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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6243238 Repairing/Painting Of Pale/Security Fencing Around The Switchyard Of 220/132kv Substation Roorkee. UTTARANCHALRefer Document26/08/2014
2 TR 6243225 Uplifting of Approach Road of Store at 220kv Substation Roorkee. UTTARANCHALRefer Document26/08/2014
3 TR 6228732 Supply of Vacuum interrupter for Various make 11kv V.C.B. UTTARANCHALRefer Document22/08/2014
4 TR 6200379 Replacement of Damaged Transformers. UTTARANCHALRefer Document20/08/2014
5 TR 6217253 Repair of R.R. Masonary work at various Tower Locations of 400 KV Tehri-Koteshwar and 765 KV Koteshwar-Meerut Transmission Lines. UTTARANCHALRefer Document14/08/2014
6 TR 6197442 Sale/Disposal of Unserviceable Items and Vehicles (Mini Bus, Ambassador Car, Maruti Gypsy, Matador, Computers, Electronic and Electrical Items etc). UTTARANCHALRefer Document11/08/2014
7 TR 6244273 Supply of Deep Freezer (Vertical). UTTARANCHALRefer Document08/08/2014
8 TR 6243213 Supply of Low Temperature pH Meter with accessories, Low Temperature Conductivity Meter, Temperature Probe with Data Logging. UTTARANCHALRefer Document08/08/2014
9 TR 6123900 Repair Of Combined Temeprature Vibration System For Tkpl Roorkee . UTTARANCHALRefer Document07/08/2014
10 TR 6149498 Sale of Land/Building. UTTARANCHAL3,00,00,000.0006/08/2014
11 TR 6227421 Supply of Exide Battery. UTTARANCHALRefer Document06/08/2014
12 TR 6189538 Purchase of PLC Panel with all Accessories, PLC Programming Software, SCADA Software (Development + Runtime) with OPC Server. UTTARANCHALRefer Document05/08/2014
13 TR 6217262 Replacement of damaged 11 KV aerial bunch cable of plastiblends industrial feeder. UTTARANCHALRefer Document05/08/2014
14 TR 6133840 Replacement and Erection of 132/66kv 3x5mva Transformer in place of 132/66kv 20mva Auto Transformer. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
15 TR 6132955 Replacement & Erection Of 132/66kv 3x5mva T/F By 132/66kv 20mva Auto Transformer At 132kv S/S Sringar Garhwal. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
16 TR 6150015 Supply of 1 MLD Ballasted Sand Flocculation Type Clarification Plant For Pilot Study of CNP Reduction Based on the Design Provided by IIT Roorkee. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
17 TR 6227576 Supply of Digital Copier, Multimedia Projector and Notebook Computer. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
18 TR 6227599 Supply Of Concrete Laboratory Equipment - LVDTs (high precision LVDTs with 50 mm stroke length and sensitivity of 2mVN, String gauge (mounted-type, high-precision, gauge length 100 mm, accuracy 0.001 mm), Crack width measurement device (branded, mounted-type, high precision, gauge length 10 mm, accuracy 0.00 I mm) should be battery operated with adjustable lamp with eye-piece scale turnable through 360° in order to align it with crack, Climatic chamber, Profilometer, Strain gauges, Portable load cells, Clip gauges, Extensometers, Hydraulic Jacks (1 00T/300T), Thermocouples, High Temperature LVDTs with 50 mm stroke, K.S. Sensor for pressure flow. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
19 TR 6227607 Transportation Laboratory Equipment. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
20 TR 6189410 Supply of High Speed Framing Camera. UTTARANCHALRefer Document04/08/2014
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