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No.Tender ID & Tender BriefStateTender ValueDue Date
1 TR 6398919 Auction of Plots at Plasto Steel Park, Barjora, District Bankura, West Bengal. WEST BENGALRefer Document18/11/2014
2 TR 6393842 Auction Of Plots At Plasto Steel Park, Barjora, District Bankura, West Bengal WEST BENGALRefer Document20/10/2014
3 TR 6399519 Construction of 33/11 KV Sub Station at Rasulpur Package - A, B, C. WEST BENGALRefer Document29/09/2014
4 TR 6401627 Construction of Single Storied Control Room Building & Water Supply arrangement including Installation of Submersible Pump. WEST BENGAL81,98,546.0029/09/2014
5 TR 6401632 Construction of Switchyard Development, Approach RCC Road, Security Room, Concrete Platform, Drainage Towards Outside, Switchyard Fencing. WEST BENGAL61,22,433.0029/09/2014
6 TR 6401635 Land Development, Construction of Boundary Wall and Supply and Erection of Fabricated 30m High VHF mast including Foundation WEST BENGAL54,26,520.0029/09/2014
7 TR 6420174 Laying Of Distribution Network With Hdpe Pipes For The Proposed Water Supply Scheme Within Sonamukhi Municipality Under Special Brgf Programme. WEST BENGAL75,17,372.0027/09/2014
8 TR 6320410 All In One For Construction Of Ranipur Nandi Bundh Sfmis At Saltora Blocks In The District Bankura Under Wbadmi Project . WEST BENGAL80,15,185.0024/09/2014
9 TR 6394682 Guarding of Government Materials by Engaging Male Guards for 24 Hours Under Sanabandh Water Supply Scheme and Other 19 Nos. WEST BENGALRefer Document24/09/2014
10 TR 6392301 Fire Fighting and Fire Detection work – Onda, Bankura, Hatuara, Purulia, Chatna, Bankura. WEST BENGALRefer Document22/09/2014
11 TR 6392297 Electrical work – Onda, Bankura, Hatuara, Purulia, Chatna, Bankura. WEST BENGALRefer Document20/09/2014
12 TR 6381668 Sinking Of 1No. Deep 150X100x230 Tubewell At Rhe Bishnupur Bankura. WEST BENGAL7,74,161.0018/09/2014
13 TR 6307473 All In One For Construction Of Jiadoba Natun Pukur Wdss And Susunia Jamthole Natun Bundh Sfmis At Chhatna Blocks In The District Bankura Under Wbadmi Project . WEST BENGAL1,30,84,479.0018/09/2014
14 TR 6320406 Construction of Karanjora Choto Bundh Sfmis And Karanjora Natun Bundh Sfmis At Bankura Ii Blocks In The District Bankura Under Wbadmi Project. . WEST BENGAL64,86,006.0018/09/2014
15 TR 6349021 Construction of Maintenance-shed cum site store for CHP of U# 7 & 8, Dye, MTPS. WEST BENGAL36,60,553.0018/09/2014
16 TR 6413478 Febrication And Instaiiatation Of Electric Crematorium With Double Unit Electric Furnish For Human Body With Scruber Chimney 30M Ht And Its Allied Mechanical Electrical Components At Existing Lakhataramahasamsan Within Wardno-20 Underbankura Municipa . WEST BENGAL1,06,50,000.0017/09/2014
17 TR 6349024 Construction of Additional Classrooms at first Boor above the Principal's room of DAV Public School, DVC, MTPS. WEST BENGAL64,64,535.0017/09/2014
18 TR 6416598 Fire Fighting, Fire Detection Work Pertaining To Construction Of Tertiary Healthcare Hospital For Govt. Of West Bengal At Onda,Bankura, West Bengal . WEST BENGALRefer Document15/09/2014
19 TR 6376185 Surfacing Work Of Bishnupur Sonamukhi Rangamathi From 31.00 Kmp To 38.40 Kmp Under Bankura Highway Division . WEST BENGAL1,10,93,543.0015/09/2014
20 TR 6376187 Surfacing Work Of Rangamati Ashuriahat Dejuri Road From 0.00Kmp To 5.00Kmp Under Bankura Highway Division . WEST BENGAL74,99,806.0015/09/2014
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