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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6377115 Construction Of Site Management Building At Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana 1 And 2 Plant Site, District Fatehabad, Haryana. HARYANA28,96,13,366.0001/10/2014
2 TR 6383951 Construction Of Entrance Main Gate In New Grain Market & Additional Mandi At Fat . HARYANA13,86,200.0012/09/2014
3 TR 6395789 Special Repair Of Roads In Purchase Centre At Village, Nehla (M.C. Bhuna) (Id 55). HARYANA10,54,700.0012/09/2014
4 TR 6403498 Periodical Renewal of Fatehabad To Sirhali Chohla Sahib Road Under Head 3054 (Non-Plan) For The Year 2014-15.. . HARYANA1,64,25,293.0004/09/2014
5 TR 6290674 Finalisation Of Layout, Design, Supply, Transportation, Erection, Commissioning And Hand Over Of Pre-Fabricated Site Offices At Ghavp, Gorakhpur Distt. Fatehabad (Haryana) . HARYANARefer Document01/09/2014
6 TR 6310516 Construction of Open Inlet channel, S/S Tank 1 No., Clear Water Tank 1 No., 12 MLD Water Treatment plant, Pipe Line at Head Works, and all other works contingent thereto. HARYANA11,02,50,000.0027/08/2014
7 TR 6310524 Providing and Laying of 630mm O/d HDPE Pipe, Rising main from Sewerage Treatment Plant Fatehabad to Rangoi Nala, Const. of Pump Chamber 20'x12', Providing & fixing of Pumping Machinery, Panel Board Electric items. HARYANA12,00,45,000.0027/08/2014
8 TR 6356226 Auction of Shop. HARYANARefer Document25/08/2014
9 TR 6269483 Augmentation Of Water Supply Scheme For Zone 1 Sector 33 34 39 41 42 45 91 And Green Field Faridabad -Designing Construction Erection and Commissioning Of 6 Mgd Water Supply Scheme Consisting Of 1 Boosting Station And 1 Ugt Providing And Stringing . HARYANA13,00,00,000.0023/08/2014
10 TR 6312359 Auction Sale of Gold Ornaments. HARYANARefer Document22/08/2014
11 TR 6288620 Construction of V.R. Bridge & Approaches At Rd 114500 On Rangoi Channel In The Road F . HARYANA33,76,400.0021/08/2014
12 TR 6322320 Construction Of Entrance Main Gate In Extension Mandi At Fatehabad. HARYANA6,93,100.0021/08/2014
13 TR 6327642 Construction of Entrance Main Gate In New Vegetable Market At Fatehabad. HARYANA6,93,100.0021/08/2014
14 TR 6281540 Construction of Boosting station in Madhuwala (Under Water Supply Scheme Ratta Khera) Tehsil Tohana District Fatehabad 'Construction of 1 No. underground Clear Water Tank, Pump Chamber, Boundary wall, Iron Gate, laying of DI pipe line, Supply and erection of Clear water Pumping Machinery with all accessories complete in all respect as per DNIT at Boosting Station Madhuwala and all other works contingent thereto' HARYANA11,83,000.0021/08/2014
15 TR 6327644 Construction of Link Road From Dabwali To Doomwali (6945) . HARYANA33,21,400.0020/08/2014
16 TR 6286656 Construction of Girls Hostel building in Campus of Model School. HARYANA1,42,69,000.0020/08/2014
17 TR 6273091 Construction Of Chc With Residential Accommodation At Village Bhattu Kalan In Distt. Fatehabad (Providing Estate Electrical Installation Only) . HARYANA11,36,000.0019/08/2014
18 TR 6273100 Construction Of Govt. Polytechnic At Village Dhangar In Distt. Fatehabad (Providing Compact Electric Sub Station) . HARYANA37,57,000.0019/08/2014
19 TR 6273106 Construction Of Chc With Residential Accommodation At Village Badopal In Distt. Fatehabad (Providing Estate Electrical Installation Only) . HARYANA8,45,000.0019/08/2014
20 TR 6280329 Construction Of Govt. Polytechnic At Village Dhangar In Distt. Fatehabad (Pdg Estate E.I. Only). . HARYANA17,12,000.0019/08/2014
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