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1 TR 6144956 Rate Contract for Providing Electrical Installation & Fans for external Works mainly Schools and other allied Buildings Under BSNL Electrical Division Mandi. HIMACHAL PRADESH17,07,039.0021/09/2014
2 TR 6234122 Construction of 25.00 mtrs. effective span RCC Box Girder type Bridge over Thothu khad on Dharampur Sandhole road via Seon at R.D. 7/165. (SH:- Construction of both side approaches at R.D. 7/085 to 7/165 (Dharampur Side) R.D. 7/190 to 7/270 (Sidhpur side) UNDER NABARD RIDF-XV. HIMACHAL PRADESH25,37,882.0019/09/2014
3 TR 6234130 Construction of Balance work of Khouda Longni road via Rosso km. 0/0 to 8/335. (SH:-Providing/Laying soling,wearing and tarring in km. 1/330 to 8/335) UNDER NABARD. HIMACHAL PRADESH49,69,413.0019/09/2014
4 TR 6250326 Laying Premix Carpet on old metalled road from Slapper Colony to Surge Shaft (RD 0 to 9450') and road leading to Valve Chamber and Gate Chamber at Slapper. HIMACHAL PRADESH27,60,000.0009/09/2014
5 TR 6201163 Construction of Gohar Kandha Road km 0/0 to 14/0. SH: Maintenance Road side Drain and Place Identification Sign Board in km 0/0 to 14/0. HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document23/08/2014
6 TR 6201168 Construction of Link Road to Village Shilnu Km 0/0 to 5/100. SH: Providing and Laying MT, Essential R/Wall, Road Side Drain and Parapels etc in km 0/0 to 5/100. HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document23/08/2014
7 TR 6232044 Providing and Laying M T Essential Retaining Wall Road Side Drain And Parapets Etc In Km 0 0 To 5 100 Ic 5 Years Routine Maintenance . HIMACHAL PRADESH2,10,59,410.0023/08/2014
8 TR 6232054 Construction of Gohar Kandha road km 0/0 to 14/0 under PMGSY (World Bank assisted Project) RRP-II Stage-II Tranche-I Package No.HP-08-34A, M/T, Road Side Drain And Place Identification Sign Board In Km. 0/0 To 14/0 And 5 Years Routine Maintenance . HIMACHAL PRADESH3,42,99,005.0023/08/2014
9 TR 6232076 Providing And Laying Metalling And Tarring, Essential Retaining wall, Boundary wall, V-Shape Road Drain, Essential Cross Drainage Work And Parapets And Sign Board Including 5 Year Maintenance In Km. 0/0 To 5/0 . HIMACHAL PRADESH2,42,17,587.0023/08/2014
10 TR 6222569 Supply of 33 KV Outdoor Voltage Transformers, 33 KV Outdoor Current Transformers, 6.6 KV Indoor Current Transformers and Neutral Grounding Transformers. CORRIGENDUM. HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document21/08/2014
11 TR 6236266 Supply Of Electrical Items . HIMACHAL PRADESH20,17,289.0020/08/2014
12 TR 6236241 Supply Of Building Materials . HIMACHAL PRADESH1,66,680.0019/08/2014
13 TR 6232051 Construction of Slapper Serikothi road (Portion Dharli Serikothi km. 13/0 to 18/0) under PMGSY Package No. HP-08-71 for the year 2006-07 (Panchyat Connectivity).. HIMACHAL PRADESH78,67,042.0019/08/2014
14 TR 6145175 Periodic Maintenance of Mandi Kamand Kataula Bajaura Road. Sh: Providing / Laying 20mm thick Premix Carpet, Profile Correction Course, Cross Drainage works, V-shape Drains, Essential Parapets and Providing and Fixing Signages in Road. HIMACHAL PRADESH96,34,766.0019/08/2014
15 TR 6119836 Construction of Government Degree College at Kullu.(Construction of Arts Block, Administrative Block, Auditorium and Library Hall etc). SH: Providing Electrical Installation Therein, Basement Floor, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2 nd Floor and 3rd Floor. HIMACHAL PRADESH35,22,096.0018/08/2014
16 TR 6236221 Supply Of Emulsion Based Explosives . HIMACHAL PRADESH24,43,350.0013/08/2014
17 TR 6244764 Empanelled to provide Services for Conducted of Audit following Scheme of DRDA for the year 2013-14 – DRDA Administration, Lay, SGSY, TSR HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document11/08/2014
18 TR 5876425 Construction of Balance work Including Metalling and Tarring of Darkoti to Nichala Bharyara Upto Village Bharyara. SH: Construction of Retaining Wall, Breast Wall, Cross Drainage Work and Soling in km 4/700 to 9/0. HIMACHAL PRADESH1,14,12,018.0009/08/2014
19 TR 6201085 Providing Canteen Service. HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document08/08/2014
20 TR 6242579 Sale of Property (Commercial/Plot). MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document08/08/2014
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