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1 TR 6376632 Installation Of Facilities At Existing Brick Plant Of Rmp, Bsl For Manufacture Of 50 Tpd Mud Gun Mass. JHARKHANDRefer Document21/10/2014
2 TR 6446863 Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Training and 3 years warranty cum of Online Cross Belt Elemental Analyzers for Coal Handling Plant of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), Bokaro, SAIL, Jharkhand, India. JHARKHANDRefer Document21/10/2014
3 TR 6435544 Supply of Liquid Poly Aluminium Chloride (High basicity) having Al2O3 at least 10.2 % (by mass), Sp. Gravity- 1.18 at 2500C conforming to IS specification as IS:15573-2005 to BTPS ‘B’, DVC, Bokaro (Jharkhand) through Annual Rate Contract. JHARKHAND27,44,000.0021/10/2014
4 TR 6518808 Repair / Maintenance Of Arterial Lights. JHARKHANDRefer Document15/10/2014
5 TR 6448202 Supply of Automatic Single Point Lubrication System for Feeder Breaker & CHP. JHARKHAND12,26,080.0015/10/2014
6 TR 6434315 Providing Laboratory Facilities (Equipment, Furniture & Miscellaneous Items For Crm-Iii (Pkg 036C). . JHARKHANDRefer Document15/10/2014
7 TR 6512360 Various Job Contracts Of Works Division Of Sail/Bokaro Steel Plant . JHARKHANDRefer Document15/10/2014
8 TR 6359019 Installation Of Facilities At Existing Brick Plant Of Rmp, Bsl For Manufacture Of 50 Tpd Mud Gun Mass . JHARKHANDRefer Document14/10/2014
9 TR 6517593 Auction Sale of Empty SF6 gas cylinders, Scrap vehicle parts, Old used & serviceable empty plastic jar, Scrap Air Preheater Basket, Old Used & Scrap Roll Disc, Old, Used & unserviceable scrap H.P heaters, Scrap Impeller, Old used & unserviceable scrap Motor & Rotor, Old, used & unserviceable waste grease kept in drum of 182 kg cap, Old, used & unserviceable damaged empty drum 209/210 litres. JHARKHANDRefer Document14/10/2014
10 TR 6480427 Roof Leakage Treatment of Public Buildings situated in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand by Elastomeric flexible acrylic polymer compound reinforced with fibre mesh cloth. JHARKHANDRefer Document10/10/2014
11 TR 6372185 (I) Construction Of Three Units Type -Iii Quarters For Supervisors At Bokaro. (Ph-I). (Ii) Construction Of Two Units Type -Iii Quarters For Supervisors At Bokaro. (Ph-Ii). (Iii) Construction Of Eight Units Type -Ii Quarters At Bokaro. JHARKHAND1,01,59,000.0010/10/2014
12 TR 6484708 Modification/Revamping Of Skip Bridge Structures In Bf#1 At Blast Furnace No. 1 Of Bokaro Steel Plant (Bsl) To Be Executed On Item Rate Basis . JHARKHANDRefer Document10/10/2014
13 TR 6518828 Annual Repair snd Maintenance of Sewer System at B.S.City. JHARKHANDRefer Document09/10/2014
14 TR 6454575 Supply of Hose for RECP 650 Drill for Karo –I OCP. JHARKHAND1,71,295.0009/10/2014
15 TR 6454582 Supply of Chain for RECP 650 Drill for Karo –I OCP. JHARKHAND4,26,752.0009/10/2014
16 TR 6448266 Supply of Fasteners Nut, Bolt & Washers for kathara area. JHARKHAND2,19,800.0009/10/2014
17 TR 6448271 Supply of Seal Kit For Demag Shovel Of Kathara Area. JHARKHAND1,13,995.0009/10/2014
18 TR 6448283 Supply of Welding Accessories For Kathara Area. JHARKHAND2,36,143.0009/10/2014
19 TR 6490189 Expression Of Interest For Roof Leakage Treatment Of Public Building Situated In Bokaro. JHARKHANDRefer Document09/10/2014
20 TR 6470174 Design, Engineering, Manufacture_Fabrication, Supply, Unloading, Storage, Erection, Testing, Commissioning And Demonstration Of Performance Guarantee Parameters Of Centralized Automatic Grease Lubrication With Electrics For Cob No. 7, Bsl, Bokaro . JHARKHANDRefer Document08/10/2014
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