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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6661472 Providing Lwss For Group Of Village Samoh Drabla Batkhar Bangotu Dhara Seri Niola In Hp Paluir Tehsil And Distt. Chamba . HIMACHAL PRADESH22,08,057.0014/11/2014
2 TR 6651661 Providing Water Supply Scheme To Pc Habitations Of Under Census Village Dibber Khola And Hatli In G.P. Tunnu Hatti In Tehsil Bhattiyat Distt. Chamba (H.P.) (Sub-Head:- Construction Of R.C.C. Filter Bed 50.00 Sqm., At Node No. 2 HIMACHAL PRADESH5,93,010.0011/11/2014
3 TR 6619502 Construction of T-Vim Bridge.. HIMACHAL PRADESH53,68,625.0010/11/2014
4 TR 6601504 Repair Maintenance Of Roads. Bridges & Culverts. Sub Head Protection Of Abutment Of Panga!A' Bridge On Dam Road By Way Of Providing Anchoring And Concrete. HIMACHAL PRADESH42,22,000.0010/11/2014
5 TR 6614713 Purchase Of Computer, Printer And Ups For Cps-Ii, Chamba (Hp) . HIMACHAL PRADESH12,50,759.0010/11/2014
6 TR 6645896 Repair/Maintenance Of External Water Supply Rising Main, Distribution Lines, Booster Pumps And Certain Connected Works At Bde Area, Mankot And Mh Area Under Ge Dalhousie . HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document10/11/2014
7 TR 6645895 Repair And Maintenance Of Transformer, Switch Gear, Protection System, Calibration Of Relays And Other Connected Work At Electric Installation At Ge Dalhousie. . HIMACHAL PRADESHRefer Document10/11/2014
8 TR 6619541 Construction of T-Beam bridge, Road. HIMACHAL PRADESH1,81,06,640.0010/11/2014
9 TR 6593465 Purchase of Impact Wrench, Battery Charger And Hooter. HIMACHAL PRADESH1,90,740.0008/11/2014
10 TR 6593479 Purchase Of Printer Cartridges For Cps-Ii, Chamba (Hp . HIMACHAL PRADESH3,03,208.0008/11/2014
11 TR 6619373 Construction of Road. HIMACHAL PRADESH24,42,462.0007/11/2014
12 TR 6639012 Construction Of Ludera Suri Kaila Road (Portion Suri To Kaila) Km.15/0 To 18/0 . HIMACHAL PRADESH93,99,811.0007/11/2014
13 TR 6639018 Road work - Link Road Trella To Bunderi Km. 3/500 To 5/500 . HIMACHAL PRADESH46,94,555.0007/11/2014
14 TR 6639021 Construction Of Link Road To Village Rajindoo Km. 0/0 To 3/0 . HIMACHAL PRADESH47,00,562.0007/11/2014
15 TR 6639024 Construction Of Bhanera- Pariungal Jatkari Road (Portion Bhanera To Kolka) Km. 3/0To 5/370 . HIMACHAL PRADESH58,81,360.0007/11/2014
16 TR 6639028 Road work - Link Road Trella To Bunderi Km. 1/0 To 3/500 . HIMACHAL PRADESH60,66,141.0007/11/2014
17 TR 6639031 Construction Of Bairagarh Devikothi Road Km. 9/100 To 15/100 . HIMACHAL PRADESH81,31,282.0007/11/2014
18 TR 6639033 Construction Of Sungal To Paluin Road Km. 0/0 To 7/500 . HIMACHAL PRADESH87,74,508.0007/11/2014
19 TR 6639036 Construction Of Ludera Suri Kaila Road (Portion Suri To Kaila)Km12/0 To 15/0 . HIMACHAL PRADESH95,62,068.0007/11/2014
20 TR 6639039 Construction Of Link Road To Village Chhapa (Dob Dakrund To Nera ) Km. 1/750 To 4/0 . HIMACHAL PRADESH35,57,969.0007/11/2014
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