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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6503334 Supply of Bar Code Based File Tracking System . TELANGANA6,00,000.0028/10/2014
2 TR 6510226 Procurement of 2 types of road wheel arm forging. Corrigendum TELANGANARefer Document17/10/2014
3 TR 6409673 Supply of Electronics Equipment. TELANGANA13,48,500.0015/10/2014
4 TR 6409728 Designed For Connecting Or Disconnecting Electrical Circuits When Specified Pressures Are Obtained In The System. TELANGANA10,62,500.0015/10/2014
5 TR 6409729 Supply of Electrical Direction Gyro Intended To Assist In Driving Ground Vehicles (Infantry Combat Vehicle) In Conditions Of Adverse Orientations. TELANGANA43,05,476.0015/10/2014
6 TR 6409733 Supply of Head Light. TELANGANA2,29,320.0015/10/2014
7 TR 6409737 Supply of Filter. TELANGANA3,39,660.0015/10/2014
8 TR 6409744 Supply of Converter. TELANGANA15,26,817.0015/10/2014
9 TR 6409753 Supply of Head Light. TELANGANA6,52,860.0015/10/2014
10 TR 6409918 Supply of Slip Ring box (TCRB) to drg. No. 675-79-SB3, qty. 19 sets. TELANGANA5,78,550.0015/10/2014
11 TR 6409921 Supply of Heat Sensors. TELANGANA4,85,350.0015/10/2014
12 TR 6409928 Supply of (1) Automatic Circuit Breaker Azs-5, Ty 16-526-015-73, Qty.183 Nos.(2) ACB Azs-30 To Specn Tu 16-526-015-73, Qty. 50 Nos.(3) Acb Azs-50 To Specn Tu 16-526-015-73, Qty. 202 N. TELANGANA3,02,298.0015/10/2014
13 TR 6469036 Development of stores (turret electrical equipment). TELANGANA6,66,500.0015/10/2014
14 TR 6475801 Supply Of Limit Switch (Rotary). TELANGANA3,17,151.0015/10/2014
15 TR 6475804 Supply Of Relay Pm6. TELANGANA2,52,840.0015/10/2014
16 TR 6475806 Supply Of Electric Motor Mh-1. TELANGANA2,65,856.0015/10/2014
17 TR 6504010 Providing External Lighting To Tourist Facilities At Kornati Cheruvu, Sddipet, Medak Dist TELANGANA10,50,000.0015/10/2014
18 TR 6435120 Hiring Of 17 Labourers To Meet The Requirement Of Production And Other Sections. TELANGANA21,00,000.0014/10/2014
19 TR 6486193 1) Cleaning, Sweeping And Maintenance Of Toilets, Floor Area And Open Areas Of Admin Building 2) Cleaning And Maintenance Of All The Toilets In Shop Floor Building. TELANGANA40,00,000.0014/10/2014
20 TR 6515955 Supply Of Medicines. TELANGANA20,00,000.0014/10/2014
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