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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 5833440 Annual Repair Maintenance of 33KV Sub-station, 160 KVA Diesel Generator Set, Fire Alarm & Detection System etc at R.V.S.T. Civil Air Terminal, Maharajpura Gwalior MADHYA PRADESH16,54,833.0027/05/2014
2 TR 5833432 Replacement of old Air Conditioner in V.I.P. Room at CAT Gwalior. MADHYA PRADESH2,24,533.0026/05/2014
3 TR 5835062 Supply of Annuncator Multiway Telephone Exchange 10 Lines. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document15/05/2014
4 TR 5820261 Electrical works at Gwalior Depot. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document13/05/2014
5 TR 5783158 Electrical work for-Augmentation of water supply system (at 05 tations) Gwalior, Dholpur, Morena, Lalitpur& Banda stations. MADHYA PRADESH1,05,00,000.0013/05/2014
6 TR 5783168 Electrical Work For- (A) GWL-Augmentation Of PF Shelter On Remaining Length Of PF No.1,2,3 & 4. (B).BLNR-(Development Of Birlanagar Adarsh Station), Provision Of Waiting Room At PF No.1 (C). GWL- Prov.Of Toilet At PF No.1 JHS End And PF No.4 AGC End. (D) MRA-Prov.Of Waiting Room Upper Class & For Ladies ( Combined Upper & 2ndclass). (E) DHO- Augmentation Of PF Shelter At PF No.1 ( 4 Bay) With Provision Of Seating Arrangement Under The Extended Portion Of Shelter . (F) LAR Sub Divn.- Prov.Of One Room At DUA,JLN & JRO Stations For Battery Room To Replace VRLA Battery To MRLA Batteries (G)JHS-Accommodation In Divisional Railway Hospital,Jhansi For Attendant Of Railway Patient (Dormitory). (H)Jhansi:-Replacement Work Of Railway Magistrate Court & Other Miscellaneous Work In Circulating area. (I) MKP :- Provision Of Train Indicator Boards At Manikpur Station As Per RDSO Specification Of Integrated Passenger Information System. (J)Jhansi:-Rewiring Of DRM Office (Srdme & Srdso Office)JHS Including Replacement Of Defective Switch Boards, Panel Boards Cable And Dressing Of Cables In Cable Trays Etc. MADHYA PRADESH20,46,000.0013/05/2014
7 TR 5828894 Upgradation Of Existing Terminal Automation System At Gwalior Depot Under Mpso . MADHYA PRADESH4,54,93,331.0008/05/2014
8 TR 5826785 Up gradation of Existing Terminal Automation System at Gwalior Depot. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document08/05/2014
9 TR 5826788 Up gradation of Existing Terminal Automation System at Jabalpur Depot. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document08/05/2014
10 TR 5822788 Purchase of Barco Rlm W6 Projector Lamp. MADHYA PRADESH1,60,000.0006/05/2014
11 TR 5825414 Purchase of Barco Rlm W 6 Projector Lamp . MADHYA PRADESH1,60,000.0006/05/2014
12 TR 5821804 Audit Of Duda Offices For Financial Year 2004-05 To 2013-14 Cluster 6 - Gwalior . MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document05/05/2014
13 TR 5818833 Contract for Security Services at ABV- IIITM Campus Gwalior. MADHYA PRADESHRefer Document05/05/2014
14 TR 5837873 Site preparation of ATM Room at Lashkar HO and Morar HO at Gwalior Division MADHYA PRADESH5,05,567.0005/05/2014
15 TR 5790347 Auction Sale of Immovable Property –Land / Building. MADHYA PRADESH26,00,000.0002/05/2014
16 TR 5790350 Auction Sale of Immovable Property –Land / Building. MADHYA PRADESH83,85,000.0002/05/2014
17 TR 5790352 Auction Sale of Immovable Property –Land / Building. MADHYA PRADESH27,93,000.0002/05/2014
18 TR 5790353 Auction Sale of Immovable Property –Land / Building. MADHYA PRADESH56,00,000.0002/05/2014
19 TR 5790356 Auction Sale of Immovable Property –Land / Building. MADHYA PRADESH27,90,000.0002/05/2014
20 TR 5818235 Implementation of Mb Lal Works - Mechanical Work, Piping, Civil And Tank Related Works At Gwalior Depot . MADHYA PRADESH3,18,64,459.0002/05/2014
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