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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6679115 Auction Sale of Commercial Property . PUNJAB16,00,000.0028/11/2014
2 TR 6692008 Expression Of Interest For Maintenance And Upkeep Of Parts Of Telecom Infrastructure In Sangrur Telecom District. PUNJAB50,21,303.0021/11/2014
3 TR 6646760 Auction Sale Of Commercial Property. PUNJABRefer Document21/11/2014
4 TR 6647323 Supply Of Scientific Equipments. PUNJABRefer Document20/11/2014
5 TR 6692616 Provision Of Work Force For House Keeping Works In R/O In Sangrur Distt. H.Q. PUNJAB40,98,528.0019/11/2014
6 TR 6692618 Expression Of Interests For Providing Work Force For Maintenance & Upkeep Of Telecom External Plant In The Sangrur Telecom District PUNJABRefer Document18/11/2014
7 TR 6647255 Comprehensive Annual, Maintenance Contract Of Diesel Engine Alternators. PUNJABRefer Document15/11/2014
8 TR 6670159 To Provide Professional Service For Electrical Audit At Bpcl Sangrur Top . PUNJABRefer Document14/11/2014
9 TR 6684702 Construction Of All Technical Civil Works At The 66Kv Sub Station Karoda Under Op. Circle Sangrur. PUNJABRefer Document14/11/2014
10 TR 6590617 Auction Sale Of Movable & Immovable Properties. PUNJABRefer Document12/11/2014
11 TR 6683190 Supply, Installation, testing and Commissioning of HVAC system at TATA Memorial Radio Therapy Block at DH- Sangrur. PUNJAB31,26,000.0010/11/2014
12 TR 6676266 R/C Estimate For Plumber And Beldars For Water Supply Maintenance . PUNJAB3,30,000.0010/11/2014
13 TR 6664785 Allotment Of Various Shops On License Basis. PUNJABRefer Document10/11/2014
14 TR 6688062 Construction of Office Building And Residential Quarters T Ii 4 Nos T Iii 8 Nos T Iv 3 Nos And T V I No For Income Tax At Sangrur Sh: Providing 1 No Bore Well. PUNJAB10,56,705.0010/11/2014
15 TR 6647465 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Of Diesel Generator Set (Various Make & Capacity) In R/O Sangrur Ssa During 2014-2015 PUNJAB8,18,500.0010/11/2014
16 TR 6694864 Construction Of Skill Lab At Dh Sangrur PUNJAB28,00,000.0010/11/2014
17 TR 6694936 Epair And Renovation Of Toilets At Sdh Dhuri District Sangrur PUNJAB11,71,000.0010/11/2014
18 TR 6670364 Providing electrical Work Under Pa Phase Viii Sh Branding At Leragaga And Tapa Po Under Sangrur Div . PUNJAB99,720.0005/11/2014
19 TR 6671716 Supply And Laying Of Good Earth Supply And Fixing Of Manholes Road Gullies Cover And Frame Repiar Of Cc Flooring Interlock Tiles Drain Etc. In Various Locations Of City Sangrur. PUNJAB4,73,000.0005/11/2014
20 TR 6671721 Repair and Renovation Of Municipal Council Office. PUNJAB6,80,000.0005/11/2014
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