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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6153482 Construction Of Five Drying Yards In Amaravathy Sub Basin In Dindugal District. . TAMIL NADU20,00,000.0023/07/2014
2 TR 6043591 Cleaning Of Bushes, Vegetation Growths In Colony . TAMIL NADU8,85,000.0023/07/2014
3 TR 6043597 (I) Dindigul Proposed Construction Of Boundary Wall Between The Goods Unloading Area &Sidco Industrial Area(At North Side Of Qrs.No.173 Block) (Ii)Dindigul- Proposed Replacement Of Ac Sheet Wall With Brick Wall Between The Hanumantha Nagar Colony And Play Ground (In Rear Of Staff Quarters Dg/176 A Tod To 150Ab) (Iii)Repairs To Floor & Doors In Staff Quarters At Hanumantha Nagarcolony (150Ab, 151A-D,152 A-D,153Ab,168A-D,169A-D,172Ab &173A-C) (Iv) Aden/Dindigul Sub Division;_ Periodical Brightening Of Staff Quarters At Dindigul ,Palani,Manaparai Stations, (V) Kodaikanal Road And Pungudi Way Side Stations: Improvements To Approach Road And Circulating Area. (Vi) Dindigul Sub Division: - Periodical Painting Of Platform Shelters. . TAMIL NADU1,25,95,000.0023/07/2014
4 TR 6032459 Construction of Five Drying yards in Amaravathy Sub Basin in Dindugal District. TAMIL NADU20,00,000.0023/07/2014
5 TR 6032462 Supply of Tarpaulin - 365 Nos. as per CG DPR Phase I (2013-2014) (Varaganadi, Uppervellar, Southvellar, Pambar, Man-imujtharu, Kottakkaraiyar, Arjunanadhi, PAP Palar and PAP Aliyar Sub Basins) as per CG Infrastructure Drying yard Phase-I DPR. TAMIL NADU25,55,000.0023/07/2014
6 TR 6113090 Supply Of Special Machines. TAMIL NADU29,00,000.0015/07/2014
7 TR 6113095 Supply Of All Geared Head Precision Centre Lathes. TAMIL NADU40,50,000.0015/07/2014
8 TR 6113859 Supply and Delivery of India Mark Ii Hand Pumps As Per Is9301-1990 Specifications And Spare Parts On Rate Contract For The Period Up To 31.03.2015 . TAMIL NADU30,00,000.0010/07/2014
9 TR 6112854 Construction Of Atm Room At Nilakottai Hpo Under Dindigul Division . TAMIL NADU2,83,440.0008/07/2014
10 TR 6041897 Required Premises on Lease. TAMIL NADURefer Document07/07/2014
11 TR 6067368 Provision of Hire Vehicle to SE/DEDC/Dindigul. TAMIL NADURefer Document04/07/2014
12 TR 6067381 Provision of Hire vehicle to AEE/Kannivady. TAMIL NADURefer Document04/07/2014
13 TR 6067462 Provision of Hire Vehicle to AEE/Enforcement/Dindigul. TAMIL NADURefer Document04/07/2014
14 TR 6069447 Round the clock Operation of Package type Air Conditioner plants and comprehensive maintenance of Package / Split / Window Air Conditioner units in Theni Telephone Exchange. TAMIL NADU4,30,584.0003/07/2014
15 TR 6069441 Round the clock Operation and comprehensive maintenance of Package Air Conditioner units in PeriakulamTelephone Exchange. (From April 2014 to March 2015). TAMIL NADU3,97,800.0003/07/2014
16 TR 6069398 Round the clock Operation of Package type Air Conditioner plants and comprehensive maintenance of Package / Split / Window Air Conditioner units in Dindigul Telephone Exchange. (From April 2014 to March 2015). TAMIL NADU4,49,688.0003/07/2014
17 TR 6065563 Providing Rider Mains, Duplication Of Pipe Line And Extension Of Mains To Omitted And Unserved Area Under The General Fund 2014-15 . TAMIL NADU50,00,000.0002/07/2014
18 TR 6065568 Construction Of Storm Water Drain In Kalangal Road In Sulur Town Panchayat . TAMIL NADU49,50,000.0002/07/2014
19 TR 6030218 Supply of Computer and Spares [Computer Hardware / Network Connectivity]. TAMIL NADURefer Document02/07/2014
20 TR 6045746 Providing Black Topping Surface To Kulisholai Road From VC Colony Junction To Judge Quarters . TAMIL NADU12,60,000.0030/06/2014
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