with all necessary Options. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document29/04/2014
7 TR 5816771 Supply Of Gear Lubrications . ANDHRA PRADESH29,47,350.0029/04/2014
8 TR 5816765 Supply of 12 Pair Data Cable . ANDHRA PRADESH9,00,000.0029/04/2014
9 TR 5836123 Supply Of Phase Noise Meter For Motr. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document29/04/2014
10 TR 5823279 Supply of LT and HT Cables . ANDHRA PRADESH40,32,000.0025/04/2014
11 TR 5831910 Supply of Activated Copper Chromite . ANDHRA PRADESH45,00,000.0025/04/2014
12 TR 5831914 Supply of Aluminium Powder . ANDHRA PRADESH1,60,00,000.0025/04/2014
13 TR 5814605 Providing electrification to high capacity UPS Facilities for motor, SDSC, SHAR. ANDHRA PRADESH41,33,000.0024/04/2014
14 TR 5814601 Providing geyser point wiring and installation of Geysers for B4 and C – type Quarters at Sullurpeta housing colonies. ANDHRA PRADESH16,91,000.0024/04/2014
15 TR 5813600 Supply of Operational Spares For Control Centre . ANDHRA PRADESH12,48,800.0022/04/2014
16 TR 5808171 Annual Maintenance Contract for Analoge Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System. ANDHRA PRADESH16,50,000.0022/04/2014
17 TR 5798809 Lease right to collect fallen dried eucalyptus wood including stumps from the identified Areas of SDSC SHAR Campus. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document22/04/2014
18 TR 5785612 Replacement Of Mkp -2 Drive System .(Computer- H/W ). ANDHRA PRADESH10,00,000.0021/04/2014
19 TR 5795947 Annual Maintenance Contract for Maintenance of Water Supply, Sewage System including Miscellaneous Civil works. ANDHRA PRADESH44,35,000.0017/04/2014
20 TR 5795951 Providing Water Proof Treatment over the Roof of Building. ANDHRA PRADESH22,48,000.0017/04/2014
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