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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6205075 Required premise of building on rental basis. GUJARATRefer Document30/08/2014
2 TR 6199737 Supply of Megawin makes 11KV Breaker Spares for various Sub Stations under Nadiad TR Circle. GUJARAT9,90,246.0012/08/2014
3 TR 6193066 Work of conversion of Dog to Panther conductor. of 66KV Kapadwanj-Kathalal line under Buy-back under Nadiad TR circle. GUJARAT47,06,730.0011/08/2014
4 TR 6193075 Annual Rate Contract for Work of Installation of Earthing Pits at Various Substations Under Nadiad Tr Circle . GUJARAT11,95,740.0011/08/2014
5 TR 6193048 Supply of Megawin makes 11KV Breaker Spares for various Sub Stations under Nadiad TR Circle. GUJARAT9,90,246.0008/08/2014
6 TR 6199733 Annual rate contract for work for up keeping of control room & colony premises at 220KV Khanpur SS under Ranasan TR Division. GUJARAT4,06,719.0007/08/2014
7 TR 6206274 Renovation of M.D.R.B. / Canal Siphon at Ch. 17700 of Matar Minor. GUJARAT14,75,387.0006/08/2014
8 TR 6206283 Providing Barbed wire Fencing on Matar Branch Between ch. 3000 to 8700. GUJARAT6,89,040.0006/08/2014
9 TR 6205601 Repairing of Canal. GUJARATRefer Document06/08/2014
10 TR 6166124 Work of replacement of conductors, insulators, Earth wires etc. of 66KV Vatva-Naranpura D/C line passing through Ahmadabad city area under Buy-back under Nadiad TR circle. GUJARAT9,84,100.0004/08/2014
11 TR 6201449 Special repairs to Collector office (Mosquito grill, safety grill, door, aluminium door, drainage, carpet and Miscellaneous works). GUJARAT10,74,000.0002/08/2014
12 TR 6201452 C.R. to Road under R. and B. sub division Nadiad. W.B.M. Hot mix materials, patch work other work). GUJARAT9,44,000.0002/08/2014
13 TR 6201461 C.R. to Road under R. and B. sub division Nadiad. (Supply of materials, hot mix materials, patch work and Miscellaneous works). GUJARAT9,41,000.0002/08/2014
14 TR 6199985 Road work. GUJARAT43,94,000.0002/08/2014
15 TR 6211420 Annual rate contract for Dismantling & Erection of Breakers, Current transformers and Potential transformers of any type/make with required spares & accessory for the voltage class 66KV and above under Repair & Maintenance & Operation & Maintenance of plan for the year 2014-2015 at various Sub-station under Nadiad TR Circle. GUJARAT6,83,471.0002/08/2014
16 TR 6211426 Work conversion of dog to panther conductor of 66KV Karamsad-singlav-Borsad line under Buy-back under Karamsad TR Division under Nadiad TR CIRCLE. GUJARAT47,05,579.0002/08/2014
17 TR 6209121 C.R. to Various Roads of Nadiad-III Section under R&B Sub Division Nadiad (W.B.M., Hot Mix Materials, Patch Work & Miscellaneous Works). GUJARAT9,44,475.0002/08/2014
18 TR 6200812 Water Supply And Sewerage Board GUJARAT6,93,000.0002/08/2014
19 TR 6159113 Interior and Electrical Work at Dabhan Zonal Office, Nadiad. GUJARATRefer Document01/08/2014
20 TR 6133877 Civil work. GUJARATRefer Document31/07/2014
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