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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5826377 Supply of Cleaning Powder Of The Following Brands, [1] Vim Of M-S Hindustan Lever, [2] Deep Clean Of M-S. D.M. Industries [Cal], [3] Max Of M-S. Chemical And Petro Chemical Industries, [N.B, No Other Brand Will Be Accepted Except These Approved Brand Of Cme-Er-Fp-Kkk]. . WEST BENGALRefer Document03/06/2014
2 TR 5807290 Supply of Wire Rope Flexible Galvanised 12 Mm Dia Rh Ordinary Lay With Fibre Core And 6-19 [12-6-1] Construction Minimum Breaking Load [Corresponding To Tensile Designation Of Wire Of 1770] 78 Kn As Per Is,2266-1989 Or Latest.. WEST BENGALRefer Document27/05/2014
3 TR 5807296 Supply of Wire Rope Steel Flexible Galvanized 20Mm Dia Right Hand Ordinary Lay With Fibre Core And 6 X 19 [12-6-1] Construction Minimum Breaking Load [ Corresponding To Tensile Designation Of Wire Of 1770] Newton Per Mm Square 218 Kn As Per Is, 2266-2002 Or Latest. WEST BENGALRefer Document27/05/2014
4 TR 5809775 Supply of Miniature Circuit Breaker, Traction Duty 240V Ac, 2.5 Amps,Single Pole As Per Is, 8828- 1996 With Extended Connecting Terminal Arrangement But Without Fixation Bracket. Rdso Drg. No. Skel 3700 Alt.1 With Clause 4.4.2 Of Specification Spec-E-12-1-04 For Terminal Arrangement.. WEST BENGALRefer Document27/05/2014
5 TR 5807374 Supply of Wire Sealing M.S.Galvanised 1-32 Dia Reunified By 1-64 Dia [0.4 M.M.] As Per Is No. 280-2006. WEST BENGALRefer Document27/05/2014
6 TR 5813667 Supply of High Tensile Hexagonal Head Bolt Full Threaded, M 16 X 50 Mm Long [ Is, 1364, Pt.- Ii, 8.8] With Split Pin [3.2 Mm X 40 Mm, Is, 549] At A Distance Of 5 Mm From The Tail Head With One No Of Spring Washer [Is, 3063], 02 Nos. Plain Washers [Is, 2016], One No. Hexagonal Nut [Is, 1364, Pt.- Iii], One No. Hexagonal Lock Nut [Is, 1364, Pt.- Iv], All Galvanised [Is, 1367, Pt.- Xiii], Split Pin Hole Dia 4Mm. All Assembled Condition, Except Split Pin To Be Supplied Loose. . WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
7 TR 5801831 Supply of Grease Hard Loco Gr-1 To Is 720-1986.. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
8 TR 5801830 Supply of Grease for General Purpose To Is, 507-1993, 3Rd Rev., Reaffirmed 2006. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
9 TR 5801788 Supply of Hexagonal Head Bolts And Nuts Assembled [1] Product Grade Cms Black To Is, 1363 Part-1-2002 For Bolt [2] Product Grade Cms Black To Is, 1363 Part-3-2002 For Nuts [Bolt Property Class 4.6 And Nut With 5] Size, 12 X 45 mm. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
10 TR 5801789 Supply of Bolt MS Black Hex Head With Hex Nut 12 X 75Mm Is, 1363-1992. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
11 TR 5801790 Supply of Hexagonal Head Bolt And Nut Assembled [1] Product Grade Cms Black To Is, 1363 [Part I]-2002 For Bolt, [2] Product Grade Cms Black To Is, 1363 [Pt 3]-2002 For Nuts. Bolt Property Class 4.6 And Nut With 5. Size, 20 X 50 Mm.. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
12 TR 5801796 Supply of Slotted Pan Head Tapping Screw Size St- 4.8 X 32 C To Is, 7173-89.. WEST BENGALRefer Document26/05/2014
13 TR 5789238 Supply of FRP Tray for Battery Box 110 V DC. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
14 TR 5825659 Supply of Hex Head Bolt With Nylock Nut And Spring Washer To Rdso S, Sk. No.98145, Item No.18, 19 And 20, Alt No.12[Twelve] Or Latest And Icf S Str No. Icf-Md-Spec-252, Rev-00 Or Latest. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
15 TR 5807577 Supply of Corner Moulding For Emu-Memu Trailer And Motor Coaches. Drg.No. Ac-Emu-158 Ref. C Alt.Nil.. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
16 TR 5807581 Supply of Top Back Rest Of Double Seat Frame For Fixing Seat Cum Back Rest To Kpa S Drg No. Er-Kpa Emu-10-88, Alt. Nil.. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
17 TR 5807919 Supply of Operating Pawl Housing Ring For Bogie Mounted 203 Mm Air Beake Cylinder [With Slack Adjuster] For Emu-Memu Coaches To Specn. Rdso S Assembly Drg. No. 81200-Alt-5 Item No.57, And Part Drg.No. 81206-Alt-3 Item-6. . WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
18 TR 5804926 Supply of Housing With Connecting Pipe For Anchor Link To Icf S Drg No.T-0-7-603, , Col.No. - 1, Item No.-1 And 2, Alt.No. Z-15 Or Latest.. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
19 TR 5804928 Supply of Modification For Suspension Chain For Middle Berth Of Tcn [3 Tier] Coaches To Drg.No.Icf-Sk-6-1-146. Col.No.I. Alt. No.-Nil Or Latest. WEST BENGALRefer Document23/05/2014
20 TR 5801780 Supply of Socket MS Galvanised [Hg] 40Mm Hfs To Is,1239-Pt.Ii-1992 Table-6. WEST BENGALRefer Document22/05/2014
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