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1 TR 6494081 Construction Of Staff Quarters Type Ii -5 Units And Type Iii -4 Units (Total 09 Units) At Vinukonda Under Re Project Over Aden/West Section . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document27/10/2014
2 TR 6494106 Closure of unmanned LC No.12 at Km 14/1-2 by diverting traffic to LC No.13 at Km 14/6-7 between Bandarupalli-Siripuram stations; (2) Closure of unmanned LC No.189 at Km247/9 / 248/0 by diverting traffic to LC No.188 at Km 248/4-5 between Gazulapalli-Nandyal stations; (3) Closure of unmanned LC No.230 at Km 155/7-8 by diverting traffic to LC No.231 at Km 154/9-155/0 between Markapur-Tarlupadu stations. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document27/10/2014
3 TR 6494112 Sw-I: Repairs To Staff Quarters Court Yard Doors, Windows, Mosquito Meshes And Bathroom/Toilet Doors At Nandyal, Chelama, Diguvametta And Giddalur Over Aden/Ndl Section; Sw-Ii: Improvements To Railway Institute At Nandyal; Sw-Iii: Segregation Of Category Â?? Vi Load From Category Â?? Ii Loads At Nandyal . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document27/10/2014
4 TR 6494116 Repairs To Boundary Wall From Km 143/6 Â?? 144/0 At Markapur And 203/08 Â?? 204/3 At Giddaluru . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document27/10/2014
5 TR 6494119 Construction Of Boundary Wall To Prevent Encroachment Of Railway Land (Sanjeevnagar Colony & C&W Depot) At Guntur. . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document27/10/2014
6 TR 6406566 Construction of TTD Kalayan Mandapam at Challgundla(V) Nakarikablu (M) Guntur District, ANDHRA PRADESH49,30,000.0024/10/2014
7 TR 6496252 Supply of Disaster Management Kit. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document21/10/2014
8 TR 6495811 Enhancement Of Power Transformer Capacity From 2 X 10/16 Mva To 1X31.5 Mva + 1X 10/16 Mva At 132 Kv Ss Repalle In Guntur District. ANDHRA PRADESH5,46,507.0016/10/2014
9 TR 6552691 Construction Of Cemented Embankment In Technical Area At Air Force Station Suryalanka . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document16/10/2014
10 TR 6552693 Provision Of Recreation Ground At Air Force Station Suryalanka . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/10/2014
11 TR 6462002 Empanelment of architectural Cum Project Management Consultant. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/10/2014
12 TR 6516558 Enhancement of Power Transformer Capacity From 2 X 10/16 MVA To 1x31.5 MVA + 1x 10/16 MVA At 132 KV SS Repalle In Guntur District. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document15/10/2014
13 TR 6568616 Repairs and Renovations To Old Sheds At Government Riti, Macherla In Guntur District. ANDHRA PRADESH14,86,095.0014/10/2014
14 TR 6568635 Construction Of Three Class Rooms And Alied Trade Work Shop In Government Iti Tenali In Guntur District. ANDHRA PRADESH25,66,497.0014/10/2014
15 TR 6430635 Increasing of Sleeper Density In Loop Lines From M+4 To M+7 Density At Chityala, Srirampuram, Nalgonda, Mangalagiri, Nambur, Vejendla, New Guntur, Nadikudi, Miryalaguda, Kondaprol, Vishnupuram, Pondugala, Nagireddipalli And Valigonda Stations . ANDHRA PRADESH90,52,712.0014/10/2014
16 TR 6552695 Provision Of Certain Minor Works At Af Station Suryalanka . ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document14/10/2014
17 TR 6516555 Supply Of Various Types Of Clamps Required at 132 KV Sub-Station Guntur. ANDHRA PRADESHRefer Document14/10/2014
18 TR 6549500 Construction Of Office Cabins In The Premises Of Mls Point Godowns At 1) Prathipadu 2) Pinapadu, Tenali 3) Near Rtc Bus Stand, Guntur 4) Vinukonda 5) Achampeta 6) Rajupalem In Guntur District ANDHRA PRADESH5,90,706.0013/10/2014
19 TR 6436588 Hiring Of Pick Up Truck Such As Tata 497 Sp/Kargo King/ Mahindra Nc 640 Dp Or Equivalent For 5 Seater Capacity For Se/Sig/Nrt & Je/Sig/Nlda. ANDHRA PRADESH12,67,200.0013/10/2014
20 TR 6436592 S&T Works In Connection With Through Turnout Rail Renewals (Total 22 Sets) In Gnt-Ndkd, Gnt-Tel &Gnt-Kcc Section At Srpm,Sap,Rem, Tmlu,Ngnt, Mag,Nbr & Vja Stations In Guntur Division. ANDHRA PRADESH23,12,159.0013/10/2014
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