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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6208024 Construction Of Hotmix Hotlaid Bm Road Mudkhed Road To Yashwant Talkies Road Tq.Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA24,90,900.0028/07/2014
2 TR 6207999 Construction Of R.C.C. Drain At Mudkhed Road To Yashwant Talkies Road Tq.Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA9,99,700.0028/07/2014
3 TR 6207995 Construction Of Water Bound Macadam Road And Paved Block For Footpath ,Road From Yashwant Talkies To Nanded Road Tq.Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA10,00,000.0028/07/2014
4 TR 6207990 Construction Of Water Bound Macadam Road And Paved Block Road Infront Of Pawan Nivas,Neha Beaty Parler,Yashwant Talkies Road Tq.Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA24,99,000.0028/07/2014
5 TR 6208028 Construction Of Three Side Compound Wall And Providing And Fixing Cement Concrete Paving Block At Panchsheel Budhhavihar Committi At Ward No For M.C.Bhokar Tq.Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA9,19,835.0028/07/2014
6 TR 5910781 1) Improvement to Divasi To Divasi Tanda Road Vr-33 Km. 0/00 To 1/00, 2) Improvement To Kinwat Road Shrungarwadi to Shrunrushi Odr-58 (Old Road) Tq. Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA22,71,689.0026/05/2014
7 TR 5910768 Special Repairs to Mudkhed Bhokar Islapur Kinwat Mahur Road Km. 23/00 To 24/00 & 26/00 To 28/00, Tq. Bhokar . MAHARASHTRA44,95,081.0026/05/2014
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