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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6342341 Supply of Oil lub axle medium to IS, 1628-1986 OR SIMILAR.. WEST BENGALRefer Document13/10/2014
2 TR 6342348 Supply of Internal Combustion Engine Crank Case Oil To Is,13656-2002 Type Edl-2 [Api-Cd With Mak T-7 Test] Diesel Engines Gr.Sae-40. To Is, 13656-93 WEST BENGALRefer Document13/10/2014
3 TR 6342679 Supply of Inter Vehicle Coupler Plug Assembly Type A, B, C, D And E. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/09/2014
4 TR 6342861 Supply Of Draft Gear Bracket Complete. WEST BENGALRefer Document25/09/2014
5 TR 6342344 Supply of Gear case oil for Traction Motor Type 4601 Bx-BW Crater-2 [CALTEX] or Geartak-2 [HPC] or Cardium Compound-F [shell] or Camax Compound-F[BPC]. WEST BENGALRefer Document22/09/2014
6 TR 6342857 Supply of Draw Gear Pin. WEST BENGALRefer Document22/09/2014
7 TR 6292183 Supply of FRP Window Guide Arrangement for Lavatory Window. WEST BENGALRefer Document19/09/2014
8 TR 6280138 Supply of Paint Enamel Synthetic Exterior Under Coating Middle Burnswick Green [Isc,226] To Is,8662-2004 [2nd Revision] Along With Additional Requirements As Laid Down In Icf Str.No. Icf-Md-Spec.045 Issue Status 02, Rev.03. WEST BENGALRefer Document18/09/2014
9 TR 6342845 Supply of Sheet Lower Side Wall to LLH. WEST BENGALRefer Document16/09/2014
10 TR 6342864 Supply Of Bracket For Anchor Link On Bogie Frame. WEST BENGALRefer Document16/09/2014
11 TR 6318577 Supply of Foot Step Arrangemernt to Drg.No. Icf-Std-2-4-001,Col-1,Alt.No.- N Or Latest. . WEST BENGALRefer Document15/09/2014
12 TR 6343043 Supply Of Tack M.S. Tinned To Size 1.8 X 15 Mm, Is, 6734-1972[Cut Lath Nail]. WEST BENGALRefer Document15/09/2014
13 TR 6360400 Supply of Plug pin female for inter vehicle coupler plug to ICF s Drg. No. ICF - SK-7-5-054-Alt-j item no. 18. WEST BENGALRefer Document15/09/2014
14 TR 6342363 Supply of Moly Graf-44 Grease Of Vacuum Circuit Braker Of Locos,Emus And Memus Generally Should Confirm To Nlgi Grade 2, Penetration Worked 60-60 Strokes 0.1 Mm . WEST BENGALRefer Document15/09/2014
15 TR 6272748 Supply Of Lower Spring Beam [Modified] For Emu Trailor Coaches As Per Drg.No.Emu-0-5-034 Alt.Nil Col.I. WEST BENGALRefer Document12/09/2014
16 TR 6255752 Supply of Paint Enamel Synthetic Exterior Under Coating Gulf Red To Is, 8662- 2004 [2nd Revn.] Isc No- 473 . WEST BENGALRefer Document09/09/2014
17 TR 6262002 Supply of paint enamel synthetic exterior under coating gulf red to is, 8662- 2004 [2nd revn.] isc no- 473 along with additional requirements as laid down in icf str no- icf-md-spec. 045 issues status 02 rev.03. WEST BENGALRefer Document09/09/2014
18 TR 6306075 Supply of Screwing Piece On Bogie Frame For Emu Tr. And Motor Coaches. WEST BENGALRefer Document09/09/2014
19 TR 6306110 Supply of Pin [Long] For Equalizing Stay. WEST BENGALRefer Document09/09/2014
20 TR 6319421 Supply of Pin for Brake Gear[Pin-9] of EMU Tr. Coaches to KPA Drg, No. BW-E-268 Alt. c . WEST BENGALRefer Document08/09/2014
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