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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6297262 Supply and Commissioning Of Mechanised Assembly Line, Qty- 1 No. . MAHARASHTRARefer Document29/09/2014
2 TR 6324360 Procurement of Carbon Brushes For 24 96 Dragline. MAHARASHTRA30,86,525.0022/09/2014
3 TR 6299705 Supply of Carbon Brushes For 24 96 Dragline . MAHARASHTRARefer Document20/09/2014
4 TR 6337765 Procurement Of Dgms Approved Reflective Harness. MAHARASHTRA9,80,000.0013/09/2014
5 TR 6337766 Procurement Of Square Steel Cog. MAHARASHTRA41,52,055.0013/09/2014
6 TR 6337774 Procurement Of Dolomite Powder. MAHARASHTRA9,35,000.0013/09/2014
7 TR 6317890 Job No 1 Transportation of coal loaded into hired tippers by hired Payloader from Coal Stockyard No 24 of Sasti OC Mine to the Feeder Breaker 48 Nos of New CHP of Sasti OC Mine and unloading at CHP Hopper of New CHP of Sasti Expansion OCM of Ballarpur Area for providing crushed coal to coal consumers Quantity 120000 Te Job No 2 Transportation of crushed coal loaded into hired tippers by hired Payloader from the discharge end of the link belt of 48 Nos Crusher of the New CHP of Sasti Expansion OC Mine to New Sasti Siding via WB No 3 of Sasti OC Mine of Ballarpur Area for providing crushed coal to consumers Quantity 90000 Te Job No 3 Loading of crushed Coal into tippers trucks of the road sale parties from the discharge end of the link belt of 48 Nos Crusher of the New CHP of Sasti Expansion OC Mine of Ballarpur Area. MAHARASHTRA34,93,978.0012/09/2014
8 TR 6337886 Procurement Of Flood Light Fittings. MAHARASHTRA2,88,032.0012/09/2014
9 TR 6337710 Procurement Of Bearings For CHP. MAHARASHTRA1,41,945.0012/09/2014
10 TR 6341276 Procurement Of Bearings For Chp . MAHARASHTRA1,41,945.0012/09/2014
11 TR 6354023 Procurement Of Flat Cable. MAHARASHTRA28,000.0012/09/2014
12 TR 6337733 Supply of Bronze Bushing and Washer for EKG Shovel MAHARASHTRA8,45,244.0011/09/2014
13 TR 6318009 Providing Fire Fighting And Controlling Of Spontaneous Heating Arrangement In Three Shift To Coal Stock At The Various Places As Directed By The Eng I C Including All Safety Precaution Of The Labours Deployed The Complete As Per Instruction Of Engineer In Charge At Gouri Deep Ocm Of Ballarpur Area. MAHARASHTRA7,76,547.0011/09/2014
14 TR 6279920 Entering Into Rate Contract For A Period Of One Year for Loading, Unloading, Stacking and Rehandling Of Materials At Central Stores, Tadali. MAHARASHTRA8,60,000.0011/09/2014
15 TR 6346649 Loading, Unloading, Stacking And Rehandling of Materials At Central Stores, Tadali – One Year Rate Contract MAHARASHTRA8,60,000.0011/09/2014
16 TR 6349283 Supply of Microprocessor based programmable cable fault locator ( Suitable for all type HT & LT, Armoured & Unarmoured cales upto 33KV of all classes like PVC,PLCC,PILC&XLPE cables etc) capable of localizing complex nature of faults like all core shorted & multiple faults. MAHARASHTRA1,25,000.0011/09/2014
17 TR 6337748 Procurement of Cement Concrete Hollow Blocks Size 200x200x400 mm MAHARASHTRA14,40,000.0011/09/2014
18 TR 6324255 Development works for new Anandwan Camp at Durgapur Colony, Chandrapur. MAHARASHTRA27,79,166.0010/09/2014
19 TR 6292856 Repairing/Rebuilding Of Dragline Bucket Sl.No. 7304 Of Ghugus O.C.M MAHARASHTRA4,74,714.0009/09/2014
20 TR 6301122 Design, Supply, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of 132 KV, 2- phase Transmission line on double circuit towers from 132KV Grid Sub-station of MSETCL at Mulmarora to 132/25 KV Railway Traction Substation at Mulmarora Railway station an approximate route length of 6 Kms on total turnkey basis”( Dist. Chandrapur, Maharastra). MAHARASHTRA2,33,29,310.0009/09/2014
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