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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6183624 Strengthening of Lighting Arrangement at 132kv Substation, Sikhohabad. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document20/08/2014
2 TR 6203908 Periphery lighting Work at 132 KV S/S Shikohabad under ETD Firozabad. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document20/08/2014
3 TR 6183629 Installation of Numerical Relay in place of Static Relay on 500mva and 315mva Transformer With Testing and Commissioning Work. Corrigendum UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document30/07/2014
4 TR 6104516 Construction of Main Building. UTTAR PRADESH10,45,75,000.0026/07/2014
5 TR 6177428 Auction Sale of Small cutting of cloth( Breadth not exceeding 6 inch.),Waste gunny pieces.,U/S Paper Spools,Polythene Scrap. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document25/07/2014
6 TR 6142633 Supply of Milk and Confessionary, Stationery Items, Furniture, Sports Items, Science Equipment, Maintenance of Computer, Plumber, and Electrical Items. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document25/07/2014
7 TR 6189170 Construction of Interlocking Road. UTTAR PRADESH14,96,000.0025/07/2014
8 TR 6136999 Hiring Of Non A.C. Car For Oef Hazratpur (1600 Kms Per Month & 10 Hrs Per Day)For Period Of 12 Months . UTTAR PRADESH2,50,000.0025/07/2014
9 TR 6183609 Purchase of I-03 Computer, UPS, Laser Jet Printer, Scanner, I-5 Laptop and Multi Function Laser Printer With Scanner. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document24/07/2014
10 TR 6148123 Supply of Thread Sewing Spun Polyester Khaki. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document22/07/2014
11 TR 6058991 Supply of Earthing discharge rod. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document21/07/2014
12 TR 6058984 Supply of Fire Cylinders. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document21/07/2014
13 TR 6058974 Supply of Double Tension Fitting and Ladder. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document21/07/2014
14 TR 6085732 Proposed Interior Furnishing Work Of Firozabad Branch. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document16/07/2014
15 TR 6085774 Proposed Interior Electrical Work Of Firozabad At Firozabad. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document16/07/2014
16 TR 6121526 Carriage of structure from EFU Naini to Firozabad. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document15/07/2014
17 TR 6121533 Refilling of foam type fire extinguisher at various sub station under ETD Firozabad. UTTAR PRADESHRefer Document15/07/2014
18 TR 6018371 Construction and Maintenance of Road Work Under Package Up 2642 In District Firozabad . UTTAR PRADESH7,12,37,000.0011/07/2014
19 TR 6018337 Construction and Maintenance of Road Work Under Package Up 2646 In District Firozabad . UTTAR PRADESH6,37,66,000.0011/07/2014
20 TR 6018829 Construction and Maintenance of Road Work Under Package Up 2643 In District Firozabad . UTTAR PRADESH6,89,84,000.0011/07/2014
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