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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6559892 Supply Of Bolster Liner Size 153 Mm X 120 Mm X 8 Mm Thick. GUJARATRefer Document21/11/2014
2 TR 6559901 Supply Of Side Frame Friction Liner. GUJARATRefer Document21/11/2014
3 TR 6511167 Supply Of Reversor J1 And J2, Capacity 1500 Amps, To Clw Drg No. 1 Twd. 103-008 Alt-6, To Rdso Smi No. El/Rs/Smi/0234 Rev.0, 4 Tts/101/005A Alt.8 And To Spec No.Clw/Crj/1-Twd- 101-001. GUJARATRefer Document20/11/2014
4 TR 6499836 Supply Of M.S. Black Hex Head Bolt To Is:1363Part-I-2002/ Iso-4016-1999,M 12 X75 Property Class -4.8With Hex. Nut Black To Is:1363 Part-3-2002/Iso-4034- 1999,M 12,Property Class-5. GUJARATRefer Document18/11/2014
5 TR 6499879 Supply Of Yoke Support Plate For Boxn Wagons To Rdso Drg. No. Wd-80007-S-14 Alt.22 Item 6 And Conforming Material To Is:2062-2011. GUJARATRefer Document18/11/2014
6 TR 6541788 Supply Of Bogie Centre Pivot Bottom For Casnub Bogies To Rdso Drg. No. Wd- 85079-S/2 Alt. 24 Item 1 And Other Technical Requirments. GUJARATRefer Document18/11/2014
7 TR 6541818 Supply Of Connecting Rod For Brake Gear Of Boxn Wagon. GUJARATRefer Document18/11/2014
8 TR 6524055 Supply Of Coupler Body With Shank Wear Plate Welded For Non Transition Cbc To Rdsos Drg No.Sk-62724, Alt-23,Items No-1And10.Other Technical Requirements Conforming To Str.No.48-Bd-08, Of May 2008. [Safety Item] GUJARATRefer Document14/11/2014
9 TR 6541802 Supply of foundation bolt for elgi compressor. GUJARATRefer Document08/11/2014
10 TR 6541807 Supply of stop for corridor door to drg.no. wr-ccg-el/4-gk-032, alt-1. GUJARATRefer Document08/11/2014
11 TR 6559914 Supply Of Modified Elastomeric Pad. GUJARATRefer Document05/11/2014
12 TR 6559908 Supply Of Wedge For Casnub Bogies . GUJARATRefer Document03/11/2014
13 TR 6456766 Supply Of Ep Contactor Complete, Type Tcp-3421-25-2M As Per Clw Drg.No.4-Twd- 112-043 Alt 4 Or Latest, Suitable For 1500 Amps Rating. Ep Contactor Should Be Manufactured As Per Clw Drg.No.4 Twd-112-043 Alt 4 For General Arrangement But Uprated For 1500Amps To Clw Spcn Clw- 4Tes-110-001.Alt-1 . GUJARATRefer Document31/10/2014
14 TR 6514999 Auction of P way scrap, rail scrap, other scrap material. GUJARATRefer Document29/10/2014
15 TR 6450353 Supply Of Knuckle For High Tensile. GUJARATRefer Document28/10/2014
16 TR 6450356 Supply Of Lock For High Tensile Cbc. GUJARATRefer Document28/10/2014
17 TR 6450365 Supply Of Bolster Bottom Gusset Without 168 Dia Hole . GUJARATRefer Document28/10/2014
18 TR 6456114 Supply Of Isi Marked Electronic Ballast Suitable For Use On Single 240V 50Hz Fluorescent Tubular Lamp 36/40 Watt With Minimum Power Factor Of 0.95,Confirming To Is:13021 Latest.Firms To Attach Valid Bis Licence For The Product With Their Offer. The Detailed Description Given In Special Condition. [Vital Item] GUJARATRefer Document28/10/2014
19 TR 6456794 Supply Of Spindle For Hand Brake With M27 Nut And Std.Washer To Rdso Drg.No.Wd-80007-S-19 Alt 16,Item 1 And Material To Is:2062-2011,Gr.E 250A Amendment No.1 Of Nov.2012. GUJARATRefer Document28/10/2014
20 TR 6436943 Supply Of Knuckle Pivot Pin With Washer For Cbc. GUJARATRefer Document27/10/2014
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