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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5824550 Supply of Air Inletcheck Valve For DFA. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document18/06/2014
2 TR 5826881 Supply of 220 KV current transformers. Corrigendum CHHATTISGARHRefer Document27/05/2014
3 TR 5825143 Awarding annual contract for unloading of departmental / railway BOBRN wagons and feeding of coal into hoppers. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document20/05/2014
4 TR 5824482 Supply of Split Oil Seal For 200mw Units Coalmills. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document16/05/2014
5 TR 5824476 Supply of Boiler Spares and ESP Disconnecting Switch. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document16/05/2014
6 TR 5824490 Providing Degreasing Compound For Mgr Locomotive CHHATTISGARHRefer Document16/05/2014
7 TR 5822588 Supply of Sleeve Bearing Assembly for 1600 kw BFP motor of P.H. no. III, Korba. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document16/05/2014
8 TR 5743989 Supply, erection and commissioning of hydrogen generation plant. CHHATTISGARH4,01,00,000.0016/05/2014
9 TR 5822593 Supply of Gland Steam Exhauster Fan with coupling and pedestalfor Unit No. 5 of 2x120 MW, PH.III, KTPS, Korba East. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document15/05/2014
10 TR 5824479 Supply of Stethoscope (Cardio And Pediatric). CHHATTISGARHRefer Document14/05/2014
11 TR 5808788 Supply and Retrofitting of 400kv Sf6 Breaker With Existing Abcb at Kstps, Stage-I Area. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document14/05/2014
12 TR 5817310 Supply of Parachute Catching Device - 02 Items. . CHHATTISGARH13,27,000.0013/05/2014
13 TR 5778377 Hiring Of 01 No. Diesel Jeep For Cws, Korba. CHHATTISGARH10,08,000.0013/05/2014
14 TR 5781073 Hiring Of 01 No. Diesel Jeep For Central Stores, Korba. . CHHATTISGARH11,06,000.0013/05/2014
15 TR 5822604 Supply of HRC fuse links for PH-II, PH-III & CHP, including DFGC, Dry Fly Ash Disposal System at KTPS, CSPGCL, Korba East. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document13/05/2014
16 TR 5811607 Supply Of Pvc Flexible Ventilation Ducting. CHHATTISGARH13,52,000.0009/05/2014
17 TR 5817498 Complete Repairing Of 17.55 Kw Exciter Generator Of 10/70 Dragline. CHHATTISGARH2,32,000.0009/05/2014
18 TR 5817506 Repairing Of 10T Electrically Operated Over Head Crane. CHHATTISGARH3,27,913.0009/05/2014
19 TR 5817564 Hiring of Shift Vehicle for EE (OPN)-II, CSPGCL, KTPS, Korba East. along with driver (in general duty), fuel, oil etc. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document09/05/2014
20 TR 5801175 Supply of ESP rapping shaft & Bottom shock bar guide plate and heaters for PH-III, CSPGCL, Korba East. CHHATTISGARHRefer Document07/05/2014
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