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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6290687 Expression of Interest for Detonators – Supply of non electric detonators. JHARKHANDRefer Document19/09/2014
2 TR 6306165 Annual Civil Maintenance works at Narwapahar Township. JHARKHAND11,75,916.0009/09/2014
3 TR 6322656 Rural Electrification Work On Turnkey Basis Under Rggvy Scheme In 12Th Plan For Singhbhum East District . JHARKHAND76,90,83,000.0008/09/2014
4 TR 6304952 Strengthening of Distribution Network under Special Plan for Singhbhum District. JHARKHAND76,91,00,000.0008/09/2014
5 TR 6338139 Annual Maintenance Of Sap, Refinery, Etc For The Year -2015. JHARKHANDRefer Document05/09/2014
6 TR 6325439 Annual Miscellaneous Electrical Jobs at Surface at Banduhurang Opencast for the Year 2014-15. JHARKHAND3,08,050.0005/09/2014
7 TR 6325443 Annual maintenance of TMD central water management – Effluent channel / Drain from “D”-Gate to De-silting pond of “Banduhurang” mines 2014. JHARKHAND13,96,035.0004/09/2014
8 TR 6330671 Supply of Food grain, Green vegetables, Potato, Fruits. JHARKHANDRefer Document03/09/2014
9 TR 6335017 Annual Service / Maintenance of Public Address System Of Plant, Kiom . JHARKHANDRefer Document03/09/2014
10 TR 6306167 Construction of Bituminous Macadam Over Water Bound Macadam Road By-Passing Banduhurang Village. JHARKHAND18,91,392.0002/09/2014
11 TR 6332953 Procurement Of M.S.Lancing Pipe. JHARKHANDRefer Document02/09/2014
12 TR 6325436 Miscellaneous Electrical works at Underground Mines, Turamdih. JHARKHAND9,98,700.0002/09/2014
13 TR 6236754 Annual Rate Contract For Repair & Maintenance of Air Conditioner Water Coolers, Refrigerators And Geysers Of Miom. . JHARKHANDRefer Document29/08/2014
14 TR 6280699 Painting Of All Process Equipments, Pipelines Of Flash Smelter, Cpm And Water Treatment Plant. JHARKHANDRefer Document29/08/2014
15 TR 6294368 Anode Trimming & Preperation And Anode Scrap Cutting & Dispatch Job. JHARKHANDRefer Document29/08/2014
16 TR 6293813 Procurement Of Compressed Oxygen And Dissolved Acetyline Gas. JHARKHANDRefer Document29/08/2014
17 TR 6287082 Procurement Of MS Fabricated Supports For Convertor Through Enterprise Procurement System (Eps). JHARKHANDRefer Document29/08/2014
18 TR 6335172 Construction of Girls Hostel In Sonua Block Of West Singhbhum District In Kolhan Division. . JHARKHAND1,30,91,000.0027/08/2014
19 TR 6280476 Chain Link Fencing Near 1st Stage Dam And Construction Of Trench By Bricks. JHARKHAND6,11,351.0027/08/2014
20 TR 6287700 Construction of X-Ray room at Turamdih Township. JHARKHAND14,77,362.0026/08/2014
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