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1 TR 5821467 Supply of Lamp Gate Black Japanned Complete With Dubber And 10 Mm Burner [Barton Type] Is: W/Cme Ml-762 Alt-1 And Burner To Irs Drg. C/Eq 1642. . RAJASTHANRefer Document20/06/2014
2 TR 5813818 Supply of Full Opening Safety Valves & Kelly Cock. RAJASTHANRefer Document18/06/2014
3 TR 5780229 Supply of 32Amp 415V Ac 3 Phase Contractor For Compressor Coil Voltage 110V Ac With 2 No Plus 2Nc Contacts,Suitable For Rmpu Type Ac Coaches Bch Make Cateloge No Ce 15 Fn 3. RAJASTHANRefer Document03/06/2014
4 TR 5796462 Supply of Fastner For Inter Cell Connector And End Cell Connector For Tl Cells As Per Rdso Drg No. Skel-1485 With Alt.6 And Is-6848 Of 1979 With Amdt No 1,2 And 3 The Set Of Bolts Is Comprising Of 1. One Piece Of Hexbolt M8 X 35 Mm Long , 2. One Piece Of Hex Nut M8, 3. One Piece Of Spring Washer M8, 4. Two Piece Of Punched Washer Thickness Of Lead Coating Of Components Shall Not Be Less Than 0.010 Mm. . RAJASTHANRefer Document03/06/2014
5 TR 5821296 Supply of Lever Size-20X120x622mm To Drg. No. Sk-98031 Alt.1, Item No.1. Material And Specification As Per Drg. . RAJASTHANRefer Document30/05/2014
6 TR 5821307 Supply of Rubber Profile For Window To Rcf Drg. No. He-54101 Alt.G. Material And Specification As Per Drg. Item To Be Supply In The Roll Of 25 Mtrs. . RAJASTHANRefer Document30/05/2014
7 TR 5785441 Supply of Nails M.S Plain Finished Cut Lath To Size 10 Mm X1.8 Mm X 5.4 Mm To Is-723/72 Fig-9 And 6734/72. RAJASTHANRefer Document30/05/2014
8 TR 5813438 Supply of Induction Heater Cap 12 Kva With All Standard And Optional Accessories Annexure-1 And With Swing Arm, And Micro Controller Based Programming, For Mounting Of Bearing Of Bg Coaches As Per Specification Juws/M P/2013-14/Ind.Heat/01 Enclosed With Requisition, Make Precision, Inventum, Vivid Or Similar . RAJASTHANRefer Document28/05/2014
9 TR 5813197 Supply of Pvc Insulated Single Core 1.50 Sq.Mm Unsheathed Industrial Multistrand Cable - Flame Retardant Confirming To Is-694 : 1990 With Flexible Electrolytic Copper Conductor For Voltage Grade Up To 1100 Volts. . RAJASTHANRefer Document27/05/2014
10 TR 5813204 Supply of Three Pin Plug Volts:250V Ac, Ampex:6A Isi Marked Made Of Tough Non-Ignitable Ignitable Insulating Material Conforming To Is:1293:2005 Third Revision Amdt. No. 1 To 3. . RAJASTHANRefer Document27/05/2014
11 TR 5812027 Supply of Socket outlet isi marked non-shuttered with cover made of tough non ignitable insulating material and suitable for three pin plug type: piano type 3 pin, material of base:vitrified ceramic, volts:250v, ampere:16a and confirming to is:1293/2005 third revision with amendment no. 1 to 3. RAJASTHANRefer Document23/05/2014
12 TR 5797785 Supply of Twist Drill Morse Tapper Shank Shank No. 1 Highspeed Tool Steel Dia 7.20 Mm Overall Lenghth 150 Mm Flute Length 69 Mm To Is 5103/1969, Orbs 328 Part-I 1986. . RAJASTHANRefer Document23/05/2014
13 TR 5794676 Supply of Event Recorder Mrt-919 For Emd Loco Spec. No. Mp.0.3700.12 Rev.00 Jan 09. . RAJASTHANRefer Document23/05/2014
14 TR 5794679 Supply of Grommet Cable Rotor To Slip Ring To Emd Pt. No. 8441790 Dlw Pt. No. 18540120. . RAJASTHANRefer Document23/05/2014
15 TR 5794924 Supply of Side Bffer Recoil Spring /Bg. RAJASTHANRefer Document21/05/2014
16 TR 5815426 Supply of Ss Under Slug Water Tank Module for AC. RAJASTHANRefer Document20/05/2014
17 TR 5802417 Supply of Steel Shots Size Ss-850 To Is 4606/1983 . RAJASTHANRefer Document20/05/2014
18 TR 5821431 Supply of Hydraulic Shearing Machine . RAJASTHANRefer Document20/05/2014
19 TR 5821474 Annual, Maintenance and Contract For Epabx And Its Related Subsystem For 03 Years . RAJASTHANRefer Document20/05/2014
20 TR 5817644 Annual Maintenance Contract for EPABX Hipath 4000 and Its related All subsystems. RAJASTHANRefer Document20/05/2014
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